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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Blackness enveloped him as the air was forced from his lungs by the violent kick to his side. As if on the outside looking in, Jackson felt his body lift off the ground and flip over, smacking down onto the wet, muddy surface beneath him. He was still naked but that was the least of his concerns.

A huge, powerful hand gripped his throat, squeezed until the blackness swelled in tighter, then jerked him up off the ground and slammed him against the side of the car. Jackson's feet barely touched the ground and still his assailant towered over him. He couldn't see him, his vision still black. But he could feel the other man's breath surging against his forehead. The man's immense, solid body pressed against Jackson, pinning him tightly against the vehicle.

Jackson sucked for air, but his chest was being squeezed and compressed by the pressure of his captor's powerful body. Something extremely hard and solid was pressing into his lower abdomen. Horror and revulsion swelled up inside him when he realized it was the man's cock digging into his gut. And from the feel of it - the man was monstrously endowed.

The man shoved hard against him, causing his erection to grind painfully into Jackson's stomach. His assailant was clearly turned on, to massive proportions. Suddenly, Jackson's lack of protective clothing was a concern.

A fresh wave of revulsion swept through Jackson when the man's face dropped to his neck and sniffed deeply, moving up the side of his face. The cock digging into his naval jumped and, Jackson swore, hardened even more. Jackson flinched hard when a thick, wet tongue suddenly licked from his jaw up over his cheekbone. The invasive cock responded again.

Jackson's chest heaved as his pulse shot straight into his head and beat at his skull like a jack hammer. His eyelids fluttered erratically but his vision was still fucked up from lack of oxygen and his recent beating. But though he couldn't see the man's face, he could feel it. He jerked his head away when the tongue licked over the corner of his mouth then across his lip. His stomach convulsed and he pressed his lips tightly closed and tried to jerk away. The man's grip on his throat tightened and held his head in place.

Jackson managed to lift his arms and grabbed the man's forearm, struggling against his squeezing hand. The forearm was like a chunk of thick steel beneath Jackson's hands. He couldn't budge it.

"Let me go..." Jackson croaked. "You sick fuck."


The wide-eyed look of horror on Sammy's face would have been comical if not for the disturbing scene between Jericho and Jackson. Tony stood back, experiencing his own level of revulsion. But it nowhere near matched that of Sammy as Jericho's penetrating eyes locked onto the younger man as he began to sniff and lick Jackson's face. Every now and then, Jericho would thrust himself against his captive and Tony didn't want to know what was going on down there.

Sammy's face was slightly pale as it became obvious that Jericho was imagining it was Sammy, rather than Jackson, in his grasp.

Jericho's tongue slid across Jackson's mouth, causing the man to clamp his mouth shut again. Jericho's stare was boring into Sammy as he probed Jackson's lips with his tongue. The level of animal hunger in Jericho made Tony exceedingly uneasy - especially the way he was drinking in Sammy while he sampled his gift.

"Can we get the fuck out of here?" Sammy's voice was shaking. Visible shudders rippled through him.

"Yeah." Tony said thickly, a sliver of nausea welling in him as well. He didn't want to be here when Jericho quit restraining himself and...

Tony's stomach twisted and pinched as he forced away the remainder of the thought. He really didn't want to go there. This time he was the one who visibly shuddered.

Jericho pulled Jackson away from the side of the car as Tony moved around the hood, keeping his distance from the huge man, not taking the chance of seeing anything that might be permanently branded onto his mind's eye. He nodded quick at Jericho and opened the passenger door.

"It was good seeing you, Sammy."

Sammy flinched hard as he reached for the driver door, his eyes snapping to Jericho against his will. Tony looked from Sammy's pale, sickly expression to Jericho, who was holding Jackson by the throat with his back pressed against Jericho's stout body. Jackson's nakedness made the sight doubly disturbing.

"I'll be thinking of you, Sammy." A smile twitched the corner of Jericho's mouth. He dipped down and licked Jackson's ear, causing the man to jerk and struggle. Jericho held him firmly in place, his eyes burning into Sammy.

Sammy's pale face turned white as a sheet as he hurriedly climbed into the car. Tony slid into the passenger seat and shut the door. Sammy's hands shook badly as he tried to ram the key into the ignition.

"Fuck!" Sammy hissed, his voice shaking. He managed to get the key inserted and cranked the engine, stomping hard on the gas. The car shot forward, spitting mud and gravel behind them. A fit of shakes gripped the young man as he wiped his hand over his mouth. "Motherfucker! Fuckin' freak!"

Tony leaned back against the seat and held his peace. To laugh at this point would very likely get himself a knuckle sandwich. Possibly two or three.


The waiting room was empty and dimply lit. An ominous weight hung in the air. Owen paced along the row of windows, his hands flexing at his sides. He paused briefly and looked out into the darkness. The storm was picking up again and rain ticked hard against the glass. This whole night seemed surreal, like he'd somehow slipped into an alternate dimension. Nothing felt real. There seemed to be no end to it all, as if the night was on some endless loop, playing out one horror after another.

Owen rubbed his burning eyes. He had lost all perception of the last time he'd actually slept. Between the tears and severe need for rest, Owen's eyes itched fiercely. He rubbed them again.

A sudden tight groan rose in his throat and turned away from the window in a fast spin and left the waiting room. He strode quickly down the hall to the nurses' station and smacked his hand hard on the counter.

"What the hell is going on?" He snapped, his nerves frayed. "I need to see my wife!"

My wife. The words felt natural, right.

"Sir. Please calm down." An older nurse with dark hair and firm but caring eyes approached him. "The doctor will be out to see you in just a few minutes."

"My wife..." Owen trembled. "Is she...okay?"

"She's stable." The nurse assured him. "But you will need to speak to the doctor about the details of her condition. Now please, take a seat in the waiting room and the doctor will be right to talk to you."

Owen nodded slowly, rubbing his hand over his mouth, as he backed away unsteadily. He returned to the waiting room and dropped heavily into a cushioned chair. Resting his elbows on his knees, he buried his head in his hands. His throat squeezed tight as a sob formed at the base and slowly crawled and clawed it's way up.

"God..." He choked past the swelling sob. "Why is this happening?"


The spent bullet was replaced. The clip was once again full. He snapped it back into the weapon. Tony had said he would take care of him. Now those words had an ominous feel rather than one of assurance.

Charles dragged a cushioned chair over close to the bedside lamp and sat down, the handgun gripped lightly in hand and resting on his leg. The lamp was the only light on in the hotel room, putting off a dim glow and chasing shadows into the corners. Charles reached over and turned off the lamp, casting the room into total darkness, but for the city lights pressing around the edges of the heavy blinds closed down over the windows.

He sat in the darkness, waiting. And thinking.

Was it possible that Sabrina could've gone so far as to put a hit out on him? It was unfathomable. His wife? Now Celine he could believe...but Sabrina? It just wasn't in her to even contemplate such a thing. Try as he might, he just couldn't bring himself to believe that what Owen Briggs had said was true.

And yet here he sat. Waiting for Tony's cleanup crew. Expecting the worst.

When the knock on the door finally came, Charles' hand tightened around the weapon as his pulse steadily quickened.

"Come in."


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