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XOXO A Valentine Vigilante Novel

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

A supernatural woman's fight against an oppressive government leads her to the fight between her secret race and the race of hunters known as the Mort aux Mort's. Especially her fight with the leader Taven. With erotic needs for pain escalating and her desire to kill building can she keep on task or loose her self in the blood and sex. View table of contents...


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It was the night of the party, I stood infront of the mirror in my bathroom. I gazed at myself clad in bright green contacts, black wig with part that fell across my eye concealing my nose and eye, I looked at the slinky dress and slid my gun into my hand bag. A knife went into the sheathe on my thigh, my heels were even filed to a point. I was as bare as I could be weapon wise, I felt uncomfortable, but I looked at my reflection determined. The military would fall tonight, I would ensure it. I left my apartment and slid into the car parked in front of my building. I drove through the city, heading towards the huge base on the east side of town. I parked with the valet, and joined the group of rich sponsors, the party itself was to ensure continued donations to the militarys fund. Considering they only recieved so much from the man in command. I smiled and slid in with a bunch of chattering women striking up a conversation. Laying it on thick how a criminal had sliced my nose off as a child and plastic surgery could do nothing but smooth out the carnage. Determined not to be forgotten to society I was here to re-acquaint my self with the town. It worked and I escaped into the gates with everyone else. If they were wise theyd be checking everyone for weaponry, but who wants to offend the possible check book holders?

I followed the others into the base itself. The main hall was lavish, made for balls itself, which irritated me. This was a military base, not a country club. I mingled amongst the people for what seemed like hours, seeing soldiers in plainclothes and the cream of the crop here to party and shmooze money here and there. I slipped outside and began to set up explosives, peeling the c4 off my dress I began to plant them ont he barracks the mess hall, weapons hall, the security booths. When I finally found the underground bunkers I set the charges up next to the boxed explosives and set the timer. As I left a gaurd appeared, "Hey! What are you doing back here!"

"Oh, thak god, I am so lost can you help me?" I latched onto his arm and smiled sweetly. "I meant to go out for a smoke and here I am all turned around."

"Dont worry miss, I'll get you inside." He led me in adn I grabbed his arm tighter.

"This place is such a maze, how do you men find your way around?"

"We follow the directory if we dont know it ourselves."

"Where is your commander? Does he have an office?" I asked and leaned against him suggestively.

"T-top floor." He huffed. I leaned even farther against him until he was against the wall.

"What about a broom closet?" I smiled, he blinked adn looked to the door next to us. I smiled and went inside with him, as he closed the door I pounced, closing my arms around his head I snapped his neck with viscous force.

As I exited the room I came face to face with Taven, he blinked in surprise and I leaned on the door frame. "Well well well, all dressed up and no date Taven?"

"Wheres your date Valentine?"

I pushed the door open to show him the dead soldier, his eyes hardened, I smirked. "He couldnt keep up with me, all bulk no stamina."

His eyes flased dangerously and my stomach fluttered in response. I grinned and closed the door snapping the lock into place, then I strode away, Taven followed. When I joined the party he swept me into the dance floor where dozens of couples were dancing. He moved me with sensual grace that I was not amused by, if he wanted to dance all he had to do was hrow a punch at me. We'd dance the night away. I shook my head, No, I had a job to do. Work now, play later.

We danced and in a dip I retrieved my knife, I twirled and we faced each other. "You cant stop me." I said.

"Do what you want to the guilty Valentine, leave the innocent out of it."

"No one is innocent Taven, until you learn that, you will never reach my level." As I finished I spun away from him and stabbed a random person and dove into the crowd, I ran to the wall adn punched a hole in the wall, inside were the security wires. I yanked them and the security system wailed into existance. Bars and steel plating covered all the windows and doors isolating this building. At that moment I pushed the button on my small gold watch. Explosions roccked the ground like an earthquake, I watched as panic ensued, as the people swarmed and the soldiers scrambled to help the painicking mob I stared at the three unmoved people. Taven, Kire, and Alexander. I smiled and tilted my head before dashing into the dark hallway as a security door slammed shut behind me. I was alone now, I dragged my gun out of its place in my purse. Time to hunt me a smug military commander.


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