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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain arched as Ty's teeth and tongue slid along her throat, he rolled them over so she was on her back. She looked up at him as he gazed down at her. His blue eyes twinkling with relief. She felt dozens of memories fill her mind, their matings, their stolen kissess. Secret meetings, she inhaled sharply as he moved lower, his tongue lathed her nipples first. His hands mounding her breasts. She arched up to him and he growled. His fingers slipped lower trailing across her flat stomach, then lower. She practically howled as his fingers slid along her center. The slick folds heating with electric fire desire she felt him pull her closer, she rolled them back over, perched atop him, his fingers sank deep inside her. She leaned down, their lips melding with a ferocity she didnt know they could share.

She pulled his hand away and sank herself down onto him, he growled his claws sinking into the dirt below them. Those blue eyes looked up and she couldnt help smiling at him. He filled her perfectly, she tilted he head back to gaze at the moon, she looked down and Ty lifted his hips pushing even deeper inside her. She gasped and placed one of her hands on his chest to steady her as she started moving. Her soft pants met his gentle growls, Ty's clawed hands came up and covered her hips. He came up hands moving her harder against him. She growled as their teeth clicked, tongues tangling. She arched against him as they thrust against one another, with one hand burined behind him he tilted her back. Her spine bowed as she made a perfect arch back. The deepness increased as Ty's hips kept moving with hers, she felt her pleasure build as they continued to meet. Ty's sharp teeth nipped under her breasts, across her ribs, then one of his claws slipped down flickign slightly against her clit. She cried out, her orgasm ripping through her. She felt his growl against her ribs as he came within her.

Before she could even gather her breath, he rolled them over, she ended up on her side one of her legs lifted by his hand. He continued to thust within her and the orgasm stretched out, bringing forth a higher sensation of pleasure. His hips moved as he kept her still, her hands gripped the grass as her pants were joined by moans. He kept moving, sliding deeper, harder inside her. She looked up, and his eyes glowed gold. Sharp canine teeth nipped her knee as he rolled his hips in a circle, stroking her inside out. She hissed and clenched him tighter, he growled teeth sinking into the soft skin aroudn her knee. The sharp pain heightened her pleasure until she came again, her shriek sounding more wolf like by the moment. Ty growled and thrust harder, faster, until his movements were but a blur. Each stoke drawing out her orgasm until finally he joined her again.

Ty pushed her to her stomach, his clawed hands more wolf than man as he pulled her flush to his hips, he sank back within her and she realized he was right. There was no way a few times was enough with him. They were like an inferno that wouldnt stop burning. She cried out and her own wolf like claws gripped the dirt, her back arched, and her shoulders clenched as he moved forward. One hand wrapped to hold her hip, the other sank next to her head, she looked back as he started moving. There was no stoping her noise now, she cried out, snarled, and howled as he continued his assault. His growls joined hers, she lost hersef then, the energy of the earth, and the moon flowed within her. Joyous with their mating. Ty leaned back his claws rubbing where they were joined. Bain let loose a long howl of satisfaction as her next climax brought stars to her eyes, a symphony of sensation Ty gave her. His roar followed, as he spille dhimself once more inside her. He collapsed suddenly and rolled off her, she curled against him as they caught their breath. "I'm not nearly finishe with you." Ty growled.

"I know." She smiled as she gathered her wits about her. "Overwhelmed yet?" She asked.

"Alot, you?" He looked down, his eyes once again blue.

"Completly." She smirked. "Good thing I'm not done with you eh?"

"Watch it Bain, I might take that as a threat." He smirked as his slack erection already started growing again. She felt her body beg for it. She looked up and he grinned.

"Oh it is Ty." She smirked, he growled as he pulled himself up and picked her up to carry to the boulder in the cliffside.

"Well then, challenge accepted." He growled to her.


Ty stirred from slumber as he felt Bain move, she was sitting up, streatching, the sun glowed overhead, the morning mist chilling the air. He lifted a hand and trailed it up her back. She looked back amused. "Awake?" She asked.

"Absolutly." He smirked at her. She leaned down and kissed him.

"So, if we did this alot, why havent I ever gotten pregant?" She asked.

"Who knows?" He blinked wondering why he hadnt even considered that in all their years together. "I suspect theres a ceremony involved. You are a mystic wolf, the usual rules of mating dont apply."

"Ah, well, perhaps Missy will know." She smiled. "Lets go get cleaned up, I'm covered in mud and other things."

"I think you look wonderful." Ty smiled as she swatted his chest. He sat up as well and pulled his necklace off his wrist to replace it on his neck. He stood and stretched as he started to change shape. By the time he was done Bain was already in her wold form, she turned and started her jog into the woods. He followed her farther down into the mountainside. They raced and played as they searched for the river. Once there he changed back and scooped her up in human form. Her squeal of laughter followed as they dropped into the cool water of the river. She laughed and he joined her in the merriment. Suddenly she stopped as she heard something, he watched her change shape and duckinto a mineral deposit, the water was warmer here, and he ducked with her. As he heard what she did a cold sweat broke out on his skin.

"They have to be in these woods somewhere." Claires voice filtered out from the woods across the river.

"We cannot find anything like this, their scent is all over the woods, old, new, moderate scents." A male voice filtered out. Suddenly he was making choking noises.

"Do you question me?" Claire demanded. "You will find them if you value your lives."

The sound of men rushing was followed by Claires easy footsteps. Ty looked at Bain, his hands buried in her fur, she looked at him. He crouched and changed shape again, they needed to get back to camp in a complicated way, then pack up and leave. She nodded to him as if she understood his thoughts already. Ty nodded back and they took off back to camp.


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