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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain shook as she sobbed. Naked in the snow she should be cold, but her sorrow and Ty's arms kept her semi warm. Blaeze had created an inferno around himself and Dru. She dared not approach, his ragged screams and sobs kept her rooted where she was. She blamed herself, she wasnt good enough to heal Dru. She looked up at the sky. "Please." She begged. "Please mother goddess!"

"Calm yourself child." A male voice made her jerk around, Ty growled, his human face straining with slight change. A man swathed in black stood in the shadows of a tree. His hood was dark but underneath skin the color of pristine stars lay. eyes of deep blue watched her as he approached. She saw nothing but the long silken cloak that covered him. He walked past her and Ty towards the fire. It parted instantly. Bain got a glimpse of Blaeze. Black lines dripped from his eyes, the whites of his eyes stained red where his iris' were black. Long sharp teeth jutted from his mouth. Red hot manacles were wrapped around his wrists, the chains around his forearms before they trailed down to the ground.

The man in black sank to his knees next to Blaeze and Dru. The fire went out instantly and Blaeze's power was thrust inside him so hard he grunted. Bain ran over and Ty followed. "Who are you?"

"I am Nocte Deus, the male counterpart of Luna Dea." He said. "You asked the wrong god to save her."

"What?" Ty asked.

"I am not the moon goddess," The man snapped and growled at Blaeze who looked up in raw emotional turmoil. Bain's heart ached for her brother. "Vampires dont belong to the Moon Goddess, they are dead. Death and evil belong to me."

"The night god." Bain breathed. "The Goddess' lover."

"If you could call us that now, Sol keeps us apart by shining his light upon her domain. I can only see her on the days of the New Moon." He breathed. "I know the pain of losing your woman to fate. Demon, I am half your god, know this well. I only grant gifts to those who deserve it. Honor your blood, remember I am where you come from."

With that he placed his hand on Dru's wound and before their eyes she healed, then her body changed again. Slowly, like Ty's change Dru morphed into a monsterous creature. She looked very much like a huge fruit bat, her hands were tipped with claws, but from her ring finger to her pinky the fingers grew out into massive wing bones that held wings. Her ears were huge, and she was pure black. A small onyx stone fit into her ear and from it a pair of silver chains dangled. Her eyes opened and they stared down at her in shock. Bain jerked her eyes from Dru reborn to the Night God. Only he was gone.

Dru stood up and her eyes shot to Blaeze. He gasped and touched his head. She looked up and got to her feet. Clawed toes lifted and she looked like a massive gargoyle. She rushed forward and her arms gave a powerful heave. Bain watched as she shot through the trees into the sky. A loud skreech filled the sky and she was airborn. Blaeze shifted shape fire shot around his paws as he used his powers to fly into the sky. Bain changed shape and waited on Ty. She filled her mind with the link to Dru and they shot out on foot to follow. Elatioin filled her, Dru had survived.


Dru was flying, her arms moving with powerful purpose. She was clueless as to how she was doing it but she didnt care. She had survived. She had lived. How had this happed. "Dru!" Blaeze's voice filled her mind.

"Blaeze?" She looked back to see his huge wolf shape running in the air. As if he were on the ground. She swirled in the air. A skreech filled her chest and she let it loose looking up into the starry sky. Blaeze let out a loud booming howl and two small ones followed from the ground. She was excited, her chest filled with chilled air, but her hunger was back in full force.

She closed her eyes and she could hear it in the forest. The deer herd. Insitinct drove her and she soared higher in the air before she dove down, her senses picked out the largest one and she descended on it. Her fangs set into it's neck and she groaned at the taste of life blood. Blaeze touched down near her and he stood there waiting. She heard Bain and Ty enter the area and she finished the blood before she shot back into the air after the rest of the herd. Three more times she fell a deer and drank it dry. Until she finally landed in the first clearing where Bain and Ty and Blaeze waited. She set down a deer she hadnt fed from and keened softly.

Bain came forward and rubbed herself along Dru's side. Ty followed suit and Blaeze who was actually her size rubbed his muzzle along hers. She felt their minds entwine with hers and she could hear their thoughts. "I can hear you." She gasped.

"Dru?"Ty asked.

"Holy shit, I can hear all of you." Bain exclaimed mentally. She sat back and yipepd happily. "I could only feel before, this is glorious."

"How am I doing this?" Dru asked lifting her arm and the membrane that was the wing. It ran all along her side and down to her knee.

"The night god came and saved you." Bain explained.

"The Night God?" Dru tipped her head to the side.

"He heard our cries." Blaeze said and looked up. "It would seem we have more than just the Moon Goddess to be thankful for."

"I agree." Ty said and rolled onto his side. Blaeze grew in size once more and settled on the ground. Dru settled against his side and under her wings Bain and Ty curled up with them.

"Guys?" Dru started and looked up."How do I get back to human shape?"

Only their chuckling filled her mind before exhaustion filled her veins and they all settled for a nap.


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