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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain looked out at London as they crossed the London Bridge. Her mind was a whirlwind of doubts. She hated Claire, to the core of her being. For what she took from Bain, for the pain and suffering her family had to endure. She rubbed her face as she went to that conversation a few days ago with Desmond. Right outside Dru's safe haven as they were leaving. Claire was the woman he loved, who was taken from him. She felt his raw determination, and his fear. She wanted to understand, she wanted to help him get her back. But she didnt think she could bring herself to do so.

She looked into the car, seeing Blaeze and Dru leaning into eachother as she looked out into the sunlight in delight. Bain smiled happily for her. Ty was next to her, similarly consumed by his thoughts. Desmond was talking on his phone again, arguing about when someone would be able to join them. She sat forward and all eyes turned to her. "Desmond." She said, he flicked the phone shut and her eyes narrowed. "I want to know about Claire."

"Ah," He rubbed his face and took his glasses off. "Claire was a powerful sorceress when I met her. She didnt know anythign about her magic, and as she helped me heal a woundmy magic wouldnt let me heal, I taught her to use magic. She was so sweet, young, innocent. I fell for her instantly. But I refused to make her my lover, she was barely fifteen then. So I stayed, and we built our love brick by brick. Until one day Bastian learned of her powers. He was a magical enthusist. And he was jealous of her powers."

"That seems right." Ty grumbled.

"Yes, so he had her attacked, and stole her eyes." Desmond said.

"Her eyes?" Dru asked.

"Sorcerers learn with their eyes. What magic they have is stored there, as well as their hearts. He had a man attack her as she was returning from the market and he gouged her eyes out and took them to Bastian. He then approached me in the town and begged me to save her. That she was hurt and only I a Blood Warlock could do it. I had no idea he called the attack himself until much later. Seeing her in shock, trembling on her bed as she flinched from me. I gave her my own eyes. As a Blood Warlock my magic comes from my blood, but she experienced a major power influx when I gave her my eyes." Desmond explained. "She could see again, and I hunted down the man that attacked her. I took his eyes for myself and let my snakes eat him."

"So it's your green eyes in her head?" Ty asked.

"Yes, Bastian ate Claires so she will forever be seperated from the magic that was taken from her." Desmond explained. "After I helped her to control her magic again. We grew closer again, and a mental connection was established between us. I always know where she is, and she always knows where I am. Or at least she did. Before she was turned into a werewolf."

"Then what happened?" Bain asked, " Was she still herself, how did she become the Claire we know today?"

"Bastian had her power inside him, and he began to use it. But since it wasnt his own it came with a price, he was losing what little sanity he had. His life span was beginning to wane. So he researched and researched until he discovered certain demons could grant wishes. He summoned one by killing his wife and begging for immortality." Desmond sighed. "The demon said that he could have eternal life so long as the demon had a body to live in. He offered it Claire. It wouldnt have wanted her if she was in possession of her own power. As it was her power was now an extension of mine. And it took her without a second thought."

"A demon lives inside Claire?" Blaeze snorted. "She doesnt smell of demon."

"No, one inside a human wouldnt. It took over her and became her. The Claire I knew was buried and I havent seen my Claire since." Desmond sighed. "At the time Bastian was trying to get me to work for him, and I refused. Until he came forward and showed me his new daughter. I was horrified to see her gone in my own green eyes. I grew to love seeing her emotions in my eyes. Now all I saw was madness and dark pleasure. This was before they went to Ireland. He used Claire and I went into his service willingly to try and see if I could tear the demon from her. I didnt have a chance until you Bain."

"Me?" Bain asked her eyes wide. "What did I do?"

"In a fit of Anger you entered a third soul into Claire. Claire, the Demon, and her Wolf." Desmond said. "It amped up the madness, made her demon weaker. She began to need demons to do her bidding, the wolf was too great, just like Tyrian's is."

"Your wolf is too much for you?" Bain asked. Ty looked at her then away, he frowned.

"Only sometimes." Ty said. She wracked her mind wondering hwo that could be. He was always in control, until he took off his amulet. But why? She knew the amulet was tied to him, but how. It was how Claire had controlled him, how he had been lost. But how did the amulet tie into it.

"So If I could make the wolf and Claire work together we can tear the demon out and-" Desmond started until Bain gripped her head as sharp pain shot through her. She cried out and whipped to the side. Ty grabbed her arms and she shrieked as fire licked along her brain. Just as she blacked out she heard them shouting her name.


Ireland, Munster Kingdom, Hidden Forest Village, Year: 709

Bain was in the field by the woods that held her home. It was a hot day and her scarf was lying in the grass. She was picking flowers for her mother to use. Blaeze and her father were off hunting for the Dark Woods again. She was intent on her task. Scenting the plants to know what was edible, what was medicinal, and what was poison. She was so wrapped up in her task she didnt hear the footsteps of a human as he passed into the field. But she did notice the rapid heartbeat and scent of something so glorious. She looked up and her eyes fell on a man in travelling gear. His cloak was roughened. His leather leggings tucked into boots. His tunic was black and sheened with sweat. The scent of musk and man hit her like a rock.

His hair was black and from here she could see his clear soft blue eyes. He had a coating of stubble on his jaw. She then realized he was similarly shocked. But his eyes were on her hair. She reached up as if to smooth it. Only her hair curled around her fingers. She wasn't wearing her scarf! She jerked her things up and ran, right into the forest and she whispered to it. Begging it to hide her lest her decide she was a witch. A monster. "Wait!" He called. "Wait!"

She slung herself up into a tree her clawed fingers gripping the branch tight. She glared down as he ran into the area below her. She watched as he caught his breath and huffed. She frowned and glared. He gave up and left the woods, only once she knew he was back int he meadow did she drop down. That was close, perhaps he wouldnt recognize her again, she was far away from him. She decided it was safe. For now at least.


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