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Eve of Passion

Novel By: AMS1971

When Eve suddenly finds herself obligated to accompany the champion gladiator, Rhonan, to a celebration, she does not feel the honor that the other women of the town would feel in her place. After awaking from a steamy hot dream of Rhonan, Eve is determined to decline. But when Rhonan receives word that she has backed out, he pays her a personal visit. Swept away by masculine touch and presence, Eve is suddenly too aware of how powerless she is to this gladiator and finds herself both frightened and excited at the prospect of being fully under his control for even just one night. View table of contents...


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Eve sat tensely next to Rhonan at his place of honor. The massive, heavy oak table stretched away to her right and left and was abundantly arrayed with unlimited options of meats, breads, fruits and vegetables. Eve had never seen so much food on one table - albeit an extremely large table.

Rhonan sat close on her left, but was engaged in a loud, raucous conversation with another gladiator sitting on the other side of him. Eve was thankful for the lack of attention and tried to disappear into the large chair beneath her. Another bulging gladiator dropped gracelessly into the seat on her right, bumping into her and knocking her against Rhonan's arm, pulling a scantily clad woman into his lap. Eve had seen her with the women lingering around the entrance and knew what she was.

"You're not hungry?"

Flinching, Eve looked away from the drunk gladiator and his wench, and met Rhonan's piercing eyes. She had yet to add food to her empty plate, and the very thought of it made her stomach churn.

"I, uh...no...not really."

"Some fruit?" He suggested. His eyes bore into her and she wanted to look away but felt as if he was physically holding her stare. "It's quite...succulent." At the word succulent, his eyes did a quick leap to her breasts and back to her eyes in a movement so swift she barely caught it. But she did see it and that tiny flick of his eyes was enough to set her pulse aflutter like a flurry of butterflies in her chest.

To appease him, she reached for a plump strawberry and took a small bite. A bit of the juice stained her lower lip and before she could lick it off, Rhonan leaned in quick and sucked her lower lip clean. She gasped lightly, startled by his sudden, bold move. The butterflies metamorphosed into small, frantic birds as his warm mouth lingered against her lower lip, his breath drifting between her slightly parted lips and intoxicating her.

"Succulent." He affirmed in a low murmur then drew back and turned away, resuming his banter with the other gladiator as if he'd never left the conversation.

Eve's chest heaved as she struggled to breathe. Her heart beat fiercely against her ribcage. She closed her eyes briefly and willed her pulse to calm. It only partially obeyed, but threatened to race away again when she recalled the feel of Rhonan's mouth tugging at her lower lip. She opened her eyes to dispel the recent memory, but it refused to relinquish it's grip on her. A tingling sensation crept up her inner thighs and settled in her most intimate spot, creating a low, throbbing ache. Her nipples hardened instantly and she was thankful for the dim lighting and the fact that Rhonan was faced the other way.

She glanced at the back of his head as he roared with laughter at something the other gladiator said. She despised him for his calm, light demeanor. He was entirely at ease while she sat there, tense, rigid, her body slowly setting on fire against her will. She'd known better than to come here tonight. To be here with him. Her encounter with him that morning told her she was in over head with this man. She had no control. If he so chose to lay her out on the table right then and there and ravish her before all...she was certain she would not be able to resist.

Her eyes lingered on the nape of his neck where his dark curled ever so slightly. His neck and shoulder muscles were well defined and flexed with the tiniest of movement. Why did that make the ache down below intensify to an agonizing degree?


Her eyes were burning into his skin like hot coals but still Rhonan refused to look at her. His little act of sucking the strawberry juice from her lip had nearly backfired on him. He'd meant to ignite Eve's inner fire and set himself ablaze instead. His momentary release with the servant girl had proved useless, because the moment he'd entered the large hall and saw Eve, his dick had instantly turned to granite once more.

And now, after tasting Eve's mouth, it felt like a marble pillar between his legs. He wanted desperately to take Eve to his chambers and spend the rest of the night exploring her body, tasting every inch of her, satisfying them both over and over again until they fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

A drop of wetness seeped from his swollen cockhead and slid down his thigh. Would it take just a mere look at her now to push him over the edge? His balls were like stones and could hold no more. If she so much as batted an eye at him, he was certain his cock would explode.

He tried to focus on what Gabriel was saying, nodding and roaring with laughter when it seemed appropriate, but every sense he possessed was fully conscious of Eve sitting next to him.

And he could feel her body coming alive by the moment.


The wench squealed suddenly. Eve flinched hard and looked at the couple beside her. The woman was sitting in the gladiator's lap, facing away from him. The man had tugged open the front of her dress and was clutching her large, exposed breasts. He grunted loud and shifted hard in his chair. The wench gasped. Against her will, Eve glanced down to see the woman's dress bunched up around her waist, her lower half bare and exposed. The gladiator was ramming his hard cock into her pussy.

Eve sucked in a quick, shocked breath and the gladiator looked at her and grinned. "You want the next ride?" He drawled with a drunken slur and grinned wider as he thrust harder at the wench in his lap. His eyes suddenly slid past Eve and his grin faded in an instant.

Frowning, Eve turned her head slowly to find Rhonan shooting the other gladiator a deadly look. The man looked away from Eve and focused his full attention on fucking his whore. Rhonan's hard eyes took in the scene for a moment then he met Eve's stare briefly. The look he gave her set her on fire and she felt a warm wetness forming between her thighs. His attention shifted and rested momentarily on her breasts where her nipples had hardened fiercely and pressed out firmly against her dress. For a quick moment, Eve expected him to start grabbing her and using her the way the other gladiator was using the wench. But once again, Rhonan returned his attention to the gladiator on his left and resumed his conversation.

What am I doing here? Why did he even want me here?

The wench cried out sharply and bounced hard on the gladiator's cock as he fucked her with force. Eve kept her eyes averted, but the sound of their coupling was like throwing coal on a fire and she began to grow steadily hotter and hotter inside.

Beads of sweat formed on Eve's brow as the wench began to moan and gasp in a loud, steady crescendo as her orgasm swelled with strength. Eve's inner thighs were wet and growing wetter as the gladiator began to grunt and growl and drive his cock into the whore's pussy. Their fucking was noisome and wet as the man's hips slapped against the wench's pussy and ass.

Eve's hands squeezed into tight fists in her lap as she forced her eyes to look anywhere but at the heated mating session right beside her. The gladiator's thick, muscular arm bumped her repeatedly as he clutched the woman's hips and bounced her on his dick. Eve tried to draw away from the man's arm, but if she slid over anymore, she would be pressed up against Rhonan. And at that precise moment, she wasn't certain what would happen if she touched him, felt the heat of his strong body against her.

She tried closing her eyes and forcing the image of the gladiator and his wench from her mind's eye, but in their place she saw Rhonan and herself, as they were in her dream, Rhonan hovering over the top of her as he stroked her pussy with his thick cock, pleasuring her in a way no man ever had.

A shudder rushed through Eve as a soft, involuntary gasp escaped her throat. She clamped her mouth shut and held her breath, praying Rhonan hadn't noticed. He was still turned away, clearly unaware that the mere brush of his hand just now would bring her to climax.

Eve shuddered again as the wench cried out sharply and peaked as the gladiator threw back his head and roared loud, ramming his cock deep inside her and holding it there as he came with extreme force.

Eve closed her eyes again and trembled on the verge of orgasm herself. Oh god...please don't let this happen. She squeezed her eyes shut tighter and willed her body to relax, to not lose control. And for a brief moment, she felt herself regaining control...then Rhonan's hand came to rest on her leg beneath the table.

A powerful shudder racked Eve's body. She kept her eyes closed, her hands balled in her lap, as Rhonan's battle roughened hand slowly worked beneath her dress and flattened on her bare thigh, his fingertips lightly gripping her warm skin.

The frenzied birds were back, trapped inside her ribcage, beating at her chest.


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