Sins of the Sister

By: AMS1971

Chapter 11,


Oh God! Oh God! Sabrina's heart pounded so loud in her head that all other sound in the room was muffled and dull. She could faintly hear Jackson's labored breathing and tight cursing squeezed out through a clenched jaw. She struggled at her restraints, panic taking over. But there was no escape. She was completely and totally at Jackson's mercy...and Jackson had no mercy to offer.

Jackson's hand shot up and clutched the end of the bed. His head slowly rose into view. Ice chipped eyes stabbed through her. Jackson's words rose from deep in his throat, swelling from a labored groan into an enraged roar.

“You fucking cunt!”

Jackson gripped the bed with his other hand and slowly pushed himself to his feet. To Sabrina's shock and dismay, Jackson's cock remained hard and solid. In fact, it seemed even bigger and thicker than before. How was that possible?

“You're gonna pay for that, bitch.” He growled thickly, an audible strain still evident in his voice. “You're gonna pay dearly.”

He reached for her free leg and she jerked it back. Her fate was already sealed, so why not get in a few more kicks before it was all over? She thrust her foot hard at his head, but rather than connecting as she'd done before, his hand caught her ankle. He gripped her hard, squeezing until she cried out in pain.

“Enough games.” He growled tightly between clenched teeth. “You kick me again and I'll break your fucking leg. Got it?” When she just stared at him, wide eyed, he squeezed her ankle hard, digging his fingers in. “ I said do you got it?

Sabrina trembled and whimpered. “Yes.”

Jackson dropped her foot and moved away. His walk was slightly jarred as the effects of her direct kick lingered. He reached down and picked up the other restraint from the floor where he'd dropped it when he'd went down. Sabrina's eyes were wide and rounded as she watched him turn back towards the bed. He was clearly still in pain, and that would surely be taken out on her in every vile, vicious way Jackson could conceive.

“Please...” She heard herself whimper and hated herself for it. She'd rather die than beg this asshole for a mercy he wasn't even capable of giving.

Jackson's eyes darkened at the sound of her plea. The corner of his mouth twitched. “That's it, sweetheart.” He murmured so low and deep it sounded like distant thunder. The precursor to a violent, destructive storm. “Beg me for mercy.”

A tremor shuddered through Sabrina's body. To her surprise, she wasn't trembling in terror...but rage. “Go fuck yourself.” She spit at him. “I'll never beg you for anything. Anything.

He just looked at her. Oddly unaffected by her show of rebellion. “We'll see, honey.” He murmured in that low thunder voice. “We'll see.”

A sliver of fear worked itself through Sabrina's armor of bravery, burrowed into her heart's core and slowly began to fester.

Jackson grabbed her foot again and slipped the last restraint around her ankle and cinched it extra tight, pinching her skin. Sabrina winced but bit back any sound that might try to slip out. Jackson fastened her foot to the other bed post, spreading her legs open and exposing her to him in a raw, immodest way that left her feeling more vulnerable and whorish than she'd ever felt in her life.

She closed her eyes and laid her head back. She couldn't stop Jackson from using her as he pleased, couldn't stop her own body from feeling him, but she didn't want to watch. She didn't want to look at him while he stripped her of every last shred of dignity she might still possess.

Forgive me, her mind whimpered. Whether she was speaking to God, to Owen, to her own soul...she wasn't certain. All she knew was that she was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to be forgiven, cleansed of her sins, freed from the guilt of her actions.

A heavy darkness seemed to weigh around the edges of her mind, pulling her in. She didn't resist. Anyplace had to be better than where she was right now. As she let go and allowed the darkness to engulf her, a sound reached her from a great distance away. A strange buzzing. A familiar sound but she couldn't place it. She fought the darkness as she struggled to understand what she was hearing. Then suddenly she knew.

A cell phone was vibrating.

Owen. His name rippled through her mind. She resisted the darkness pulling at her. Was Owen trying to get through?



Jackson snapped the cell phone closed and stared thoughtfully at the woman on the bed. He considered the conversation he'd just had with Celine Briggs on the phone. The woman had clearly lost her mind, but in doing so had also untied Jackson's hands. He suddenly felt more free than he'd ever felt with any of his other women. Sabrina Braxton was now at his complete disposal. And even though a dull, heavy ache was still sitting solidly in his groin from the woman's foot in his balls...he smiled.

But it was clear the woman was shutting down and that wasn't acceptable. That wouldn't do at all. Jackson went to the bag and took out a small hand held camcorder and a mini tripod. He set it up on the bureau directly across from the bed, angling it for the best possible, most revealing shots. He pressed the record button.

“Wake up, beautiful.” He turned towards the bed. “You're on Candid Camera.”

She reluctantly opened her eyes and lifted her head, looking at him, then past him to the camera. “What...what're you doing?” She rasped.

“Doesn't every beautiful woman want to be immortalized on film?” He grinned and returned to the bed. He gripped her ankles with both hands and slowly slid his hands up her legs as he rested one knee on the end of the bed. His gaze rested heavily on her exposed pussy, the lips slightly parted, revealing the tiniest glimpse of her plump clit. His dick throbbed and a pulse ran through the entire shaft, making his balls quiver. “And you, baby.” He groaned with strong sexual craving. “I'm going to make a super star.”

The woman visibly cringed and on reflex tried to yank her legs away from his touch. He smiled and squeezed her thigh muscles firmly. God, she had sexy legs. He leaned in and kissed her left inner thigh, licked it then bit the tender flesh. She gasped and cried out unsteadily as his teeth pinched her skin. He wondered what her blood tasted like. He'd never actually drank human blood before. He'd crossed many lines that could never be uncrossed, but he had yet to cross that line. Yet, the curiosity weighed on him more and more with each woman he brought under his control. He was beginning to crave them in ways that far surpassed the sexual realm. And yet, the thought of crossing that line stimulated him in such a powerful, sexual way that the thought alone could nearly bring him to orgasm.

He chuckled as he released her skin and his thumb rubbed over her thigh where his teeth indentions remained. You really are one sick son of a bitch, Jackson my man.

His hands slid further up her inner thighs as he leaned in closer and sniffed her pussy. His eyes closed and he grinned as a deep groan rose in his throat. “Mmm, pussy smells so good.”

The woman shuddered. He could make her cum at will. That reality alone made his cock leak. The women were totally at his command. It appalled them when he made them cum...which turned him on to great lengths. He spread open her pussy and flicked the tip of his tongue across the peak of her clit. Her body flinched and her pussy flexed and retracted, her plump clit drawing back a fraction. But it couldn't get away from him, nor did it really want to.

“I should've brought my mini recorder.” He groaned. “This calls for an extreme close-up.” He teased her clit again, watching it pull back then relax, wanting more. He grinned and slid his tongue around the base, again and again. Her pussy hole was flexing fiercely, secreting clear creamy juice. His tongue slithered down and lapped it up, probing the flexing hole before returning to her pulsing clit. It was getting firmer and fatter. A plump little delicacy just begging him to pluck it.

His cock was hard as granite and he pressed it into the bed, rubbing it hard against the blankets as he spread her pussy wide open and, using his whole mouth and tongue, sucked her plump, juicy clit into his mouth. She flinched hard and tried to muffle her cry as he sucked mercilessly at her sensitive button. Thick fluids were seeping from her pussy hole. He was turning her on whether she wanted to be turned on or not. And that only engorged his dick more. He ground it hard against the bed as he sucked her pussy, drawing her orgasm to a head as his own orgasm rose along with it.

“Fuck.” He gasped against her hot wet flesh then sucked harder. Did it feel as good to a woman to get her pussy sucked as it did for a man to have his cock sucked? His silent question was answered as she suddenly cried out sharply, her body arching slightly as her orgasm burst forcefully. The feel and taste of her spasming pussy and flowing juices turned Jackson's cock to solid steel.

“Oh my god.” He gasp hard, trembling. No other woman had ever had this powerful of an effect on him. He wasn't sure he understood it, but it excited him to no ends. He moved up quickly and drove his steel cock into her pussy. Her inner muscles were still pulsing with the orgasm, squeezing his dick. He released a strangled cry and lost control as he began to fuck her relentlessly and erratically.

She turned her face away and squeezed her eyes shut, crying silently as he ravaged her body. His hands clutched her tits fiercely, clawing her flesh. He sucked her nipples, bit them hard, clenching them between his teeth. She cried out then screamed. He held on a moment longer then released them from his teeth and sucked them hard, tasting blood. The flavor of her blood in his mouth drove him on like a man crazed. He rammed his cock into her pussy, hitting bottom hard, ripping cries from her throat. His pelvic bones racked forcefully against hers, bruising himself as well as her, but still he couldn't stop. He felt obsessed, out of his own control, and that freaked him out, but at the moment, he could do nothing about it but fuck her harder and harder.



He was tearing her apart inside. An involuntary cry erupted from deep in Sabrina's throat. The force of his violent thrusts sent electrifying shocks of pain spiraling up through her stomach and into her chest. Her arms ached and her shoulder sockets were beginning to scream, making her neck hurt and her head throb.

Stop...” The word shuddered off her lips, barely audible. She was gasping for breath and tears flowed from her eyes, filling up her ears and wetting her hair.

Jackson's hot, steamy breath puffed and panted against the side of her face. His lips were heated and wet as he grabbed at her ear, pulling with his lips and teeth. Then he was biting her neck, pinching the tiniest bit of skin between his teeth. A hard choking cry erupted out of her. She wasn't sure if the wetness she felt on her neck was blood or his saliva, but a part of her wished he would just rip her throat out and let her die.

The pain racking her body made her oblivious to whether or not he was close to orgasm. She couldn't tell by the force and urgency with which he was fucking her...he'd started out erratically. But his sudden intensified grunting and gasping told her he was right on the edge.

“Oh fuck, baby.” He shuddered in her ear. “I'm gonna blow so hard...then I'm gonna fuck you some more...and more...and then...” He hammered her pussy as his words twisted and died out as his whole body grew tense and tight. His jaw clenched fiercely and his body arched as a low roar welled up inside him and exploded as he came hard inside her tortured pussy. His intensity increased dramatically for a few moments as he emptied his balls and filled her with his hot cum.

Jackson gasped hard and sharp then collapsed on top of her, panting and sucking in air. His sweaty body stuck to hers. She wanted shove him away and run to the shower, but she couldn't move. The weight of his body barely allowed her to breathe. With each breath she let out, it seemed her lungs collapsed in a little more, not allowing her to draw in more air.

Just when she was sure she would pass out, he finally shifted and lifted himself off her. He sat on his heels between her legs and looked down at her. She looked away and closed her eyes again.

Jackson leaned over the top of her, planting his hands on the bed on each side of her, supporting himself above her. She could feel the heavy weight of his eyes boring into her.

“Do you know who was on the phone, honey?” His voice spilled down on her in a low rumble. “Your darling sister.”

Sabrina stiffened. Against her will, she turned her head and slowly opened her eyes, looking straight up into Jackson's crisp blue stare. She didn't speak, but she could feel the intense question in her own gaze.

He leaned down until his lips were a bare two inches from hers. “She handed you to a sweet, luscious dessert on a silver platter.” His lips brushed across hers and she turned her face away. His lips moved down to the curve of her jaw and up close to her ear. “She wants me to fuck you till you're not good for anything else.” He nipped her ear lobe and she flinched. “And when I'm through fucking you...she wants you gone.”

Gone. The way he spoke the word sent a chilling sensation creeping through her. Even amidst all this, all Jackson had put her through and was still putting her through...some part of her mind had insisted that Celine had never intended for him to go this far, to hurt her this way. She hadn't been able to make herself fully believe that Celine could care so little for her that she would pass her own sister over to a monster to be tortured and humiliated. But Jackson's words were quickly bringing her to reality, and she was more terrified of that reality than she was of Jackson himself.

“Don't.” She whimpered through a rough, painful throat. She closed her eyes and shook her head slowly as fresh tears spilled free.

“Tell me...what did you do to her to make her hate you so bad she wants you scraped out of existence?”

Sabrina sobbed openly. Even if she'd cared to respond...she had no answer to his question. The full weight of her sister's betrayal dropped on her like a stone wall crumbling down...and still she didn't understand it.

Celine wanted her gone.



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