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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Blaeze moved down the tunnels with purpose. He really wanted to shive his fist down Victors throat. It would please him immensely to do so. Dru was a silent force next to him. He felt the claws on her fingers bite into his hand. She wasnt used to having a secondary shape, her emotions were a contributing factor to her shifts. She looked up at him and stilled, she tugged him to a stop. "Wait." she looked forward and her eyes glazed over with a slight sheen. She was partially blind when she was shifted. Her hearing had been amplified ten thousand times greater than a humans. Half of that was basic vampire hearing. "Shit."

"What is it?" He asked, then his own hearing picked up on the sound. Heels, and the swish of a skirt. He looked at her to see her eyes glowing bright red. Her apprehension seemed to vnaish instantly.

"Arissa." She grinned and stood up straighter. "Time to play!" She sang to the air and laughed. Dru jogged forward, her heels clicking on the stone. He followed, his senses spreading out to encompass the area. She looked at him and he felt her mind merge with his. "Let me handle her, she's nothing."

"She killed you the last time." Blaeze remarked.

"I wont die this time," She looked up and her eyes glowed as her mind melded with his. "I swear I will never leave you again."

She ducked into an area where the sewer dropped below. There was an iron walk way that led across to another pipe, and into a circular scaffold. Dru looked it over just as giggling echoed. "Little Rissa, are you hiding from me?" Dru sang out, "Because I will tear your heart out for shooting me and leaving me to die."

Arissa appeared from the other pipe. A bite mark was fresh on her neck, trickling blood. Dru remembered when Arissa and Alanna had been so new and exciting. Friendly at first before they became monsters. Dru wanted to know what Arissa and her sister could have been like before Victor got his fangs into them. They were corrupted by his influence. Arissa smiled darkly and pointed at Dru. "After this Victor will be mine forever!"

Dru lunged, her speed bringing her right up to her enemy. Arissa's fist flew up and Dru dodged it, her head slipping to the side. She returned the strike with one of her own. The fist connected with Arissa's jaw and she jumped back. Scrambling to find purchase on the walkway. Dru felt Bain in her mind, the impression of her leaving Alanna tied up but alive told Dru what she should do. She smiled as she lunged for Arissa taking her weapons in two swift movements. Arissa jerked away with a hiss as she swiped out with her sharpened nails.

Dru leaned back and grinned as all of her teeth sharpened. She adjusted her dress and her body morphed with change. It hurt but it was a momentary pain. Like her spine cracking as it realigned itself. Her arms grew and slammed against the walls as her wings grew. She leaned over Arissa her eyes seeing the outline of her. She could see her, but the sounds of Arissa's heart beginning to beat in fear. She allowed the vocal cords in her throat to change back to human. The sound that came out was a dark deep version of her voice. "I will let you live, if you take your twin and run. Never return or look back. You wont ever see me, but I can hunt you, I can kill you. It's up to you to decide who is scarier, Victor or me."

With that Dru let a loud hissing skreech bellow from her throat at Arissa who huddled in fear as she stared in terror. Dru returned to her human shape. The dress was in tatters, and she mourned its loss. Arissa however was a quivering mess on the ground. Blaeze walked over and dropped his jacket on her shoulders. "You let her live." Blaeze said and flashed his red gaze over to he sobbing vampire.

"I showed her what fear is." Dru said and looked at him. She touched his face and leaned into his body. His strong arms wrapped around her and she voiced what she was feeling "I've been consumed by my fear and my hate for Victor. Now that you and your family have showed me what it is like to live again. I'm not afraid anymore. I can face him and I know we can win."

"Dru-" He said and looked down. She saw the raw emotion on his face and she gasped. Her ears straining to pick up what he was going to say next. Her heart aching for it. She wanted him to say it, that little cluster of words that would seal them together forever.

That was until she heard an explosion. She jerked back and Blaeze growled. They ran forward, and Blaeze lifted her in one smooth move. Her bare feet off the ground and they moved faster. What was before her sent horror through her veins. Followed by the fire of fury.

Victor stood around the drained bodies of the vampires who had been fool enough to follow him down here. She saw the plastic tubing that was connected to the elders chambers and she knew that was where they were. The tubes were covered in grime and the remains had poured into aa gold bowl. It was empty and dirty. She smelled the filth and disgust of a gluttonous leech. She lept down from Blaezes arms and he growled as fire started to circle the ground.

Right as that happened Bain and Ty tore from the other tunnel in monster wolf form. They rushed Victor and started fighting with violent slashes and confusing movements only they could interperate. Blaeze moved forward as if to help and Dru grabbed his arm. "No, not yet." She urged. She felt down in her core that Bain and Ty were alright. Their feelings washed through her and she kept her iron grip on Blaeze's arm.

Ty was thrown back first and Dru let Blaeze go her body shifting just enough for her to shoot a long wing out to stop his fall. The fighting stilled as Bain was thrown to the side as well. Blaeze caught her and she was holding her side as blood poured form a wound to her ribs. Dru bared her fangds at Victor as his eyes traced over her shifted arm. "Drucilla, consorting with monsters has made you one." He purred as he walked towards her. Ty surged up and wrapped a muscular arm around her to scoot her behind him. As he did she let the change start again.

"The only monster here is you." She rolled over Ty and surged forward. Her long arms swiping out at him. He ducked as shock colored his features. As he moved to the side she noticed Blaeze had covered the side, and Bain on the other side. Caging him in. She skreeched and rushed him Ty at her side. As she hit Victor and sank her claws into him. He turned and they crashed into the wall. It crumbled under her weight and carried them right into the Elders necropolis. She flun ghim violently away and skreeched. Ty and Blaeze flanked her as they leapt through the hole. Bain slipped under her in a plain wolf form. Dru slipped her hand close to Bain to protect her as they stared at wher Victor was standing up. Black lines pulsed from his face. As if his veins were filled with ink. He laughed.

"IS this all you have Drucilla?!" Victor laughed. "A pity! We could have had so much more fun together."

She rumbled a growl as Blaeze roared at him. "You've chosen a demon?!" Victor chuckled. "A wolf pack?"

She lunged then, her lumbering steps bringing her right up to him. He shived his fist up and as he did Bain snatched it in her jaws as she ran up as well. Shaking her loose gave Ty his chance to tear at Victors back. Dru reared up and let out a piercing silent shriek thaty pulsed like a sonic scream. Victor rolled to the ground Ty moved away. Dru hovered over Victor and changed shape, as she did she felt Blaeze press her gun into her hand. She looked down at Victor as he writhed and rolled to look up at her. "You hurt my family, killed them all." She growled. "You used me and tarnished the Trellis name. You dont deserve to live in even the deepest pit of hell."

He looked up at her and as he shifted to move hell fire outlined them. Blaeze stood there and glared down at Victor. She shot his shoulder and he screamed out looking at her enraged. "You have hurt me and scard me for so long Victor. It ends now, where is Bastian?" She demanded.

"Bastian? Who's Bastian?" Victor asked. She turned and shot his knee cap, it exploded in a shower of blood and cartilage, his leg was barely together now. She knelt and pointed the gun under his chin making him look her in the eyes.

"I wont ask again." She growled."All I do is smuggle and kill vampires, what makes you think youre different?"

"That Bastian, alright, he's in London, something about a music premier, leading up to the tour through Ireland. It might get cancelled who knows." Victor said and she stood up, she heard them, in the shadows. The Elders, and the vampires who had gone into hibernation. They were all awake. She growled and looked out stepping over the hell fire. With a last withering look Dru shot Victor in the groin.

"He's all your elders." Dru said and looked at Bain and Ty who were in human form pressing on Bain's bloodied side. Blaeze smiled at her then his eyes darkened and she shifted feeling arms around her waist. She twisted seeing Victor as he dragged her down the poison in his veins looking more stark than ever.

As he held her his eyes shifted to Bain as they bled all black, "Is this all you have to muster Bain? A half demon I killed eons ago and a vampire slut?"

"Bastian!" Bain lunged her eyes glowing bright blue in anger.

"Come now child, youre still so weak. Dark wolf, you will obey me. Come to Claire she so misses your company." Victor snapped fangs into Dru's leg and she cried out, as he started to drink her blood she reached out to Blaeze. Right before her in a cloud of black smoke Desmond Greene appeared. He looked down and kicked Victor square in the head. In one movement he flicked his fingers and pure black fire encompassed his body. He shrieked and screamed but Bastian was gone.

Dru felt the burning in her leg grow and Blaeze caught her as she would have fallen. Desmond cursed foully and knelt next to her. "Desmond!" Blaeze warned violently.

"Easy Demon Hound," Desmond snapped his gold eyes serious as he knelt down. He covered her leg and whispered. The black poison lifted from her like it was a parasite. It snapped at her making a hissing roar as it did. She clutched Blaeze and he tugged her closer. Desmond hissed at the black ink before it was encompassed in black fire.

"Why?" Ty asked. "You dont like us why did you help?"

"Because I need help." Desmond said and She looked up at him, he was an associate yes, but he had a hand in this whole thing. He had helped Blaeze find her. Then he helped them find out about this night. Now he had helped her escape what ever evil that poison had in store for her. What was his agenda. "Bastian is in London now, preparing Claire for a musical debut. It will lead her right to Ireland. I want in."

"You want in?" Bain asked. "No one just gets to go after him he took something precious from me and I sacrificed everything to preserve what I could. I lost everything because of that bastard."

"Then you can relate to me Bain, he took everything from me too." Desmond said and knelt before her. "I stand here begging you Mystic Wolf Bain, let me join you and kill Bastian."

Dru looked at Bain as she gaped at him. Ty's grip tightened on her shoulder and Bain tipped her head to the side. "What did he take from you?"

"The loveof my life, the only woman who ever meant anything to me. He ruined her." Desmond looked up and Dru gasped seeing the hard shell of sarcasm and sassiness of Desmond fall away. He was raw and pained as he looked at Bain. "I need your help if I am ever going to get her back."

"Alright." Bain said and tilted her head to the side to look at Dru and Blaeze. In one swift moment they felt him inside their minds. A darker prescence. But a strong one that fit in alongsid her own. The 'others' of the pack, but still one of theirs. Dru settled against Blaeze and looked up. Her nightmare was over, but his still remained. She would be there for him.

"Blaeze," She said, he looked down at her and she smiled warmly. "I love you."


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