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Sins of the Sister

Novel By: AMS1971

When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill her in on some extremely necessary details of her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 4, 2012    Reads: 5,151    Comments: 12    Likes: 13   

Panic swelled like a tidal wave inside Sabrina, crashing down and merging with desperation and anger. Jackson had a hold of her other foot, ready to secure it as well, leaving her completely bound with no fighting chance.

"We're gonna have some real fun tonight, honey." Jackson was panting, just the thought of what he was going to do to Sabrina getting him worked up. He gripped Sabrina's ankle hard in his fist and was about to slip on the restraint.

"No!" Sabrina cried suddenly, kicking her foot hard. Her sudden movement jerked her foot from Jackson's grip.

"So you wanna play, huh?" Jackson grinned and lunged for her flailing limb.

Sabrina overpowered her panic long enough to focus and actually aim a kick. With as much force as she could summon, she rammed her foot into Jackson's crotch.

"Fuck!" Jackson gasped hard and tumbled off the end of the bed and lay curled in a ball on the floor for a moment, sucking in deep breaths and clutching his crotch with both hands.

A new panic rushed through Sabrina. Oh god, what had she done? She couldn't get up and run. What would Jackson do once he regained his composure? She struggled and flailed at her restraints, but to no avail. She was securely bound and would remain that way until someone released her. There was no way in hell she could free herself.

She stared at the end of the bed, her eyes wide and frightened. Her heart beat like a jack hammer in her chest. She could hear Jackson sucking in air, groaning in pain.

Oh shit. Shit! He's going to kill me. What the fuck did I do?


Charles laid back against the pillows and watched his hard dick slide in and out of Celine's mouth. His eyes were heavy with the effects of wine and his need for sleep, but he found it difficult to sleep with Celine in his bed. The woman was fucking hot and insatiable. With her around, his cock never had a chance to go soft. Sabrina had never been able to keep him erect to this degree. She didn't have the heat her sister had.

"Fuck, baby." Charles groaned. Celine's mouth was hot, wet and tight as it stroked up and down his dick. He raised his hips in response, sinking his cock deeper into her throat. She took it like a professional whore, sucking him hard, as if she were trying to swallow his dick.

She moaned loud, the vibration shuddering through his dick and making it even harder and thicker. Charles grabbed her head with both hands and began to fuck her mouth with more vigor. She didn't resist as he drove his cock into her throat repeatedly, feeling the tightness of her throat squeeze the head of his dick on each inward thrust.

"Oh fuck." Charles shuddered and fucked her mouth harder, faster. His ass bounced a little off the bed as her head bobbed on his cock. His fingertips gripped her scalp as his whole body began to tighten with an impending orgasm. "Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock! Suck it! Suck it!"

His dick was whipping in and out of her mouth. She gagged just a little as he drove it in hard and deep, but he knew she could take it. He wasn't about to stop, that was for sure. His jaw clenched and he growled out loud as the cum rose from his balls and exploded down her throat. He didn't release her head as he continued to fuck her mouth relentlessly, emptying his balls. She choked a little but managed to swallow every drop. There was nothing quite like the feel of cumming in a woman's mouth.

He eased off a bit as the orgasm faded. Celine continued to suck his cock. He stared at her. He'd never once blown his wad in Sabrina's mouth. He had implied that he thought it was disgusting, the thought of cumming in a woman's mouth and then kissing her. But in truth, he knew Sabrina couldn't take it. She would've spit it out or vomited. Either of which would have been a severe turn off. It wasn't as if he hadn't had enough women whose mouths he could fuck and cum in. Women who were eager to suck his cock and drink his fluids. Women like Celine.

She smiled up at him as he took his dick from her mouth and licked up and down the shaft. He was still firm and heavy, and would be hard again in no time if she kept licking and sucking his cock.

He watched her lick down the top side of his dick then kiss her way up his stomach and chest until she was laying on top of him. He reached down and pulled his dick up against his stomach as she pressed her hot, wet pussy down against it and rubbed it along the underside of his cock as she kissed and sucked at his neck and throat.

"Marry me." She whispered against his damp skin. She traced the tip of her tongue up the side of his neck to his ear and sucked at his lobe. "Get rid of Sabrina and marry me. Then you could have me anytime you wanted."

Charles gave a short laugh. "I can have you anytime I want as it is."

Celine raised up and looked him in the eyes. "Wouldn't you like to have me as your wife?" She asked quietly, sincerely. She tugged at his lower lip with her teeth. "You know I would be a much better wife than Sabrina."

Charles smiled but it was more of a pitying smile than an agreeable one. "Sweetheart, you're one hell of a lover. And as such, you run rings around your sister." He brushed a strand of blond hair away from her face. "But don't be naive. You could never be my wife. You just don't reflect the right image. People look at you and they see slut. And although you and Sabrina look alike, Sabrina gives off a different air. One that is good for my business relations. The men respect her, the women like her." He traced the back of his fingers down her cheek. "But you, baby...the men would want to fuck you and the women would despise you. And neither is good for business."

Celine pushed up away from him. "So you would never marry me?"

"No." Charles admitted bluntly, shaking his head. "You're not wife material, Celine. Face it. You're the kind of woman a man goes to when he wants to get away from his wife. You're just not the marrying kind, baby. There's nothing wrong with that."

Celine's face tightened and she rolled off him, leaving the bed.

"Come on, baby." Charles held out his hand and smiled. "Don't be mad. I'm not trying to be mean or insulting. It's a compliment. Men wouldn't be able to function in life without women like you. You're our escape from the pressures of life."

Celine grabbed a short, satin robe off the end of the bed and wrapped it around her nude body, then turned and faced Charles. "Not the marrying kind?" She spit at him. "I am married, dumb ass."

"Just because a woman is married doesn't make her wife material." Charles pointed out. "I mean, look where you are. Fucking your own sister's husband. And God only knows who else you're spreading your legs for."

"Fuck you." Celine snapped and turned away. She headed for the bathroom, grabbing her cell phone off the dresser on her way.

"Come on back, baby." Charles called after her. "Let's not fight." Celine slammed the bathroom door behind her. Charles shook his head and chuckled to himself. "Marry you. That's funny. Like I'd ever marry a woman who'd fuck another man."

He laid back against the pillows and stared at the ceiling. He thought about Sabrina staying out at the ranch with Owen Briggs. Sabrina wasn't the type to defy him or betray him. He had sensed that she might be attracted to Owen, but she would never fuck the man. She had too much conscience to be able to handle the guilt of cheating on her husband. And that's one of the main reasons he'd married her instead of going after Celine. He knew from the get-go that Celine was a whore, and although she was fun to fuck, there was no way in hell he'd take her for a wife and have her fucking around on him with his clients and every other dick in town.

Charles closed his eyes. He liked his wife to be a woman he could control. One who felt intimidated by him. A woman who would be scared shitless to ever fuck him over - on a personal level or business level. Celine would fuck him in every way possible, but Sabrina...she was a keeper. And he had no intentions of dumping her for a slutty cunt who was only after his money.


"Motherfucker." Celine hissed. She sat on the closed lid of the toilet and stared at the cell phone in her hand. Rage burned inside her. After all she'd done for Charles, all the sex, the role playing, acting out every fantasy he'd ever had...he had never once considered dropping Sabrina for her. He still just saw her as a whore. His own personal whore.

Sabrina. What the fuck was so special about her? Celine wasn't stupid, or blind. She knew about Sabrina's and Owen's little fuck-fest two years ago. But she hadn't said anything to Owen or Sabrina because she enjoyed the fact that they both felt guilty. She wasn't certain why she hadn't told Charles about it. But something had always kept her from it. And now she knew. Charles would have been furious to know his sweet, innocent wife wasn't so innocent after all. And Celine didn't want Charles to care. She wanted Charles to want her more than any other woman. But he didn't. He just wanted to fuck her, and nothing more.

Maybe she'd always known that on some subconscious level. And maybe that was why she had handed Sabrina to Jackson, knowing that fucker's perverted preference for forceful sex. She wanted to destroy Sabrina's innocence. Not just destroy it but completely and totally annihilate it. She hated the way people looked at her sister. The reverence and respect she saw in their eyes. Something she herself had never seen in any set of eyes looking back at her. Men viewed her as nothing more than a place to ram their cock. And women...the women despised and resented her because their men wanted to fuck her.

"You deserve what you're getting, sis." Celine spit out vehemently. "I hope he fucks you ten ways from Sunday." Her face twisted with hate and rage. "I hope when he's done with you, you're no good for anything but a hole for men to shove their cocks in. Owen will see, you're just another whore. He ain't gonna ever touch you again after Jackson fucks every hole you got."

She trembled, squeezing the phone in her hands. She was seething inside. Hot tears filled her eyes. "I wish you were dead." She whispered tightly, cold and hateful. "I wish Jackson would just..."

She calmed suddenly and stared at the phone. She slowly, methodically began to dial a number on the keypad.


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