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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 2, 2013    Reads: 3,219    Comments: 2    Likes: 9   

TO MY READERS: I've had to do some mild revising, thus having to remove some chapters and then re-posting. I've taken out the majority of the scenes with Jericho and Jackson from this main story BUT am posting them in a separate stand alone piece titled "Jackson's Punishment". I understand that, for some, homosexual related content is unappealing or offensive, and this way those who wish to read this story without wishing to read that part of it can do so. And those who wish to read the detailed events between Jericho and Jackson can do so as well. I know I can't please everyone, all the time, but I will do my best to please as many of my readers as I can, as much as I can :) If I have offended anyone with the scenes I wrote involving Jericho and Jackson, then I apologize. I certainly didn't mean to. I hope this new setup of the story will be more approachable for all. Thank you all for reading :)


Real, unmitigated fear was a foreign notion to him. Even as a child he had never experienced that raw, teeth-chattering fear nearly all children suffer at some time or another. It had just never been present within him.

Until now.

The huge man's wet tongue slithered across his ear like a slimy reptile as the two men who had brought him here climbed back in their car and sped away, clearly glad to be going. Watching their taillights fade into the dreary night, leaving him alone with his new captor, Jackson was introduced to the mind chilling fear he had evaded all his life. Had he been given the choice, he would have opted for whatever torture the two men might have brought down on him - as opposed to being left here to an unimaginable, vile fate.

"You scuffed Sammy's beautiful face." The man murmured heavily in his ear. His hot breath plumed against Jackson's neck, making his skin crawl. One of his strong hands reached around and gripped Jackson's cock in his fist, squeezing just hard enough to make Jackson wince in pain. "You're gonna pay for that."

The man's other hand held his throat from behind, positioned perfectly to snap his neck if he back talked or struggled. Jackson clenched his jaw as a shudder ran down his naked body. The storm was swelling again, the wind beginning to whip raindrops against his chilled skin in tiny stinging bites. His cock throbbed as the pressure around it held. The man was grinding his crotch against the small of Jackson's back, his hard dick gouging at him uncomfortably.

"You like to ass fuck?" The man's lips moved against Jackson's ear, caressing it. The cock pressed into his back jumped and ground against him harder. "I like to ass fuck. I want Sammy...but I'll take you for now." His hot, slick tongue stabbed into Jackson's ear and his voice grew heavy with lust as he groaned deeply, "I'm gonna tear you a new one, cowboy."

Jackson was suddenly spun around facing the monstrous man. Everything went black in an instant as a granite fist hit him hard in the jaw. The last thing he registered before fading out entirely was his body sagging into the man's arms and being hoisted up on his shoulder. His last conscious thought was to pray for death to take him before this sick, twisted pervert fucked him five ways from Sunday.


"Mr. Briggs?"

Owen flinched at the sudden voice and raised his head from his hands. He stood quickly, towering over the short Asian doctor, yet felt only half the man's size, helpless and weak.

"I'm Dr. Kwon." He wore a long white lab coat that made him appear shorted than he was. Owen felt like a tidal wave hovering above the man, threatening to crash down with the slightest unwelcome news.

"My...my wife?" Owen trembled. His fists flexed anxiously at his sides.

"She's going to be fine." Kwon assured. "She's had a particularly difficult miscarriage. Lost a lot of blood. But she's stable and recovering."

Owen sank unsteadily back down in the chair.

"Mr. Briggs." Kwon started again, a note of caution in his voice. "When I examined your wife, there was evidence of forced sexual activity." He paused briefly as Owen's anguished eyes met the doctor's stare. "Was your wife recently raped?"

Tears burned Owen's eyes. He looked away and dropped his head in his hands once more, hard sobs shaking his body. "Yes." He choked out thickly. "Tonight."

A measure of sympathy touched Kwon's voice. "It's our policy in rape cases to have an officer come in and speak with you."

Owen lifted his head and cleared his throat, swiping his hand across his eyes. "I understand." He stood slowly, his knees shaky. "Can I see my wife?"

"Of course." Kwon nodded. "But she's weak and she needs her rest, so it's best if she doesn't try to talk too much just yet."

Owen nodded, the anxiety from the night's events twisting his guts into painful knots.


The light from the hallway sliced through the dark of the hotel room as the door opened a few inches. Charles' fist squeezed the handgun, imprinting his palm with the pattern of the handle.

"Mr. Braxton?" The deep voice resonated from behind the partially open door. The lack of trust was clearly mutual and the newcomers felt no comfort entering a dark room.

"Come in." Charles said again. He raised the gun and cocked the hammer, the sound of the simple action a harrowing echo to anyone not in possession of the weapon.

"Mr. Braxton, we're here for a clean up." The deep voice spoke low, even, calm. But Charles didn't trust it. Not after his enlightening conversation with Owen Briggs. "Please lower your weapon."

Charles stood slowly, holding the gun out in front of him. "Come inside."

The door pushed open wider and a tall figure filled the doorway. Another stood behind him, slightly shorter but stocky. Charles kept his eyes on the men as he reached over and snapped on the lamp. The faces of the men were surprisingly appealing and didn't seem to fit the persona of henchmen.

"If you're here for clean up." Charles said, holding the gun steady. "Then you don't need me to hang around and won't mind if I take my leave."

The taller of the two men raised his hands and shrugged. "As you wish. Whatever makes you comfortable."

Charles motioned with the gun for the men to move deeper into the room. They followed his leading as he slowly worked his way around to the door.

"No worries, Mr. Braxton." The tall man smiled charmingly. "We'll take care of everything."

Charles nodded slowly as he stepped backwards out the door. "Very good." He closed the door, quickly concealed the weapon and hurried down the hall.

The limo driver snapped to attention when he saw Charles coming out of the hotel lobby. He had the door open before Charles reached the car.

"The airport." Charles barked at the driver.

"No! Are you serious?"

Charles' head snapped around at the sound of the woman's frustrated, distraught voice. She was tall and slender, wearing a tight black dress that nicely accentuated every curve of her sexy body. She was at the curb, trying to hail a cab, all of which seemed to be ignoring her. Something Charles couldn't fathom. Her long blond hair lifted and flowed in the breeze of the traffic. Something about her reminded Charles of Celine. He stepped towards her.

"Miss? Can I help?"

The woman turned, startled. "What?"

"Do you need a ride somewhere?" Charles asked, indicating the limo. "I have plenty of room."

She glanced quickly back at the moving traffic then back to Charles. She smiled uncertainly. "Uh...yes. I am so late for a flight."

"Perfect." Charles smiled. "I'm headed to the airport myself. Please, join me."

The woman hesitated only a moment before nodding and flashing Charles a lovely smile. "Thank you so much." She slid inside the limo as Charles stepped back.

"You're quite welcome." Charles's eyes slid over her tight little ass as she stepped through the door. His previous concerns of Tony's motives were wiped away in a sudden rush of lust and desire. He was still high from the rush of shooting Celine and now that Tony's men were no longer a threat, he was overwhelmed with the desperate need to fuck.

When they were both settled in, Charles nodded at the driver then closed the heavily tinted window between the front and rear partitions of the car.

"I can't thank you enough." The woman flashed him another smile that made his cock throb and balls tingle. "How can I repay you?"

Charles stared at her, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. "Don't worry about it. It's my treat." It was usually best to play the chivalrous gentleman than the horny playboy. Women seemed to respond much better, and were usually quicker to spread their legs when they were treated with respect.

"Well, surely there's something I can do." The woman's hand slid up his thigh. "I believe in paying my own way."

Charles gazed at her with interest. He had certainly planned on fucking her before they reached the airport, but he hadn't known it was gong to be this easy. "Show me what you can do." Charles murmured.

The woman smiled with seduction and rubbed her hands over his crotch then unfastened his pants. She scooted down on her knees between his legs and tugged his thick, hard cock from its confines and gripped it with both hands, one on top of the other, and began to twist and stroke in opposite directions, up and down his solid shaft.

"Fuck..." Charles breathed out unsteadily. Her hands were like silk, sliding around his cock, the opposite frictions making his head spin.

She covered his cockhead with her hot mouth and sucked firmly as her hands continued to work his dick. Her wet tongue slid all over the head of his dick, tantalizing his senses. Even Celine hadn't been this good.

"Suck it." Charles groaned thickly. "Suck my cock."

The woman's wet, smooth mouth drew his cockhead in deeper, squeezing it firmly as she sucked his cock in until the head was nudging the back of her throat. Her whole mouth suctioned to his dick and created a vacuum sensation unlike anything he had ever felt before.

"Oh fuck!" Charles gasped and gripped the edge of the seat on each side of him.

The woman was taking his dick in deeper, as if she meant to swallow it, slowly pushing her mouth down on his shaft without gagging until her lips were touching his course pubic hair. She held him in deep like that, sucking him with such pressure he thought his dick might come off.

He leaned his head back on the seat and closed his eyes tight, his breath ragged and uneven. He'd never been sucked like this before, taken in this deep. A fierce shudder ran through him when she began to stroke him, keeping the same pressure and suction, her mouth moving up and down his prick.

"Oh my god." Charles trembled, his whole body shaking with both anguish and ecstasy. His hard balls were sucking up against him and tingling maddeningly. "Oh fuck...I'm gonna cum."

His cock was slowly drawn back deep into her throat as she sucked him with enough force to pull the cum from his balls. Charles' fingers dug into the edge of the seat as he yelled hoarsely and came so hard he saw sparkles and stars at the edge of his vision.

The woman took his load but didn't release his dick. She continued to suck him until he was hard again, which only seemed to take moments. When she finally pulled her mouth off his cock, it was standing stiff and thick once more, his balls already refilling.

He watched through bleary eyes as she peeled off her dress and knelt before him naked but for her dark, thigh high nylon stockings. Her tongue slid out over her luscious lips as she gave him a look that nearly made him cum again right then and there. She turned slowly, her body seeming to flow with each movement as she positioned herself on her hands and knees before him.

Charles stared hungrily at her firm ass and glistening pussy. He dropped onto his knees behind her and gripped her ass cheeks in his hands. He leaned down and sucked and bit her ass then sucked at her pussy like a starving man. The woman moaned loudly when he spread her open and tongue fucked her fast and hard, stabbing her wet, tight hole.

Panting hard, Charles raised up and gripped her slender hips, pulling her pussy back onto his cock. The swollen head squeezed through the first layer of her pussy flesh, popping inside. He gasped as her hot body sucked at him, her inner muscles flexing and squeezing. He pushed in deeper, savoring the feel of his thick dick passing through each layer of her pussy until her tight ass was pressed up against him and his cockhead was rubbing the bottom of her juicy hole.

He shuddered as her pussy canal squeezed his cock as forcefully as her mouth had done. He drew out to the head and thrust back in, using his whole dick. He repeated the thrust, again and again, faster, harder. Sweat dampened his body as he panted and grunted and fucked her wildly.


The taste of his cum was in her mouth. He didn't taste bad. She moaned loud and thrust her pussy back on his cock. His fingers dug into her hips as he fucked her with urgency, his swollen dick ramming her pussy. He was good at fucking. So was she.

She always gave them one last great fuck. Much like a condemned prisoner's last meal. She believed even the worst of men deserved one more good fucking before they checked out.

She smiled and fucked the man with enthusiasm. His cock filled her up nicely.

Karma loved big cock.


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