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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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"Don't give up on me now."

Jackson's lips brushed over Sabrina's ear, his hot breath and unnerving words pulling her back to reality. She wanted to close her eyes and give up, let her mind close down. But the woman inside her refused to surrender. Even now she could feel her fighting and struggling to get out.

"You're going to die." The shallow whisper slid off her lips and she wasn't sure from where they originated.

Jackson slid his fingers through her hair. "You talkin' to me?" He murmured close to her lips. "Or to you?"

Forcing her bleary eyes to focus and meet his ice blue stare, Sabrina's low, unsteady voice hardened. "He's going to kill you."

Jackson grinned and dragged his lips across her cheek and grabbed her mouth. She tried to turn away but he dominated her with a forceful kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. He groaned deep and long, shifted his body's position and pressed his hips between her thighs. Another powerful groan escaped him as he drove his hard cock to her very core with a single hard thrust.

Sabrina gasped into his mouth and he drew back, panting a little. He continued to grin down at her as he fucked her with long, deep, hard strokes. "Trust me, darlin'." He groaned breathlessly. "I ain't too worried about the boss man."

Sabrina swallowed tightly as Jackson thrust at her hard and forceful. "I didn't mean...Owen."

Halting his assault, Jackson stared down at her, a tight frown slowly pinching his brow. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

A weak smile touched Sabrina's lips. Her eyes weighed heavily as she stared up at him. "He's going to...cut your fucking balls off."

Jackson's brow pinched harder. "Who the fuck are you talking about?"

A low, raspy chuckle shuddered up Sabrina's throat. "You are so...fucked."

Jackson's face twisted. His hand was suddenly squeezing Sabrina's throat. "Who the hell are you talking about?" He raged. "Tell me, bitch!"

"Fuck...you." Sabrina choked out, then spit in his face.

"Cunt!" Jackson's other hand became a fist and hit Sabrina hard in the face.


Tony leaned forward and narrowed his eyes as he watched the truck ahead of them suddenly whip off the road and onto a long gravel drive. Sammy shot him a hard, startled look.


"It's him." Tony said tightly. "That's Owen Briggs in that truck."

"He's driving like a maniac." Sammy said. "Do you think he knows..."

Tony sat back against the seat, his face still tight. "He knows something."

Sammy guided the Sedan onto the gravel drive as well. Tony withdrew a handgun from inside his coat, checked the clip then held the weapon securely in his right hand.

"Turn off the headlights." He told Sammy.

"What?" Strong winds slammed the rain against the windshield. "I can barely see as it is."

"Follow the truck's lights." Tony said. "No one needs to know we're coming. Owen Briggs needs to focus and not become distracted by our arrival."

Sammy switched off the headlights. "What do you mean?"

Tony's dark eyes remained narrow and hard as granite as he watched the truck's distorted lights through the stormy night. "When it comes right down to it...this is his show, not ours." Tony glanced at Sammy through the dark interior of the Sedan. "We're just here for cleanup."


Celine stared at Charles' contorted face through bleary eyes. The barrel of the handgun shoved hard against the underside of her jaw. Would he really pull the trigger? She realized quite suddenly that she didn't care; almost welcomed it. She hated her sister because she was good and decent. How fucked up was that?

Charles' hand squeezed her throat. Blackness swam at the edge of her vision. Just get it over with. She closed her eyes.

"Why do you hate your own sister so much?" Charles hissed at her through the heavy black fog swirling around her.

Celine opened her eyes slowly and with effort. Charles still had her by the throat but he had ceased squeezing for the moment. "What does it matter now?" She rasped, her throat bruised. "I'm damned to hell."

To her surprise, Charles released her throat and sat back on his heels, lowering the gun to his lap in an almost subdued manner. "If you're damned...so am I." His tone had lost its heat and rage. And as he sat there, holding the weapon limply in his lap, his head slightly bowed, he looked like a man beaten.

Celine's brow furrowed uncertainly. She slowly scooted up a bit against the pillows.

Charles raised his head and Celine froze in place. "I'm sorry." He spoke low, with what felt to Celine like true sincerity. But only seconds ago, he'd had his hand clamped around her throat and a gun shoved up under her jaw, so she was naturally cautious.

"For what?" Celine whispered with a roughness to her voice. Her throat hurt when she spoke.

"For what I said...about you being only good for one thing."

"You didn't say that." She stared at him, searching. Was this a game? "Not in those exact words, anyway."

Charles shrugged and lowered his eyes again. "It was implied." He looked up. "I fucked up with Sabrina. I only married her because she was sweet and likable. And I knew that would be good for business relations. But..." His eyes moved heavily over Celine's body, barely concealed beneath the short silk robe. "You were always the only I truly wanted. Truly desired and hungered for." He met her distrusting stare. "I should have just married you and to hell with anyone who didn't like you...or liked you too much. I would've been just as successful with you by my side. Maybe even more so because you understand the importance of money."

"What kind of game are you playing?" Celine whispered. Tears filled her eyes. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Charles laid the gun on the bed and leaned forward, planting his hands on each side of her, his face close to hers. "I'm not playing any games, Celine." He spoke low, soft. "For a split second there, I did want to punish you for whatever it is you did to Sabrina, but then..."

Charles' lips hovered close to hers, his breath warming her face. Even though he'd just tried to strangle her, Celine found herself still extremely in need of his touch. "But what?" She breathed out unsteadily.

"But then I realized quite suddenly that...I felt relieved." He brushed his lips over hers. "Like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. Sabrina was never the right woman for me." He kissed her more firmly. "It's always been you."

Trembling, Celine kissed him back. She couldn't help herself. Charles had always been the one man with whom she was not the one in control. And something about that had always been exciting, perhaps because every other man could be so easily manipulated - even Jackson. There was something about feeling vulnerable that fueled her sexual fire.

Charles' hand slipped inside the robe and cupped her breast as his kiss deepened. Celine moaned and spread her legs, welcoming him. He peeled her robe open and lowered his mouth to her breasts, suckling her nipples, nipping at her tender flesh. He slid one hand lower and stroked her clit firmly.

"Yes..." Celine moaned, lifting her hips to his touch. She gasped when he drove two fingers deep into her pussy canal and began to finger fuck her with strong steady strokes. He bit one her nipples harder, making her cry out a bit but it only made her want him more.

Charles groaned deep around a mouthful of tit flesh as he fucked her harder with his fingers, working fiercely at her G-Spot. Celine arched to his fingers and cried out loud and shrill as her orgasm broke with mind shattering force. He continued to stroke her a few more moments then withdrew his fingers and rubbed her creamy wet clit until she was cumming again.

"Oh god!" Celine gasped hard as the second orgasm shuddered through her.

Charles smeared his wet fingers over her nipples then sucked them clean. He unfastened his pants and shoved the front down, releasing his rock hard cock. "God, baby." He groaned. "I can't get enough of you. I could never do without you. Don't ever think I could."

Celine wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he shoved his hips between her thighs and drove his cock to the very bottom of her pussy, pressing in deep and hard, stealing her breath. "Fuck me." She shuddered in his ear.

His hands slid under her and grabbed her ass, lifting her up a bit. He thrust at her hard, with long strokes, steady but not too fast, letting her feel every inch of his dick as it slid in and out of her tight, wet pussy. "Does that feel good, baby?" He groaned, then grunted hard as he shoved his cock in extra deep.

"Yes." Celine gasped then trembled against him. His dick felt thicker and harder then ever before, filling her up, possessing her. Tears stung her eyes as she fucked him back with urgency and desperation.

Surprisingly, Charles gripped her hips and held her back a bit. "Easy, baby." He smiled. "We have all night. No need to rush it."

"Of course." Celine murmured and kissed his throat. "I'm sorry...but you turn me on so much."

Charles pulled his cock from her pussy then removed his pants. "You turn me on too. Like crazy." He rubbed his hand up her hip. "Lay on your side."

Celine did as he asked. Charles pressed up close behind her in the spooning position. He lifted her upper leg and squeezed his dick back into her hot pussy, grinding it in as deep as it would go.

Celine moaned. "I love it when you do that."

"It feels real good to me too." Charles whispered against the nape of her neck. He kissed her heated skin and began to fuck with slow, steady, long strokes.

Closing her eyes, Celine smiled and covered his hand with hers as he cupped her breast and began to thrust his dick into her with a bit more force and intensity.


Jackson trembled. His hand remained clutched around Sabrina Braxton's throat as she lay unconscious beneath him. His hard cock was still buried deep inside her tight, unwelcoming pussy.

You're fucked.

Her words ricocheted through his head. Had she been fucking with him? If not...who was she talking about if not Owen Briggs? She had to be bluffing. She wasn't the type of woman to seek revenge, for fear of repercussions if things went bad.

He released her throat. His dick throbbed from the intense amount of adrenaline rushing through him. He began to stroke his cock into her pussy, faster, harder, urgently, erratically. He gripped the blankets on each side of her in clenching fistfuls as he drove his dick into her forcefully, panting and gasping, grunting hard each time he struck bottom. He felt the cum rising from his balls. The orgasm coming to a head.

"AaaAAAHHHH...FUUUCK!!!" He released the strangled howl as his dick burst, flooding her pussy with hot, thick cum. He fucked her hard and fast, pumping out every last drop, emptying his balls. "Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes!"

His body was still gripped in the throes of the fierce orgasm when he was suddenly ripped off the woman. His dick was heavy and dripping cum as it came out of her along with him. He didn't have time to react as he was slammed against the dresser, a violent shocking pain stabbing through his back and spiraled up his spine.

Owen Briggs' face was suddenly inches from his. Until this moment, he'd never feared the man. But the look on his boss' face at this second told him his time was up. Owen was going to kill him.


"Motherfucker!" Owen's head felt like it would explode, the rage inside him nearly more than he could take. He threw Jackson to the floor and began kicking him with his cowboy boots. Jackson curled in on himself, gasping and grunting hard with each nailing swing of Owen's boot.

From the corner of his eye, Owen could see Sabrina laying on the bed, bound hand and foot, naked and unconscious or...

A strangled cry of rage erupted from deep in Owen's chest. He dropped down and curled his hands into tight fists of granite and began pummeling Jackson in the face. Jackson's face turned to a bloody mess before Owen's eyes and still he couldn't stop. He would beat the motherfucker to death and bury him in the back forty. No one would be the wiser.

As hard as he hit Jackson, it didn't feel hard enough. Owen was gasping and crying and raging as he struggled to channel more force and strength into his fists. He straddled Jackson's chest and beat his face with both fists, back and forth. Jackson was no longer conscious and his head flopped from side to side as Owen mangled his face.

"I'll kill you!" Owen choked on his rage and tears and intense fear that when he went to Sabrina...she would be gone. His fists were caked in Jackson's blood and his own where his knuckles were tearing up bit by bit as they struck Jackson's jaw and skull. "Fucker!"

Cold steel suddenly pressed to the back of his head and through his fog of rage he heard a gun cock.

"That's enough, Mr. Briggs."


When Owen Briggs ceased his assaulted on the unconscious man, Tony stepped back but kept the weapon aimed at the distraught man. Owen remained where he was, straddling Jackson's chest, hands clenched into tight bloody fists at his side. His large frame trembled violently like a long dormant volcano about to erupt.

"Who...the fuck...are you?" The rage in Owen Briggs' voice was barely contained. He clearly didn't understand why anyone would be in favor of saving the life of a man like Jackson.

Tony didn't answer. He looked at Sammy who was standing in the bedroom doorway, the baseball bat gripped tightly in his fist. Tony nodded towards the bed. "Check her."

Owen's head raised a little and his fierce eyes followed Sammy to where Sabrina lay unmoving. "If he fucking touches her, I'll kill you both." Owen ground out between clenched teeth. Tony had no doubt the man could and would make good his threat.

"We're not going to hurt her." Tony spoke with a low, even tone. Anything could set Owen off right now and throw him into a frenzy. He glanced at Sammy. "Is she..."

Sammy checked her pulse. "She's alive." He said with a strong measure of relief. He knew as well as Tony did that if Sabrina had been dead...they might well have had to kill Owen in pure self defense. The man was strong willed, but even the strongest men could be broken by the loss of the woman they loved.

Tony saw a visible relief shudder through Owen. He stood slowly to his feet, non-threatening, and looked at Tony through hard, distraught eyes. "He's not walking out of here." Owen's tone was dangerous, concrete, as he glanced at Jackson's motionless body. "You can shoot me if you want, but this motherfucker is going to pay for what he did to my..." His sentence rolled away unfinished as he looked at the still figure of the woman. Owen Briggs clearly understood now that the woman on that bed was not his wife.

"I'm not going to shoot you." Tony put the weapon away. "I just needed reassurance that you would listen to what I had to say." He glanced at Sammy. "Get her out of those fucking restraints and cover her up."

Owen watched Sammy cut Sabrina loose and cover her with a blanket. Tony didn't think the man was even aware of the tears streaking his face. The love and fear in Owen Briggs' eyes as he stared at the abused form of the woman he loved was overwhelming. Tony was startled to feel his own eyes stinging with tears. He turned away momentarily and looked at the man on the floor - and regained control.

In his line of business, Tony didn't often meet good and decent people. So when he did encounter them...he saw it as a sign from God, reminding him that the world and those in it weren't entirely cruel and heartless without a shred of decency. It was easy to start believing that, so Tony felt truly blessed when he was reminded otherwise. And Owen Briggs and Sabrina Braxton was his reminder tonight.

Sammy stepped back as Owen went to Sabrina, sat on the bed and gathered her up into his arms. Tony watched him hold her tight, whisper assurances to her. Again his eyes began to sting and he looked away.

You're getting too soft for this job, man.


Her inner muscles squeezed and flexed hard against Charles' cock as her orgasm peaked and burst. Her nails dug into his hand and she gasped sharply. A warm, wet heat flooded his dick as her pussy sucked and pulsed around his rock hard member. A shudder ran through her fevered body.

Charles pressed his dick in deeper and held her tighter until her inner pussy muscles began to relax a little. When her whole body was relaxed, he stroked at her pussy again, fucking her a bit harder, a bit faster. His balls were full and hard, he wouldn't last much longer. Her pussy, though filled with her own cum, was tight - like a silk glove squeezing his cock. He thrust his dick into her silky caverns, bumping bottom, bouncing back and driving in again until he was fucking her with urgency.

He lifted her leg higher and wrapped it back over his waist and fucked her hard. His groin slapped against her wetly, his heavy balls smacking her clit, urging her towards another orgasm. She clutched his arm and cried out sharply, nearly screaming as his thick, solid cock beat at her pussy.

"Fuck!" He gasped out fiercely as he fucked her relentlessly. His dick thickened and hardened even more as the cum began to rise from his balls. A tightness spread upward through his chest and into his jaw as his semen steadily surged towards the plump, fat head of his cock as it whipped in and out of Celine's tight, flexing pussy.

A strangled cry erupted from Celine as she came again, hard. Her pussy squeezed Charles' dick like a vice and again coated him with her hot creamy slick juices. He grunted and panted forcefully as he fucked her erratically. This was it. The moment he was waiting for. He couldn't hold it back any longer.

Celine's back was arched and her ass pressed tight against his pelvis as he fucked her to near delirium. She wouldn't even know what happened. He drilled her with his swollen cock as he slowly slid one of the pillows down behind her head. He reached behind him and picked up the gun, touching the barrel lightly to the pillow. He squeezed his eyes shut and fucked her as hard as he could. His orgasm peaked in an instant.

"You're the best fuck I've ever had." He whispered close to her ear then pressed the barrel of the gun into the pillow and pulled the trigger as his cock exploded and emptied his balls inside her still pulsing pussy.


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