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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 26, 2012    Reads: 5,039    Comments: 10    Likes: 10   

Celine opened the bathroom door, took one step forward and stopped abruptly. Charles was standing right outside the door, shirtless, wearing only his suit pants. Before she could speak, his hand snapped out and slapped her hard enough to knock her to the floor. She gasped and clutched her stinging face. Sparkles of light glittered around the edge of her vision. She looked up, stunned.

Charles stood over her, his chest heaving, his face enraged. "You bitch." He growled dangerously low. "What the fuck did you do?"

"I don't-" Celine cried out suddenly as Charles reached down and yanked her to her feet, tearing the cell phone from her hand.

"Who were you talking to?" He hissed in her face.

"Wh-what?" She trembled in his grip. She'd never seen him this enraged.

"I heard you." He informed tightly. "Who were you talking to?"


A powerful gust of wind hit the truck from the side and shoved it towards the shoulder of the road. A torrent of rain hit the windshield, diminishing visibility to nearly zero. Owen gripped the steering wheel tighter, fighting against the storm that seemed bent on holding him back.

Panic tightened his chest until he could barely breathe. Jackson had Sabrina. Right now. He was raping her right now. Owen's entire head throbbed from clenching his jaw forcefully. His eyes stung with hot tears, distorting his vision even more.

"I'll kill you." He choked out. He slammed his hand hard against the steering wheel. "I'll fucking kill you!"

He grabbed up the cell phone as his foot stomped the gas pedal into the floor board. He speed dialed as he glanced back and forth between the phone and the distorted road before him, swerving badly as gusts of high wind beat at the truck from all sides like creatures trying to break through.


Celine stared at Charles, wide-eyed. What she saw in his eyes made her truly fear for her own life. He'd heard her on the phone? Heard what she'd told Jackson?

He grabbed her by the back of the neck and dragged her across the floor. She cried out as his fingers dug into her skin, gripping hard. He threw her down on the bed. As soon as she was free of his grasp, she scooted across the mattress away from him.

Charles turned to the bureau. His briefcase lay on top and he opened it. When he turned back towards Celine, he was gripping a 9mm in his fist. He aimed it at Celine with deadly purpose. "Tell me what you did to Sabrina."

Celine shuddered and pressed back against the plush pillows, her eyes wide as she stared down the barrel of the handgun.


The taillights appeared on the road ahead, seemingly out of nowhere. Sammy quickly shifted his foot from the gas to the brake, pressing down on the pedal a bit and slowing the Sedan. The taillights were distorted in the darkness and the heavy downpour, and weaved back and forth across the middle line, swinging into the opposite lane then back into the road in front of Sammy and Tony.

"What the fuck is he doing?" Sammy snapped. Frustration twisted his handsome face and his knuckles whitened a bit as he gripped the steering wheel tensely. A faint green light glowed dim in the cab of the truck ahead. Sammy's eyes narrowed. "He's talking on the fucking phone? Driving in this storm? What kind of fucking moron..."

He bit off his words, his foot aching to stomp on the gas and speed around the idiot, but the truck continued to swerve back and forth between lanes.

He glanced at Tony. The man sat in silence, his face hard, eyes narrowed. Tension visibly gripped him. Sammy almost pitied the fucker who had pissed off Tony. Almost...but not quite.

The truck ahead swerved again. The cell phone light glowed once more.

Sammy smacked the steering wheel. "Come on! Fuck!"


Just moments ago she had been in control, had everything methodically planned out. How had it all turned to chaos so suddenly and without warning?

She stared at Charles' strained and enraged face. He was furious at the thought of her causing her sister harm. Once more, her jealously of Sabrina arose unbidden. Her eyes burned with hot tears. Against her better judgment, she began to scream at the man holding her at gun point.

"What do you care?" She cried out, shaking. "You don't even love her!"

Charles moved so quick Celine gasped with shock when he was suddenly straddling her waist on his knees and gripping her throat with a strong hand. The barrel of the gun was thrust in her face.

"And you think I love you?" He hissed in her face, his hot breath exploding against her cheeks. "That I could ever love a whore like you?" He shoved her back against the headboard of the bed, his hand squeezing her throat. "You were just a luxury, a play thing. Sabrina is a necessity. An asset."

Celine clawed at his hand, panic welling as he steadily cut off her air.

"I will never let Sabrina go." Charles growled, his twisted face a mere inch or two from hers. "And certainly not for a slutty cunt."

Celine trembled with both fear and a sudden, overwhelming rage. "Fuck you." She choked out around his clutching hand. "Your sweet, innocent wife...is fucking my husband." She coughed and tried to suck in air. "She fucked him...in your house."

Charles slammed her against the headboard, eyes burning. "Shut up! Shut your fucking, lying mouth! You bitch!"

Darkness pressed at the edge of Celine's vision and she realized quite suddenly that she was going to die. An image of Sabrina flashed behind her eyes...and what Jackson was doing to her right this moment. Celine laughed weakly as the darkness crept in closer.

"You're never...getting her back." Celine gasped forcefully, trying to breathe. Still she smiled. "I...made sure of...that."

Charles squeezed her throat fiercely and shoved the gun hard against the underside of her jaw. "What did you do!"

"She's...gone." Celine spit at him with a raspy laugh.


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