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Jackson's Punishment

Novel By: AMS1971

When a brutal rapist is delivered into the hands of a dangerous, tortured man...his own worst nightmare comes to life. (IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: To fully understand this story, it is important to read the full story "Sins of the Sister"). View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 2, 2013    Reads: 3,427    Comments: 2    Likes: 8   

Jackson returned to consciousness with a yelping wail as thin wire wound tightly around his wrists, cutting into his skin. Blood drained down his forearms as his hands were hoisted up above his head and fastened to a metal hook hanging from a thick wooden beam.

He was still naked and his skin prickled with goose flesh as a deep chill settled in. He tried to look around, but the only light was a bare bulb screwed into a plain metal shade hanging a couple feet from the hook. The bulb was dim and flickered now and then, too weak to chase the shadows from what felt like a large open area.

The huge man moved around him. JacksonĀ“s toes barely touched the cold concrete floor, causing the weight of his body to pull down on the wires cutting into his wrists. He ground his teeth as his jaw clenched in agony and his eyes watered. A wooden block was suddenly kicked under his feet. His legs shook as he stepped up on the block unsteadily, relieving some of the pressure on his wrists.

The storm raged outside, having risen to a crescendo once more. Strong winds beat at the walls of the structure. Wisps of the cold air reached Jackson's naked body, chilling him further. Whatever structure he was in wasn't insulated or air tight. With each tendril of wind that brushed against him, he caught the scent of hay and stale manure. He was in a large barn, or what had been a barn at one time.

Cold hands touched his back and he jerked reflexively, releasing a sharp gasp. A sudden torrent of rain hit the roof of the barn as powerfully as if the ocean had been dumped down on it in one shot. A strong gust of wind hurled through, swinging the metal shade and the light, wrapping around his body like the tongue of a demon licking him, tasting his skin.

Jackson shuddered as the cold hands moved over his body, exploring him. The man began to circle him closely, touching him all over. He paused in front of him and wrapped his hand around Jackson's cock, stroking him slowly. His other hand reached deeper and gripped his balls, fondling them, massaging his scrotum. Jackson squeezed his eyes shut and twisted his face away when the man pressed closer and brushed his lips against Jackson's cheek, breathing in his scent.

A groan rumbled deep inside the man and his stroking quickened, squeezing Jackson's cock more firmly in his fist. "You're gonna cum for me." The man's mouth was against Jackson's ear, his hot breath leaving a steamy film on his skin.

"Fuck...you." Jackson ground out between clenched teeth.


The wire was severing the nerves in his wrists. Jackson could no longer feel his hands but below the wrists, the pain was excruciating. The block beneath his feet helped take the weight off his arms and shoulder sockets, but it also put him at just the right level and angle for rear penetration.

The man was somewhere behind him. Not close. He could hear him moving around. Jackson knew his fate was inevitable, there was no getting away from his captor. Still, he couldn't wrap his mind around the impending sodomy. How does a hardcore, heterosexual man condition himself to being fucked by another man? He might be a rapist, but at least he raped women. He only fucked women. Jackson had never once felt curious about how it would be to fuck or be fucked by another man. He had planned on never finding out. Now that plan was in the shitter.

He could hear the man breathing, panting somewhat as he did whatever he was doing beyond Jackson's sight. There was a faint wet sound that seemed vaguely familiar but he couldn't focus his mind enough to pinpoint the source. Then the man began to pant harder and suddenly he was standing close behind Jackson. Jackson's body locked up, certain the next thing he was going to feel was the man's hard cock stabbing into his ass.

But the man just stood behind him, panting hard. The wet sound was louder and it hit Jackson what he was hearing; the man was jerking off. He'd coated his cock with a lubricant and was beating off only inches away from Jackson's naked body.

Jackson gasped suddenly when the head of the man's cock touched his ass cheeks, pressed between them and nudged his hole. Jackson drew away from him as much as he could, his jaw clenching and his eyes squeezed shut. The man moved with him, keeping the thick swollen head of his dick between Jackson's ass cheeks, but not penetrating him. He continued to jerk off, his breath harder, ragged, sketchy. Jackson knew that sound from personal experience. The man was about to blow his wad.

The man's massive arm suddenly wrapped around Jackson's waist and pulled him back against him. His other hand was still beating his cock fast and hard. His mouth touched the back of Jackson's neck, his breath as hot as lava on his skin. The man's body arched suddenly and his cockhead stabbed at Jackson's asshole just a little, squeezing him open just enough to make Jackson wince, then a sudden flow of fluid heat spread through the crack of Jackson's ass and drained down to his balls, dripping off his ball sack. Some of the man's cum slid down the inside of Jackson's thigh, slowly oozing down his leg.

The man's hot breath exploded against the back of Jackson's neck as his arm held him tightly. He rubbed his cockhead up and down through Jackson's ass crack, smearing the cum around.

"Let go of me, you sick fuck." Jackson croaked, nausea gripping him.

To his surprise, the man released him then moved around in front of him. Jackson tried not to look, but his eyes jumped to the man's cock. Having just cum, his dick wasn't hard and swollen, but it still hung heavily. Which told Jackson the man would be erect again in no time. The size of the man's cock, even without the erection, made Jackson want to puke. He was big. Huge. At least nine to ten inches, and surely at least three inches in circumference. Without an erection.

The man clutched Jackson's jaw and studied his face. "I had to do that." He murmured low, thick. "I couldn't take the chance of blowing my wad too soon and ending our play time before I was done playing."

His strong fingers pinched Jackson's face, making his jaw ache. He forced Jackson's mouth open by squeezing the crook of his jaw. Jackson resisted but couldn't stop the action. The man pressed up close. He was entirely nude and he rubbed his heavy cock against Jackson's dick. He jerked Jackson's face forward and covered his mouth with his own, thrusting his thick tongue deep inside. Jackson gagged and struggled, but the man's grip was like a vice, holding his head in place.

The man's hot breath swirled down Jackson's throat as his free hand reached behind Jackson, grabbed his ass and pulled him forward hard, grinding him against the man's thick, heavy cock. He could already feel the man's dick getting hard again.

All at once, Jackson could breathe again, the man's mouth removed from his. Jackson coughed and gagged and spit at the man. "You sick, twisted motherfucker!"

The corner of the man's mouth twitched with a smile. "You've got a nasty mouth on you, boy." He said. "But I know what to do with a nasty mouth."

Jackson swallowed tightly. Fear and severe nausea welled inside him. He would not suck the man's cock. Nothing this man threatened him with would make him open his mouth and willingly take his dick. He'd rather be dead.

As if reading his thoughts, the man moved away, back into the shadows and returned with something in his hand. Jackson strained to see what it was, but he kept it partially concealed behind his bare thigh.

"Now." The man spoke low, calm, deadly serious. "I'm gonna let your arms down. You're gonna get on your knees and you're going to suck my cock until it's hard again."

Jackson clenched his jaw and shook his head back and forth, tears burning his eyes. "No." He ground out sickly. "No."

"Yes, you will." The man stepped up close to him, his lips close to Jackson's. "And if you bite me...I will rip your teeth out one by one. And just so you know I'm serious..." The man raised his hand, revealing a heavy duty pair of wicked looking pliers. "I will demonstrate."

"No!" Jackson yelled and thrust himself back, kicking out at the man. But the man was already behind him, clutching his jaw with his strong hand, forcing his mouth open again, pinning Jackson's head into the crook of his shoulder. Strangled wails erupted from deep inside him. "I'll do it!" He cried, his words distorted from the man's fierce grip on his jaw. "I'll do it! I'll suck your cock!"

The man held him in place and lifted the pliers. Jackson's eyes bulged in his head as he stared at the tool. Tears drained down the sides of his face. "I wouldn't want you to change your mind right in the middle of it. I don't like it when a man bites my cock." The man spoke quietly, tightly. "As my momma used to say - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

"I won't change my mind!" Jackson wailed. "I won't! I won't bite you! I swear to God!""

"Don't swear to God." The man hissed against his ear. "That's irreverent."

He squeezed Jackson's jaw harder, forcing his mouth open wider. Jackson wailed and tried to thrash, but the man had his head locked in securely. He squeezed his eyes shut as the heavy metal pliers was inserted in his mouth. His chest heaved, his breath irregular and gasping as his heart raced dangerously. The pliers clamped onto a molar and tightened.

A strangled, muffled cry of protest exploded out of him seconds before his tooth was ripped from his gums. His head was instantly released and he screamed, dropping forward as much as his bound arms would allow. Blood drained from his mouth, down his chin and onto his chest. He cried out in agony and tried to spit the blood from his mouth, but the blinding pain stabbing through his jaw and up through his head made even the slightest movement of his mouth more excruciating.

Tears of pain streaked his face. He choked and coughed, gagging on the blood. His head hung down as the blood dripped onto the block, forming a small pool and trickling over the edge.

The man walked around in front of him, holding the pliers with Jackson's tooth still clamped in its grip. He held the tooth close to Jackson's bloodshot, teary eyes. "Remember." He spoke low, emphasizing each word. "No...biting."


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