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Eve of Passion

Novel By: AMS1971

When Eve suddenly finds herself obligated to accompany the champion gladiator, Rhonan, to a celebration, she does not feel the honor that the other women of the town would feel in her place. After awaking from a steamy hot dream of Rhonan, Eve is determined to decline. But when Rhonan receives word that she has backed out, he pays her a personal visit. Swept away by masculine touch and presence, Eve is suddenly too aware of how powerless she is to this gladiator and finds herself both frightened and excited at the prospect of being fully under his control for even just one night. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 19, 2012    Reads: 2,424    Comments: 10    Likes: 12   


Her heated flesh burned into his fingertips. It hadn't been Rhonan's intention to touch her this way, not yet anyway. But he'd been too aware of Isaac and his whore on the other side of Eve. Usually he ignored the other men and their women, but tonight Eve was sitting beside him, nearly touching him, and it had been too much for him.

The tension in Eve's body only made him want her more. He could feel the struggle in her, the conflict of emotions and desires. She fought him, but she hungered for him as well. There was no doubt in his mind about that.

He could feel the creamy wetness dampening her inner thigh. His hand squeezed firmly as the urge to plunge into her hot, moist center nearly overwhelmed him. A severe ache gripped his balls and swelled his cock to painful proportion. An agonized groan clawed at his throat but he forced it down, swallowing hard.

I don't like men like you.

Eve's words from earlier that day suddenly flashed through his mind, ricocheting off the insides of his skull, making his temples throb. He glanced over the top of Eve's ducked head, his eyes falling on Isaac and his wench. They were no longer fucking, but Isaac's hands were still all over the woman, fondling, exploring. As he watched, Isaac shoved the wench down under the table between his legs, grabbed his heavy cock in one fist and a handful of the woman's hair in the other, and shoved his dick into her mouth. She took it without resistance and began to suck and stroke him with what appeared to be eagerness.

Rhonan's chest heaved as he watched the woman's mouth slide up and down the other gladiator's cock, her cheeks depressing as she sucked hard on each backstroke. A steady drizzle of pre-cum trickled down Rhonan's leg. The unbearable ache in his groin was spreading up through his stomach, his chest and up into his jaw. His head pounded as his heart beat violently at the inside of his chest. His hand squeezed Eve's leg harder, his fingertips slipping in the wetness of her inner thigh. He felt her flinch and forced his grip to ease up.

Isaac forced his cock deeper into the wench's mouth. She gagged a bit but Isaac didn't notice. Or more likely, didn't care as he continued to fuck her mouth without any regard to the woman's comfort.

Rhonan looked away, feeling a disgust for the man. But as his hand retained its grip on Eve's thigh, he wondered how different he was from the other gladiator. The fierce ache between his legs urged him relentlessly to give in to his base desires, to just take what he wanted. He'd done it before. He felt no pride in it, but he had sank to the level where he was functioning on animal instinct alone. And he realized - that's what Eve expected of him now.

His fingertips moved against her skin ever so slightly, the warm wetness slick against his fingers. She wouldn't resist him. A part of her longed for him to thrust his fingers into her aching pussy and fuck her to orgasm again and again. For a brief moment, she would welcome his touch, lose herself in the pleasure and ecstasy.

But only for a moment. Afterwards...

He would have proved himself to be exactly what she'd told him he was.

The kind of man she didn't like.


A shudder ran through Eve's body. It was too surfaced for Rhonan not to feel it too. His hand burned against her thigh, each tiny movement of his fingertips sending shock waves straight into her heated core. Her body ached, every inch of her skin tingling hotly as if tiny sparks were raining down on her. She could focus on little else but Rhonan's masculine hand gripping her leg. What was he waiting for?

Movement to her right drew her eye. She'd tried hard not to watch the woman beneath the table, what she was doing to the gladiator. It filled her with disgust and made her stomach churn. She looked away but kept her head ducked low. She couldn't look at Rhonan either. If he looked into her eyes, saw how desperately she wanted to feel his hand pressed against her pussy, his strong fingers stroking her aching, fevered body...

A second shudder ran through her. What might feel good at first could very quickly escalate into...

A muffled gagging drew her eyes back to the wench beside her. The gladiator was grunting low and pushing his cock deep into the woman's mouth, over and over. Her eyes were wide, bulging. She was no longing sucking his cock but simply trying to accommodate it as it swelled thicker and longer, and thrust into her throat with force. She wasn't enjoying it anymore. Her eyes flicked and caught Eve's stare. Tears filled the woman's eyes and trickled down her face as the gladiator violated her mouth without mercy.

Eve trembled, but this time it wasn't brought on by sexual need. She trembled in horror...and rage. How could a man - any man - treat a woman this way? The wench had ceased to be a willing participant in the gladiator's sex play, and had now become a mere tool in which he was using to satisfy his own selfish lust.

Eve wasn't certain just when Rhonan removed his hand, but she realized quite suddenly that it was no longer gripping her thigh. Why he had withdrawn was a mystery to her, but of little consequence at the moment as she she stared wide-eyed at the woman being assaulted by the gladiator next to her. The woman's wet eyes began to slightly roll back in her head, gagging harder as the man gripped her hair in a tight, powerful fist and fucked her mouth with driving force, grunting and growling as his own orgasm swelled.

The sob rose so suddenly in Eve's throat it choked her. Tears slid from her eyes. The words were on her tongue and falling from her lips before she could think to pull them back as they tumbled free in a shuddering whimper.


"Stop it."

Rhonan barely heard the words slip from Eve's lips. Had his hand still been on her leg, he would have been certain she was speaking to him. But he had taken it away. His hunger for her was immense, nearly unbearable, but unlike Isaac and many others like him, Rhonan received greater sexual satisfaction when he knew he was pleasuring the woman, and not merely himself.

Eve's words drew his eyes to her face. His brow pinched hard in confusion as he watched the tears sliding down her face, the horrified look resonating from her. But then he followed her wide-eyed stare to the woman planted between Isaac's legs. The woman's hair was balled tightly in the man's fist as he forced her mouth onto his cock while he thrust in deep...too deep for the woman to handle. Her eyes were rolling back and tears streaked her face. She was gagging, unable to catcher her breath.

A new heat rose up inside Rhonan and began to boil his blood.


Eve didn't see Rhonan leave his chair, his movement so sudden and swift that he was already behind the other gladiator, his powerful arm around the man's throat and dragging him from his seat before Eve could even register what was happening.

Rhonan ripped the gladiator from his chair with more strength than Eve had ever seen in one man. Her airway suddenly cleared, the wench dropped to the floor, her face against the cold stone, gasping and choking. Fresh tears streaked her face and her hair was a messy, tangled ball. Her hands trembled badly as she tried to pull the front of her dress over her exposed breasts.

Shock nailed Eve to her chair, her mind reeling as she looked quickly from the woman to Rhonan. He threw the gladiator onto the floor hard. The man released a roar of rage and lunged to his feet like a lion attacking its prey. Rhonan brought his muscular arm up and nailed the man in the side of the head with his elbow, dropping him back to the stone floor with a heavy thud. The gladiator managed to get to his hands and knees, teetered, then staggered to his feet again. His face twisted in rage as he ripped his sword from its sheath and swung it around hard at Rhonan's head. A loud clank of steel striking steel echoed through the expansive hall as Rhonan's blade met it before it even came close to slicing flesh.

Rhonan's blade was steady, the muscles in his arms flexed tight, bulging as he gripped his sword like the champion he was. His face was hard, his eyes harder, as he stared down his opponent with the confidence that he could take the man out in a moment's notice.

"Do you really want to do this?" Rhonan's voice was low, deadly, resonating a strength and power that made Eve tremble...and her whole body shudder with sexual excitement.

The gladiator held his ground, his eyes stony with determination. But as if suddenly realizing who he was standing blade to blade with, he lowered his sword and sheathed it, stepping back. He glanced at the woman still on the floor.

Rhonan held his blade in place. "You've had enough...of everything." Rhonan spoke low, his masculine voice deep and laced with threat. "Go sleep it off."

Eve could only stare in shock as the man stumbled away, drunken and beaten. She slowly lowered her eyes to the woman then left her chair and knelt beside her, helping her with her disheveled dress. The woman seemed shocked by Eve's gentleness and care.

"Thank...you." The woman whispered unsteadily.

Eve gazed at her through a well of fresh tears. "Why are you here with these men?" Eve asked quietly, her voice thick as the tears tightened her throat. She helped the woman to her feet.

"Why are you?" The woman wondered with quiet sincerity. She squeezed Eve's hand gently then glanced briefly at Rhonan, bowed respectfully and hurried away.

Eve swallowed thickly as she watched the woman make her way through the hoard of guests and disappear out into the dark night. Eve turned slowly and looked at Rhonan. He still gripped his sword tightly in his hand. His eyes were as hard as the steel of his blade as they bore into her. The woman's words fluttered through Eve's head.

Why are you?


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