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Hunted Hearts

Novel By: AMS1971

The small child appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of rural road at night during a blizzard. When Erika swerves to miss him, her car goes over a snow bank and nearly dumps her in a raging river. In the freezing darkness, she finds the child, alive but with a bloody gash on his head – and crying for his mother. When he suddenly pulls from her arms and runs towards the river, she is terrified of him falling in the water. But as he reaches the water’s edge, a strange scene unfolds before her that propels her into a surreal reality where nothing makes sense. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 13, 2014    Reads: 174    Comments: 1    Likes: 8   

"Surreal Dreams"


It was all around her, heat seeping into her chilled skin. Was she freezing to death? Don't they say that a person actually warms up when their body begins to freeze? It made no sense, but surely that was what was happening to her now. But even knowing that succumbing to the blessed warmth might well be to her demise, Erika couldn't find the will to fight it.

She pressed into it, welcomed it - then it became fluid almost, moving around her. Encircling her body. Tightening. Holding her. Arms. Strong arms. And an equally strong male body pressed up against her back, hips curved around her butt and - a hardness pushing between her thighs, and laying comfortably between the soft, warm folds of her pussy. The stiff muscle pulsed against her clit, and felt much larger than she'd ever had before.

She was naked. They both were.

When she shifted, the arms tightened, holding her in place, the body sucking more snug to hers. She realized her hands were pressed against her chest and held there in a firm grip. Warm breath puffed into her hair as the man's hips shifted and moved, beginning a slow rocking motion, grating his cock across her clit.

Her breath caught and body tensed, but it only took moments before she felt the orgasm swelling and ebbing, ready to crash in on her. She bit her lip hard, panting, unable to stop her body from responding to his as she began to stroke against his cock. Soft, tight moans pushed up her throat, growing louder as she neared climax. She arched back against her unknown lover, a cry wrenching free as her body surrendered and she came hard, convulsing beneath the force.

Another sharp gasp stuck in her throat when the man's hips withdrew and then he was pushing his pulsating cock inside her - so thick and long he struck bottom before getting all the way in. But he didn't stop pushing and she cried out as his cock head forced open the door to her womb and he plunged even deeper. Tears burned as pain coiled in her lower abdomen. She'd never had a man this deep inside her before, never encountered a cock so massive.

She strained against his confining hands, tears dripping down her face. "Please..." she whimpered as his hips shoved forward steadily, forcing his immense member into her most inner core. "Stop...it hurts."

Lips touched her ear, slightly course rather than soft. "Shhh..."

"Please..." Erika choked then gasped when he gave a sudden short but firm thrust, driving himself in the rest of the way. "I can't...take it...you're too...big."

His rough lips continued to caress her ear, hot breath that exhaled an odd - though not necessarily unpleasant - odor poured down her neck, adding more warmth to her chilled skin. His hips pressed tight against her rear, unmoving at the moment, as if waiting for her body to figure out how to accommodate his length and thickness. Her breath was erratic from the pain, searing through her groin from the forced spreading of her womb entrance.

When she began to breathe more evenly, though the pain was still present, he slowly circled his hips, igniting the pain again. She gasped and clawed her own chest as his strong hands held her. "No..."

He ignored her pleas and kept up the slow rhythm until her whimpers of pain slowly evolved into moans of pleasure as the pain receded and his fullness began to feel good. More than good - incredible. It gave her a strange rush to be so filled up, totally possessed and under his control.

She bit her lip when he began to draw out and push back in - all the way in. Each inward thrust incited a measure of pain, but even that was beginning to feel good. The more he stroked, the wetter she became until his huge cock was slipping in and out of her with more ease, the slick friction so mind blowing she began to cry out sharply in ecstasy, her body moving with his, fucking him back, wanting him, craving him. A second orgasm hit hard and fast, her body writhing against his, causing him to fuck her harder.

Low grunts and growls exploded from him, his arms tightening, nearly squeezing off her air passage, but she barely noticed. "Yes...Yes...Yes...fuck me...oh god, fuck me harder..." she was shocked at the words tumbling off her lips; she'd never in her life told a man to fuck her. She'd never been vocal during sex, or bold. Yet now she found herself rocking on his massive cock with enthusiasm and pure feral need, begging him to fuck her harder, faster, make her cum.

His thrusts intensified until he was pounding into her with an animal lust, causing her to orgasm multiple times in a row, one right after another until she was gasping for air. She'd heard rumors of multiple orgasms but had never experienced them. Clearly not her fault - but rather the fault of her previous, much less skilled and endowed lovers - for this man was dragging orgasm after orgasm out of her with ease.

Hard, thick breaths began to puff out of him, short, erratic. His nails dug into her hands, his teeth on her neck, raking down her shoulders, leaving scratches. He fucked her almost ferociously before releasing a strangled wail that roared and echoed - and came with such force she literally felt her insides fill with his hot, thick cum. A hard knot rolled up his cock and pushed past her pelvic bone, locking him inside her. He didn't stop, but kept fucking, his supply of ejaculate fluids seemingly an endless well. She felt the liquid heat draining out of her even as he was pumping in the last remnants.

When his thrusts finally slowed, he remained inside, his slight movements letting her know the knot in his cock was still there and he couldn't pull out, not yet. What the hell was it? She'd never had that happen with anyone before. It reminded her of when two dogs would get stuck during breeding...

Her heart thumped hard. What was going on? Who was this...man. Was she dreaming?

Teeth clamped onto the back of her neck and she realized they were sharper than human teeth. They bit down with a slight pressure. "Uhhh!" she cried out - then everything went black.


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