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Eve of Passion

Novel By: AMS1971

When Eve suddenly finds herself obligated to accompany the champion gladiator, Rhonan, to a celebration, she does not feel the honor that the other women of the town would feel in her place. After awaking from a steamy hot dream of Rhonan, Eve is determined to decline. But when Rhonan receives word that she has backed out, he pays her a personal visit. Swept away by masculine touch and presence, Eve is suddenly too aware of how powerless she is to this gladiator and finds herself both frightened and excited at the prospect of being fully under his control for even just one night. View table of contents...


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Eve huddled in the corner of the stall, her dress hugged close. She buried her face in the garment as sobs racked her trembling body. Nothing made sense to her anymore. Nero owned Rhonan? She couldn't fathom such an idea, and yet she had seen the seal in his arm, felt it beneath her hand. How could Rhonan choose to fight for such a man?

Using the edge of the stall for support, Eve slowly stood to her feet. Her legs felt weak. Her whole body seemed to lack strength. She was still reeling from Rhonan's touch, everything changing so suddenly she didn't have time to adjust. The intense desire she had felt for him was still swirling through her, mingling with the horror of discovering Nero's seal.

Her hands shook as she pulled on her dress. Once again, she'd come so close to losing her virginity. Yet now, she felt a deep, heavy dread settling in the pit of her stomach. This time, she had wanted it to happen, had been ready. But even so, she couldn't be certain what she'd felt was real. In herself or in Rhonan. The lust of the flesh was a powerful thing and it often fooled one into believing it was so much more than it was.

Eve hugged herself tightly and hurried back to the house, thankful Marcus was not there to question her disheveled appearance and tear streaked face.


"I see the horse is gone."

Eve ignored Marcus' statement as she dished him a plate of potatoes and eggs and set it before him. He'd stayed away long enough for her to compose herself, but her encounter with Rhonan was still too fresh in her mind and her emotions were simmering on the surface ready to bubble over.

"Are you angry at me for not telling you he was in the barn?" Marcus asked as he took the plate.

Eve released a low sigh and turned away. "No." She said quietly, not willing to chance anymore of an answer. Her throat was tight and all she really wanted to do was shut herself in her room and cry herself to sleep. Annoyance welled up in her. She despised the fact that she was getting so upset over a man who she had never wanted in her life in the first place. What did she care if Rhonan had sold his soul to Nero? It merely confirmed that her first impression of the man was right.


Eve flinched. "Huh?"

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine." Eve whispered.

Marcus nodded slowly as he took a bite of potatoes. "Uh huh."

"What?" Eve asked stiffly.

"Well." Marcus said. "Usually when you say 'I'm fine'...it means just the opposite. So what's wrong? Is it Rhonan?"

Eve moved the pan of potatoes to the back of the stove off the heat. "I said I was fine." She walked towards the kitchen doorway.

"You're not eating?" Marcus asked.

"I'm not hungry." Eve left the kitchen and went to her room, closing the door behind her. She went to the window and stared out at the long winding dirt road that led away from their home. The road Rhonan had rode down so recently. She would never see him coming back up that road again, and she knew that should give her some level of relief. A mutual sexual desire for one another did not mean they were in love. Could a man like Rhonan even fall in love? And if he had kept coming around, would she have fallen in love with him? Whether she wanted to admit it or not, it was a real possibility. So better he go away now before he truly ripped her heart out. For that is exactly what he would have done...had she asked him to stay, rather than sending him away with orders never to return.


A thick fur was draped over the large bed. Nero sat in the center, propped against multiple silk pillows, wearing a loose garment. The servant girl with fiery red hair and green eyes was kneeling between his thighs, nude. Her hands stroked his hard, thick cock. She leaned down and took the head of his prick in her mouth and slowly sucked him in deeper and deeper.

Rhonan stood back from the bed, his arms hung tensely at his sides. He tried to avert his eyes but the sexual hunger raging inside him wouldn't allow him to look elsewhere. The woman's nicely rounded ass jutted up in the air and swayed invitingly as her mouth moved up and down Nero's swollen cock. Her full breasts rested against the soft fur beneath her, and the curve of her body flowed like a gentle river.

A tightness squeezed Rhonan's throat as a severe ache settled in his crotch. Even now, he could still taste Eve's sweet nectar on his tongue, feel the firmness of her nipples in his mouth. His fingers tingled with the feel of her soft body beneath his touch. And the image of her laying before him, naked and aching for him to enter her virgin body and usher her into full womanhood...

Rhonan swallowed thickly, forcing down the groan swelling at the base of his throat.

"You should relax and accept your place." Nero said, then indicated the woman pleasuring him. "And partake of all the delicacies your new station in life offers you."

Rhonan's eyes shifted from the woman to Nero. He stared hard at the man, once again resisting the urge to behead him. A deep hatred emanated from his eyes, he could feel it like heat pouring out of him.

Nero smiled. "You despise me." He spoke low. "Why is that? I left your virgin undefiled."

Rage simmered in Rhonan's stare. His hands flexed hard at his sides.

Nero groaned suddenly, shifted, and lightly gripped a handful of the woman's hair and began slowly thrusting his cock into her mouth. "Suck harder." He told her with a low, stern voice. "Rub your pussy." The woman's cheeks depressed as her mouth pulled at his dick. One hand slid beneath her as she began to rub her clit with two fingers. Nero groaned again then shifted his attention back to the gladiator.

"It's good that you hate me." Nero told Rhonan. "Good that you can't have your woman. It will make you a more efficient fighter. I need a champion...not a fool weakened by the wiles of a woman." His gaze slid down to the woman sucking him off. "If you need to fuck, you have plenty of wenches to fulfill your desires. But a man swooning over a woman...is of no use to me." His eyes hardened as they bored into Rhonan. "Stay away from Eve. You have no business with her anymore. That is my decree."

Rhonan glared at him but refused to respond. Nero was baiting him, trying to break Rhonan and prove he was truly his master. Rhonan might die in the man's service, but Nero would never be his master. And staying away from Eve would not be a problem. The moment she discovered Nero's seal branded into his flesh, he had lost her.

The woman on the bed whimpered around Nero's thick cock. Her hips moved in rhythm with her fingertips. Rhonan watched her pleasure herself, her juices gleaming as her orgasm swelled. His own cock throbbed and ached as images of Eve flashed behind his eyes, her perfect pussy spread open before him, the taste of her heated passion as he drew her to climax, her tight entryway untouched by man, beckoning to him to be the first to enter her young virgin body.

A fierce heat crawled up Rhonan's neck, through his head and prickled his scalp. The red haired woman squealed as her orgasm burst, her fingers rubbing fast and urgent across her protruding nub, her hips swaying up and down as she reached deeper and began to thrust her fingers into her pulsating pussy. Nero held her mouth on his cock as a sudden tension gripped him. He fucked her with more urgency, his breath turning ragged. Rhonan longed to turn away, not watch, not hear, but he was transfixed on the scene, his whole body pulsing and aching. His balls were hard as stones and sucked up against his body as a pulse began to run through his cock.

The woman's head was gripped in both of Nero's hands as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Her fingers continued to stab into her wet pussy. Nero's jaw clenched and his body arched as he suddenly released a loud roar, his cock exploding, squirting his hot fluids down the woman's throat.

Sticky wetness drizzled from the tip of Rhonan's cock. Cum was trying to rise from his balls. His eyes burned as he watched the woman finger fuck herself as she sucked up and down Nero's cock.

Nero shuddered then released a heavy sigh. He looked at Rhonan and smiled.

"Take her." Nero said low as he stroked the woman's hair. "Do with her as you please. No need to suffer. She exists to be fucked. That is her station in life. Stick your cock in one of her tight hot holes and relieve yourself."

Rhonan swallowed tightly. Hunger and lust raged inside him as the woman's delicate fingers slid in and out of her pussy, the tight opening squeezing and sucking, glistening and gleaming as her sweet nectar seeped from her hot body. His vision blurred slightly as a fog seemed to flow over his mind. His body ached and burned so severely that all he could think about was easing the pain. His hands squeezed into tight fists until the veins swelled up along his forearms. He could see nothing else but his swollen, throbbing cock slamming into the red head's tight wet pussy, his hands gripping her hips and dragging her back onto his steel hard prick again and again until-

"Do it." Nero murmured. He had moved from the bed without Rhonan noticing, and now stood behind his shoulder. The woman was stretched out on the bed, her legs spread, her fingers stroking her pussy and giving Rhonan a full view of what was his for the taking.

"Fuck her." Nero urged tightly.

A shudder ran through Rhonan's sensitive body. His cock was wet with his own need. But the feel of Nero hovering so close, his voice urging him on...it cleared Rhonan's mind. Nero was trying to use the woman to break him. To give in to lust once would only weaken him the next time, until Nero had him fully under his control. And to be with a woman other than Eve...would surely break him and reduce him to the very thing Nero desired him to be; a mindless warrior with no sense of what was right.

But there was nothing left for Nero to take from him, no weapon with which to break him.

"No." Rhonan muttered thickly. He tore his eyes from the woman and moved towards the door in long, heavy strides.

"You will." Nero said. "In time, you will. No man can resist the beast within forever. And once you stop resisting...you'll be at peace."

Rhonan grabbed the door and ripped it open.

"Vanquish Eve from your mind." Nero shot at his back as he stepped through the doorway. "You're never gonna have her!"

Rhonan slammed the door on the man and his stinging words.

Words that cut and sliced...and rang true.


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