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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 11, 2012    Reads: 4,653    Comments: 9    Likes: 11   

NOTE: Fair warning - this is a "quickie" chapter. Just consider it a part of the last chapter, probably should have been :)


"Who are you?" Owen held Sabrina's head close to his chest. She still wasn't conscious and that scared the hell out of him. He looked hard at the black haired man who had pulled the gun on him. "Why are you here?"

"I'm Tony." He said then motioned towards the younger, muscular man with him. "That's Sammy. Your..." He faltered then began again. "Sabrina came to my pub to speak to me about her...situation."

Owen frowned. "How did she know to go to you?"

"I've done business with her husband."

Owen wondered if that in itself should tell him all he needed to know about this man, but his gut was telling him to trust the guy.

Tony smiled and nodded when Owen just stared at him. "Sometimes business is just business. You don't always like who you're doing business with, but that's just how the game is played."

"What business, exactly, did she discuss with you?" Owen asked slowly, putting the pieces together in his mind but finding it hard to believe the picture he was coming up with.

"She wanted to hire me to kill Jackson." He stated bluntly. "And her husband and sister."

Owen's eyes widened. He couldn't be serious? Sabrina? "And that's why you're here? Because she paid you to knock off Jackson?"

Tony smiled and shrugged. "She didn't pay me. I offered to do it pro bono." He sighed and leaned against the wall. "She backed out. She called me and said she couldn't go through with it. I knew she would call. She may have every right to want the job done, but she's too decent to be able to live with such a decision. That's why I didn't act on her request immediately. I knew she would back out."

"So what are you doing here?"

Tony shook his head slowly. "Just because she couldn't go through with it, didn't mean the job wasn't necessary. I know men like this fucker right here. And they don't stop. Not until someone stops them. I planned on getting to him before it went this far, but unfortunately he was a step ahead of me."

Owen tightened his arms around Sabrina. "Why did you stop me?" He whispered thickly. "Why didn't you just let me kill him?"

Tony nodded towards Sabrina. "Because of that woman there in your arms." He said. "She's strong, I'll give her that...but I don't think she'd hold up so well if she lost you too." Tony pushed away from the wall. "You did your part. You saved her before it was too late. Now it's up to you to make her life good, to make her happy. The rest of this mess..." Tony swung his arm around, indicating Jackson's bloody, motionless form. "That's for me and Sammy to take care of. Our hands have a lifetime of blood on them, but up to this point - your hands are clean." He glances at Owen's bloody hands and smiled. "Metaphorically speaking. And they need to stay that way if you're gonna be any good to that woman right there."

Owen kissed the top of Sabrina's head and asked sincerely, "Why do you care what happens to us? You don't strike me as the kind of man who..."

"Has a soul?" Tony grinned. "It's there. But it takes a special kind of folk to help it show through. That woman there...I knew she was special the moment I met her. I knew she deserved much better than that piece of shit husband she had, too."

Raising his eyes, Owen looked at Tony. "And what about him? And my wife? Are their fates in your hands as well?"

Tony looked thoughtful. "I believe what comes around goes around. Karma will deal with them."

"What are you gonna do with Jackson?" Owen asked as Tony nodded towards Sammy and the younger man grabbed Jackson under the armpits and started dragging him towards the door.

"The less you know the better." Tony told him as he followed Sammy and his unconscious cargo. Tony paused at the door and looked at Owen. "But rest assured...he will wish he was dead long before that wish comes true."


Sammy shoved Jackson's body into the trunk of the Sedan and slammed the lid. It was still raining hard, but the force behind the storm had backed off. Once behind the wheel, he looked at Tony and raised one eyebrow. "Karma? Really?"

Tony chuckled as Sammy started the car. "Karma's a mean son of a bitch, Sammy."

The Sedan idled as the rain pelted the windshield. Sammy stared across the dark interior of the car at Tony. The older man raised an eyebrow. A slow grin stretched Sammy's lips as Tony's meaning dawned on him. "That's fuckin' rich."

He pulled the Sedan away from the ranch house and steered it back down the long gravel drive.


The gun hung loosely in his hand. Charles stared at it, waiting to feel a sense of guilt or revulsion for what he'd done. But those emotions failed to surface. He sat naked on the end of the bed and handled the weapon lightly, studying it. He'd never taken a life before, not by his own hand anyway. He wasn't sure what he expected to feel, but he was shocked to find his dick instantly hardened by the rush of his actions.

He closed his eyes and replayed that final moment in his mind once more. His swollen cock buried to the hilt in her tight, flexing pussy, fucking her wildly and blasting inside her as he blasted her brains all over the pillows.

He opened his eyes. His balls ached. He looked down. His dick was throbbing and leaking, swollen to the max. It wasn't until this moment that he truly realized what a sick, twisted son of a bitch he really was. He turned and looked at Celine's lifeless, naked body laying still on the bed. Her legs were bent and he could see his cum oozing from her pussy. For a split second he actually considered crawling up there and relieving himself again. Her body was surely still warm.

Charles turned away and chuckled. He was sick, but not quite that sick. Fucking her while he felt the life leaving her body was one thing, but fucking her after her life was gone? That was going a bit too far. Even he might have nightmares following such a perverted act.

But the fact still remained - the whole scenario had turned his cock to steel again. He wrapped his hand around his thick dick and began to stroke. He closed his eyes and leaned back on his free arm, thrusting his dick through his tight fist as he again replayed his last fuck with Celine Briggs.


"What exactly are we going to do with him?" Sammy asked without taking his eyes off the road. The rain beat at the windshield. Not as fiercely as before, but still enough to distort the two lane highway in the headlights.

Tony watched the road as well. "I think he deserves special treatment." Tony looked at Sammy. "I was thinking...Jericho."

Sammy's foot eased off the gas on reflex and he glanced quickly at Tony. "Jericho?"

"Too harsh for our passenger back there?"

Swallowing tightly, Sammy's foot pressed down against the gas pedal again. He shook his head but there was a glint of unease in his eyes. "No." He said thickly. "It's exactly what he deserves."

"I can go alone." Tony spoke low, studying Sammy's tense face. "It's not a problem."

"No." Sammy shifted in his seat. "No. I'll go. The fucker just gives me the creeps is all."

Tony chuckled low. "Shake hands with a friend." He murmured. "He creeps me out too."

A nervous laugh rose in Sammy's throat. "Sure." He said sickly. "But he ain't got a hard on for you."

Tony ducked his head and laughed despite the younger man's sincere anxiety.


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