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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty stretched as they left the tunnel leading to the elder chamber. Outside Dru lifted a phone to her ear and called for the human caretakers. As she finished and hung up Ty's ears pricked, he heard footsteps. The crunch of snow and the rush of wind. Something was coming this way, and it wasnt a human. He started to shift and Bain whipped around to look at him as he grunted. He stood on two legs and watched as Blaeze snarled and morphed into his wolf shape. Dru looked at him as he slowly started to grow until he was as tall as her in the shoulders. Fire blazed over his fur before it melted a circle around him. Ty stepped infront of Bain and stood next to Blaeze. "Drucilla..." A voice whispered.

Dru hissed and drew her gun and bared her fangs. "Drucilla..."

"Come out you bastard, lets end this now!" She shouted. Blaeze punctuated her demand with a roar. His teeth shined as fire built from his chest. Ty felt Bain's clawed hand cover his bicep and he looked at her. She had changed into her werewolf shape as well. She pressed her back to his and they waited. Senses working to seek the owner of the voice.

Bain shifted around Ty and she slashed out at the ground, it shifted and the forest groaned. She tipped her head back and howled. Ty bared his fangs as he saw three blurs rush forward. Blaeze lunged at the closest figure and Ty snatched a man out of the air. Dru leapt at the third, she tumbled into the snow with a woman and Ty growled at the man he held. All black hair, and silky shirt. Ty's claws dug in and he flung the vampire into a tree. He got up and laughed.

"So this is what you've brought home." A voice from above drew their attention. Bain leapt onto his shoulder and Ty flung her into the tree. The fighting stopped as the other vampire got away from Blaeze. Bain was flung from the tree and Ty scrambled to catch her. Another male vampire dropped from the trees, his hair was slicked back, his eyes a ruddy red color. Dru jerked up and bared her fangs.

She rushed forward and slugged the vampire hard in the face, he went to move back as she swept at him with a knife but she was stopped by two women sliding from behind him. Alanna and another woman who looked just like her. Arissa. Ty snarled as he helped Bain stand. Blaeze stalked forward and a rumble started from his chest. Dru got up and was prompty shot in the stomach. Arissa grinned happily. "Little Cilla, come home to be killed." She giggled.

"Ris." Victor smirked. "Drucilla my love, come home."

"Never." Dru hissed. Blaeze stepped between her and the other vampires, helping her up by allowing her to grip his fur. Ty and Bain moved to where she was and stood around their wounded pack member. "You fed on the elders, killed two of them, you've sealed your fate."

"How do you know it was me love?" He grinned and nudged Alanna, she just looked wary.

"Your eyes fool, feed on age and your eyes turn dull." Dru coughed up blood and glared. "Forever."

Victor growled, "I could have taken you back in, but youve woken them up." Victor snarled and waved at Arissa. She lifted the gun again but Bain held Dru and Blaeze surged forward snapping his jaws on the weapon. He tore it away as well as her arm and he snarled before lunging for Victor. His other vampires surged around him like a protective barriar. Then they vanished.

"You wont make it to town, and you cant feed on demon or wolf, how will you survive?" Victor's haunting voice rang around them before Dru collapsed. Ty forced his transformation as Bain curled around her. Blaeze jumped back to human shape. They moved to her side and she looked up.


"I wasnt strong enough." She coughed and Blaeze's warm hand curled around her own. She felt his warmth sink into her, and she wondered if she had ever actually been warm before.

"He surprised us." Ty said as he pressed Bain's clothes to her wound, trying to hold in as much of the blood as possible. It wasnt enough, she'd never make it to town to feed. The prescence of the vampires would have run off any animal in a five mile radius. She was going to bleed to death.

"I-I'm sorry." Dru said reaching up to Bain's muzzle. "I wanted to come with you..."

Bain snarled and touched Dru with intent. Dru felt the magic wrap around her but fall away instantly. "It only works on the living." Dru smiled, "I was born dead."

"Dru, it's okay, I'll go find some blood okay." Blaeze touched her face and she shook her head.

"They ran all the animals off. If you cant find his lair, follow the tubing in the stone wall, it will lead to him." She paused to cough again as her insides cramped with pain and the lack of blood. "He will have a lead on your Bastian."

Bain leaned her head down ad Blaeze collapsed in the snow by her hand. "Hey, its alright hot stuff." She brushed her icy fingers against his wrist. "You made everything better, I dont regret meeting you any of you."

"Dru-" He looked up and growled. "A vampire is night and moon sworn too! Please Goddess, dont take my mate from me! Please!"

Bain threw her head back and howled as well. Dru smiled and closed her eyes as a wave of exhaustion rolled over her. Ty tried to keep the pressure up, but she felt it. The Icy chill of death. She had met them, she had felt life. She felt alive with them for the few days she had known them. Blaeze had made her remember what it was like to love. To be touched without the taint of dishonesty. She just wished she could have given them the information and followed them to Ireland.


Blaeze crouched over Dru as her hand fell away, his eyes dark and his hair bleeding black. Bain shot up as Ty yanked her small wolf form away. He felt the fire roiling inside him as he felt her link fade form his mind. He roared to the sky as hell fire poured from his hands and feet. None of it touched Dru, it danced over her prone body. She had died, his mate had died just as he found her. He felt the coil of darkness as it blanked his mind. He lifted his head and roared vengence and hate to the sky. he didnt shift, he didnt have to. The chains of hell wrapped around his arms, massive white hot manacles wrapped around his wrists. He looked up to see Bain in human form watching him. Her eyes ran with tears.

The sorrow that leaked into him made him sink to his knees in the fire, he lifted Dru with his clawed hands. The fire still didnt touch her, she laid in his arms still and cold. He felt the tears fall and he pressed his face to hers. "Come back." he breathed. "Come back!"


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