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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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She was running, the forest a blur as she searched for Ty. Tonight they weren't obligated to work, as such they had planned to spend the evening under the moon and stars. Bain leapt over a rock her paws digging into the soft earth there as she wound closer to the town. Where was he? Did he want to play hide and seek? Was that it? bain yipped in anticipation and tracked him though the woods, his usual path he took from his small cottage home to the town. He wouldnt risk being see would he? Bain stuck to the forest, she didnt smell a recent change, he was in human form?

Bain huffed and tracked him as he left trails through the forest. She stopped as she came upon the massive stone keep of she worked as a maid in. She'd personally helped decorate the outside courtyard for the ball that was taking place to celebrate Lady Claire's birthday. She and her father Lord Bastian had come here to live, from the main continent to this small island country. Bain despised working here, and she blinked as she caught sight of Ty. Dressed for the ball?! He'd said he wasnt going, because she was a maid they couldnt be seen at such functions together. Bain growled as she saw the woman on his arm. Claire. Her copper hair was piled high atop her head, her cream gown a huge frothy mess. Bain watched in shock as they danced.

How dare he lie to her? For what, to go to a ball with Claire. Sure she'd called on him to make her small metal trinkets, he was a smith. But this was different, to appear at her birthday ball with her... he'd lied to her, betrayed her. For Claire? Was she not enough to satisfy her mate? Bain watched as Claire lifted to her toes, she planted a kiss on Ty, and Bain lost it. She leapt from the forest her fur a silver streak as she launcher herself onto a table then onto Claire. The girl went down with a scream and they tussled, bain snapping on the skirts, her teeth sinking into flesh but not breaking the dress. In her haste to do harm to the little bitch Ty snatched her up by her scruff.

"Run." He ordered. Claire leapt up, shock and fear onher face as she ran to her father. But Bain saw the slow smile on the girls face... what was that whore up to? Bain however came to focus on Ty who had begun to move into the woods, He walked far into it, deep. As they moved, the silence between them wrenched her heart to pieces, she'd been lied to. He'd asked her to meet him in the heart of the forest hours ago, and here he was at a ball without her. Had he grown tired of her already? She'd turned him barely two years ago. She was a fool.

Ty set her down and tossed a dress he'd most likely found in the trees. It was the one she'd worn before her change earlier. "Change." he gowled. Bain did, she dressed and looked back at Ty. She glared darkly and walked away, he started after her but tree chose that moment to drop a barnach in his way, she kept going before she broke out into a full sprint. She kept goign before she came out at the river pool. Here where they had made love numerous times; Bain's sorrow and rage hit her full tilt. She wept and took her wolf form, she climbed up onto a rock and buried her nose in her fur. Why?

She looked up as a man walked out of the trees, it wasnt Ty so she stuck her head back down. He sat next to her and ran his fingers through her fur, she didnt look up, she didnt need to know who it was, his scent told it all.


Bain blinked as the memory faded for her to wake up. What the hell had happened? Ty had cheated with Claire? Was that what he meant when he'd told her he'd done alot of things wrong when it came to her. She sat up as she remembered they had been attacked. Bain froze as she saw a metal shackle tight around her ankle. She hissed as she trid to move it. It just dug in deeper. She looked around, they were in a cave of some sort. It was empty, the smell of sand and dirt, and mold all she could detect. And something rotting. She looked around and tugged on the chain. It was attatched to something heavy.

The chain was yanked from her as it was suddenly pulling her painfully into the light illuminating the center of the chamber. She looekd around as the skimpt moonlight glowed down on her. She looekd around for her attacker, she couldnt hear anything, see anything. What the hell? She jumped when she saw it, a hulking reptilian looking man, his scaled face was scary beautiful, his red eyes bore into her as he slithered closer. "Where is it?" He demanded, a lilt to his voice Bain knew but couldnt place. What the fuck was going on?

"Who are you?" Bain demanded.

"Give me the amulet wolf." It snapped coming close enough to grab at her amulet. Bain lifted her leg and kicked him square in the side of the head.

"I dont think so!" She hissed. She rolled to her feet ready to defend herself, but the monster lifted the chain and yanked her back down to the ground.

"You'll pay for that little princess, shall I taste your flesh, hear your dying cries?" It teased crawling over top of her, his human shape melting slowly away. She cursed as she felt something obvious and horifying graze her hip. "Mistress told me not to kill you, shall I break you before your mate comes?"

He cackled as fear slid into Bain like ice. She struggled as a long slimy tongue traced her neck then her cheek. She called to the earth around her. Change! Change me please! Oh Gods Change me!

Bain leapt up in wolf form the shackle falling away as she put distance between her and Mr. Psycho-Monster. He stalked her and she turned tail and ran; as she did she looked back to check her progress and ran straight into a huge black mas of monster. She jerked back as she saw the hulking wolf on wto legs, he was huge. All muscles and sinew. His massive muzzle traced down to her and she saw the blue eyes of Ty. She was filled with relief and fear at the same time. He turned his head sharply back up and walked past her, his stride as easy as it was in human form. Save he looked like a huge werewolf, on two legs!

"Bain, are you okay?" Missy trotted up. Bain ducked her head and looked back to see Ty engaged with the monster. He roared his huge jaws opening over massive canines and sharpened teeth. He was tearing the reptile apart, and as he ducked under a swing of a massive scaled arm he latched those jaws on the monsters neck. Ty shook his head and the head severed. Bain darked forward as he let the body fall.

She yipped and he looked down, his blue eyes streaked golden with his beast. She was afraid, btu this was Ty, her Ty. Whatever happened in her memory didnt necessarily mean anything now. He knelt skimming claws and his rose along her searchign for injury. It was nice to know he was shaken up, she was too. "Who sent a demon here?" Missy asked and looked over annoyed. "Oh right you two cant talk. Let's get back to camp, we'll talk there."


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