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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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The first thing Sabrina became aware of as she floated towards consciousness was the throbbing ache resonating in the entire left side of her face where Jackson had hit her. The second thing was the strong arms confining her. And the third thing her mind registered was that her hands and feet were no longer bound.

She felt lips brush her cheek and her mind exploded into a frenzied panic. She'd had all she could take. She would rather be dead than allow Jackson to violate and abuse her to any greater degree.

A strangled cry rose suddenly in her throat and she took advantage of her loosed limbs. She still floated beneath the surface of consciousness like a swimmer immersed just a few feet below the surface of the water. Her surroundings were mere blurred shadows. She struck out at the dark figure trying to hold onto her, crying out and lunging backwards. He grabbed for her and she kicked at him, scrambling off the far side of the bed, dropping to the floor heavily.

The darkness was slowly receding and her mind was struggling to focus and clear her vision. She could hear a male voice, but it was muffled and distorted. Hands grabbed at her again and she screamed, striking out with one foot. She felt her foot connect with a solid chest, heard a sharp grunt and a faint thump as her assailant tumbled back heavily. Then, suddenly, he was on her, his strong arms wrapped tightly around her torso, pinning her arms to her sides, holding her back securely against his chest. She kicked her legs frantically but he was behind her and out of striking reach.

"No..." Sabrina cried out but the word fell from her lips in a mere whimper. She struggled some more but her strength was leaving her. She couldn't fight anymore. She didn't have the strength or the will. She sagged in his powerful embrace and sobbed, hating herself for allowing him to see her so weak but unable to stand up to him any longer.

She squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the assault to begin again, waited for him to drag her back to the bed and rip away what little dignity and self respect she might still possess.


Owen held her in a vice grip until she stopped thrashing and finally sank back against his chest. He could feel the submission in her body, the defeat taking over. She was crying softly. Tears streaked Owen's face as he let his arms loosen just a bit. He kissed her hair.

"It's okay, baby." He choked out, his lips close to her ear. "You're safe now. I'm here. No one is ever going to hurt you again." Owen's throat tightened, strangling his voice and filling his eyes with fresh tears. "I swear to God no one will ever touch you again. I'll die before I let that happen."

Sabrina continued to sob quietly and a deep, gripping fear squeezed Owen's heart and mind. Had he got to her in time? What if Jackson had damaged her emotionally, to a degree that she couldn't come back from?

"I'm here, Sabrina." He cried openly against her hair and held her to him. "I'll always be here." His arms tightened just a bit and he pressed his face into the curve of her shoulder. "Please don't leave me now."


The hot shower felt good, cascading down over his naked body, soothing his mind and giving him the sense of being cleansed from his sins.

Charles smiled and turned his face into the hot spray, closing his eyes. He felt like a new man, exhilarated and exonerated. It didn't phase him that a woman lay dead in his bed as he casually showered. In fact, it rather excited him. Had he known how liberating it was to take a human life by his own hand, he may have done so sooner. The sexual charge was mind blowing. As soon as he dealt with this situation, he would find himself a woman to fuck, perhaps two or three at once. And he knew it would be a fuckfest unlike any other he had experienced. Just one woman certainly wouldn't be enough to cool the raging heat blazing through him.

His cock throbbed and stretched out thicker and longer than he'd ever seen it. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and gripped it tight. It was a solid steel rod in his fist. His balls hung heavily between his legs like huge ball bearings, filled to capacity and aching like a motherfucker.

Charles flattened his free hand against the shower wall and leaned on his arm as he began to jerk himself off once again. The skin of his dick was stretched tight like cellophane wrapped around a steel bar. He squeezed his cock hard and stroked fast, urgent. It took only moments for his balls to give up their prize. He shouted loud, throwing his head back, bellowing out his ecstasy as a powerful stream of thick cum shot from his cockhead, splattering against the tiles of the shower wall and sliding downward. Multiple shots of cum squirted forcefully from his dick and drained down the shower wall.

His chest heaving, Charles hung his head and stared at his dick still gripped in his fist. It was still hard, though not to granite status, but easily still hard enough to fuck a woman. He wondered how long he would walk around with a raging hard on before the thrill of killing Celine would subside and allow his dick to soften. But at the moment, he didn't mind the fierce, unyielding erection. There were enough women out there for him to drive his cock in. He would just have to keep a healthy supply of pussy on hand until his dick finally yielded.

He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, not bothering to dry off or wrap a towel around him as he returned to the other room. He went to the bed and brushed the hair from Celine's face and turned her head a bit so he could look at he. The bullet had went through the top of her head and left her pretty face unmarred. It was uncanny, almost unnerving, how much she looked like Sabrina.


Your sweet, innocent wife is fucking my husband.

Celine's hateful words snapped through his head.

She fucked him in your house.

Charles' pulse quickened as his blood began to boil. A quick image of Sabrina and Owen Briggs flashed in his mind. Briggs' hands on her, his cock in her pussy...and her crying out in ecstasy. Charles' face twisted. Sabrina had never refused Charles, but she had never displayed any real enjoyment in their sex either. But she was his wife. His wife. And he'd be damned if he let some fucking grungy cowboy steal his greatest asset.

A cold sneer pulled at Charles' lips. Owen Briggs was no match for him. Sabrina belonged to Charles, and no one - no one - took what belonged to Charles Braxton.

But first things were first. He had to deal with the situation at hand. And he knew just who to call for a clean sweep.


The Sedan sped through the stormy night, the bright headlights cutting a path through the driving rain. Sammy's eyes were focused on the road, steady hands on the steering wheel.

Tony's cell buzzed loudly, shattering the silence inside the car. Sammy glanced at Tony as the other man retrieved his cell and looked at the glowing display.

Sammy frowned. "Who is it?"

A low chuckle rose in Tony's throat as an amused grin cut across his lips. "Well ain't this a fuckin' kicker."

Sammy started ask again who was calling, but Tony held up one finger to silence him - and answered the phone. "Mr. Braxton." Tony's amused smile widened as he met Sammy's quick, sharp look. "How can I help you."


The strong arms continued to hold her securely...but they felt different somehow. Less...threatening. Was she losing her mind? Slipping into Stockholm Syndrome? Sabrina didn't struggle as she tried to force her mind to shed the last of the fog and cobwebs. She became aware of the warm blanket wrapped around her naked body, lips pressed softly against her bare shoulder. His head shifted and he pressed his cheek against her shoulder. His face was wet.

Sabrina's brow pinched in confusion. She twisted her head just a fraction, but that slight movement brought him to life. She tensed, her pulse shuddering as a sudden fear stabbed through her. But then he was speaking...and she felt her herself begin to shake.

"Sabrina?" Owen's voice was unsteady, hopeful. "Sabrina? Baby?"

Sabrina's shakes intensified, she couldn't stop them. "O-Owen..." Was she hallucinating? So terrified of Jackson's assault that her mind was breaking?

Strong hands turned her around gently. Her eyes fluttered then partially opened, fearful that it would be Jackson staring back at her. The face blurred and swam before her then slowly began to focus. Suddenly she staring into Owen's warm blue eyes. Eyes that looked back at her with both fear and hope. She watched those eyes glisten with tears, watched the tears slide down his handsome face.

"Owen..." She whispered unsteadily. She was still shaking, every nerve in her body rising to the surface of her skin.

Owen held her securely with one arm and cupped her face with his other hand. He kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and finally her mouth. His lips trembled against hers as a shuddering sob rose in his throat and he kissed her more deeply. "Sabrina." He whimpered then pulled her against him and buried his face in her neck, his body beginning to shake as well.

Sabrina. It hit her suddenly that he was calling her Sabrina. Her hands shook badly as she reached for his face and lifted his head. Tears ran freely down her face and his. "You...you called me...Sabrina."

He gazed at her intensely. The love she saw reflecting back nearly ripped her heart apart. He knew the truth. Knew who she was. But how...

The guilt of her actions, of her deceit, bubbled to the surface in an instant. She began to cry, sobs intensifying the shakes in her body. She ducked her head and covered her face with her hands. "I'm sorry, Owen...I'm sorry..."

His arms were around her, holding her tight, his lips pressed against her hair. "Shhhh...baby. Don't. Don't." He ducked his head and kissed her face. He moved her hands and lifted her chin, kissing her lips firmly, passionately.

Sabrina's arms grabbed for him suddenly, desperately, as she kissed him back.

A deep groan slid up Owen's throat on the tail of a sob. He had to forcefully break their kiss. He caressed her face and pressed his forehead to hers. His tears ran freely, seemingly flowing from an endless well.

"Don't say you're sorry." He shuddered. "Please don't. I've treated you so...awful. Forgive me, baby. Please forgive me." He kissed her forehead then her lips again. "You should have told me, I wouldn't have sent you away. You're all I've ever wanted. I would've never made you leave." His lips trembled against hers as sobs tightened his throat and squeezed his words. "You should've told me about Jackson. What he...he did to you." His sobs intensified and shook his body. His hold on her tightened as the rage seeped back into him. "You should've told me. I...I would've killed the motherfucker!" He squeezed her in his arms and cried harder. "I would've fucking killed him."

Sabrina closed her eyes, her face pressed tight against his warm chest. His heart beat like a jack hammer behind his ribcage. "You thought I was...Celine." She cried softly. "Would you have...believed me?"

A violent shudder ran through Owen's body. He was blaming himself for all this, Sabrina could feel it in him. She pushed back against his arms, forcing him to loosen his hold. She looked up at his face. As expected, the overwhelming guilt was there, in his eyes, slicing him apart inside.

"Don't do that, Owen." She whispered. "Don't you dare blame yourself for Jackson. You didn't cause this...Celine did." Fresh, hot tears ran down her cheeks. "She...she handed me to Jackson...she wanted him to...to do this to me." She broke down and pressed her face to his throat. "She hated me...I thought...I thought she loved me." Her body shook with sobs. "I loved her so much...and she..."

Owen held her tight again. "Shhh." He kissed her hair. "Every thing's going to be okay, baby. I promise."

Swallowing through a thick throat, Sabrina raised her head. "What about Celine and Charles? What're we...going to do?"

Owen stared down at her, his eyes hard with determination. "They can do whatever the fuck they want to do. You're staying with me. And Celine will never again set foot in this house, on this property. If I ever so much as see her again, I swear to God...I'll put a bullet in her."

Laying her head on his chest again, Sabrina stared blankly at the wall. Charles wouldn't let her go, that reality came to her suddenly. He didn't love her, obviously...but he saw her as his possession. He would try to keep her for that reason alone, if for no other. And as much as Owen was determined to keep her...Charles had money, and money gave him power.

I shouldn't have called off Tony. I should've had him kill all of you.

The sudden, violent thought didn't phase her as she expected it to. She realized what a relief it would be to her now if Tony had done the job and gotten rid of Charles and Celine and...

"Jackson." Sabrina whispered and raised her head again, looking fearful at Owen. "Where is Jackson?"

Owen stared back at her, eyes hard and veiled. "He's gone. That's all you need to know." He kissed her forehead lightly. "He will never hurt you or anyone else ever again."

"Did you..." Sabrina licked her lips.

"No." Owen spoke low. "I didn't."

"Then who?"

Owen traced his fingertips down her face and kissed her lips softly. "He's gone. That's all that matters now."

A shudder of relief rippled through Sabrina, but was instantly replaced by anxiety. Owen could clearly feel the sudden tension in her.

"What is it, baby?"

Sabrina licked her lips again and met his eyes. "Charles." She whispered. "Charles will come for me. He...he won't just let you have me."

Owen kissed her again and murmured softly against her lips, "Charles won't be coming for you."


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