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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty stood on the edge of their new camp, since the demon attack they had shifted twice into a different patch of woods two states over. He was sure these woods had a name but for the life of him he couldnt place it. He listened to the forest, as a normal way of doing it he didnt feel the forest he instead listened to the animals, the insects. All told him things were fine. He turned when he heard the dirt shuffle, he saw Missy padding over, then Bain behind her. She must have shifted on her hown, she looked rather pleased with herself. "Let's go for a run Ty." Missy nudged his leg with her muzzle. He nodded, over the past two weeks he and Missy had developed a routine for keeping Bain in her wolf form and out of it. She went on runs with Ty, and walked in human form with Missy. They taught her things she couldnt remember, things that the new ages would be beneficial to learn. Alot of it she didnt know even when she was whole. But ty saw the progress, she was remembering bits and peices of her memory, she remembered him alot, their matings, even her own solitary moments. She was getting alot back, but so much was still in the dark.

Ty stripped and crouched in the forest leaves, his change rippled through him like a familiar rough caress. His skin burned as fur sprouted, his eyes closed as his bones broke and reknitted as a wolfs. He growled as the last few moments snapped his spine into a different direction. He shook his head and swished his tail, Missy leapt forward and nipped him, she bolted off with Bain right at her side. He huffed, so he was "It" huh?

Ty bound forward, his paws taking him after the women, bain swerved off his path into a thicer brush, but Missy was still on the path, he chased her. As he made to nip her back, Bain barreled into him throwing him off and urging Missy on. He growled, little cheat! He chased them again, this time looking for their little side tricks. Finnaly he had a mouthful of Missy's tail her annoyed form pinned. Bain looked at them mirth in her eyes.

He leapt over Missy and hustled Bain into the forest. As they did Bain let out a joy fileld howl. He laughed in his mind as they swerved complicated paths into the forest, Missy trailing behind, finally she dropped off alltogether. Did she decide she was done? He looked over to see them on a cliff, boulders littered the patch of green grass. Bain stepped past him, her skin glowing with sweat from the run. She lifted her arms and flopped into the grass, he stilled and looked down, forcing his body through another transformation. He stood up after he finished and panted, he stretched to relax his human muscles. He sat and Bain looked up from her place in the grass. "So tell me, this forest looks alot like our homeland doesnt it?" She smiled.

"A little." He smiled back at her. "Where we lived, the cliffs were white from the sea salt, and the grass grew on everything, even on the roofs of the houses of our village."

"I remember that." She breathed, she closed her eyes and he saw how beautiful she was under the half moon. Her skin seemed to glow like she was dusted with moon glitter. Her hair shone like onyx and diamonds. He looked away sharply and down at his cock, solid with desire. He could probably cut wood with it. "I remember a field." She stopped her face scrunching in concentration. "Flowers, wild and lilacs."

"Ah." Ty smiled at that memory. "I remember that field very well, we first met there."

Bain's eyes flew open, they widened as she rolled over, he lifted a leg to cover himself. "Really?"

"Yes, you were getting flowers for your mother. I was passing through from another town, and I saw you. I saw your hair, so you ran. I had a hard time trying to find you in the woods, so I gave up." He remembered it so vividly. She'd been crouched over, he'd thought the silver to be a shawl until she stood up and the wind whipped it back from her face spider thred. Then she turned and saw him, the blissful joy on her face vanished in a mask of fear. She ran, he'd run after her intent on proving he wasnt trying to hurt her. But she'd lost him in the woods, it wasnt until a week later that he saw her in the town surrounded by forest, his birthplace. She was a maid in the lords keep. He'd noticed her almost immediatly. Only her hair had been tied with a purple cloth to hide it. He'd been struck by her in the field, but he was absolutly in love by the moment he'd memorised every feature of her face, her dress, her frame. Ty hissed as desire sang though him again.

"I remember you found me again, followed and made a point to visit me everyday until I became used to your presence." She smiled. "I didnt like you all that much."

"I was in love at first sight, seenig you the second time solidified my desire to know you." He smiled.

"Persistant." Bain laughed.

"Dont give me that tone woman!" he leapt over tickling her as she giggled in a fight to thow him off. "You were far more persistant when you let yourself be."

He stopped as he saw them, his body poised over hers as she laid in the grass beneath him, he flushed as he remembered they were completly naked from the change. He reached up and touched her face. Goddess above he was on fire, she was a drug. Something centuries apart had done nothing to cure, he needed her to breathe. So tantilizingly close, all he had to do was close the distance between them and they would tumble headlong into bliss.

Ty jerked up abruptly, silencing his thoughts and rubbing a hand across his jaw as he let out a few ragged breaths. He wanted to touch her, love her again. Yet all that went through his mind was his betrayal. The look on her face when she'd learned the truth. Bain slid her hands across his back, he looked back to her. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"This is the first time in centuries I've been so close to you." He breathed. "So painfully close, all I want to do is feel you. But all I can think about is what I did to you."

"I'm scared too." She breathed. "Of being with you."

"I'm scared to betray you." He growled. "I'm sorry."

"No, that snot why I'm scared." She smiled at him. He saw the hunger and heat burn into her blue eyes, lighting them with just small hints of gold. "I'm afraid of bein overwhelmed by this, by you. But in my memories you are the only man I've been with. Was it always like that? If I'm this over whelmed are you?"

"Bain, I was your first, as you were mine, we were young together." He touched her face again, godess she felt so good. " In the centuires you've been asleep I have never taken another lover. You never did either, though I wondered why not."

"Ty." Bain slid to her knees and touched his face drawing him closer until she straddled his legs. "Let's be overwhelmed together." His heart skipped as he watched her, his eyes wide, she was flushing madly. He lifted his hand to cover the back of her neck, bringing her in for a kiss. She moaned into his mouth and he growled. He leaned back and took off his necklace, as he tied it to his wrist and hid the jewel against the chain he pulled her flush against his chest.

"You've got it, love." he growled.


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