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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Dru woke at dusk angry, her body was waking slowly, as if it wanted to drag with slumber. She knew why, it wanted to revel in the night she'd had wrapped and writhing in a Demon Hounds arms. Emotionally she wanted to remain there, physically she wanted to beg for more. But mentally she forced herself to remain calm. Tonight she needed to go to the catacombs, and stop Victor from feeding from the elders. Asleep they were defenseless. And who knew what damage had been done to them. They couldnt survive a bleed out in hibernation. If he was doing it the human gaurdians knew nothing. The underworld did and the vampires had done nothing to protect their elders. Dru was angry, she was angry with her people, with Victor, and above all else, herself. She ran like a coward.

After a shower she dressed and moved above. She found Blaeze and his pack in the kitchen, Bain was sitting on the counter as Ty and Blaeze growled at each other over a plate of bacon. She however moved to the locked fridge and punched in a code. It unlocked showing her an array of blood. "Dru?" Bain called. Her dour mood lifted instantly at Bain's voice. "How much blood do you actually consume, I'm not sure if I've ever met a vampire before you."

"Normal beings have a little over a gallon of blood in their bodies. Vampires require at least that to maintain our immortality, another gallon to maintain our appearance, another to quench our hunger. I begin my day with half a gallon, I need a couple of pints before I go to sleep. I house atleast two gallons inside me at any given time. But I do use it so it is beneficial I feed every day so my body uses the blood effectively. Unless I am injured, then I will need to feed immediatly. Or I will become a blood thirsty monster that seeks nourishment." Dru explained. "I dont always need to drink human blood, some of the substitues in recent years have been decent."

"What of animal blood?" Ty asked as he munched on bacon. Blaeze was watching her amused. She flushed under his gaze.

"I've hunted animal before, It gets me by. I do need Human blood at least once a month if I live off of other kinds of blood." She waved to herself. "I prefer human, but I can survive otherwise."

She didnt know why it was important she let them know this. She planned on leaving with them, but if need be she could hunt away from them, there werent hidden towns in Ireland anymore, but the human populace had flourished. She forced her mind back to the point of her evening. "Were going to have to put hunting Alanna aside until I can get to Castle Kennedy and check on the elders."

"Where's that?" Bain asked. Ty walked over to her and Blaeze continued to eat, even as their ryes connected again. Heat soared inside Dru. She tore the top off of the blood bag in her hand and set the other one down. She poured it's contents in a glass. As she sipped she pointed south.

"It's about two miles that way." She said.

"Good! We need to hunt anyways, we've run the grounds and the perimeter of the town." Bain said. "But right now I running down a deer would be great."

Dru smiled, "Last I heard the muntjac deer were a nuisance, feel free to cull some of the population. Theyre small though." She said and frowned as she realized, the few days they ahd been together she hadnt seen their wolf shapes. "It's only a two mile run there."

"But it doesnt have to be two miles back." Blaeze grinned and looked up. "I need to hunt some demon myself."

"Alright then, off we go." Dru downed the rest of her glass and lifted the bag to her mouth where her fangs peirced it, she drank deep of it as they moved to the outer room. She finsihed the blood when Blaeze approached with her coat.

"I got voted to carry the bag." He smiled. She wiped her mouth and smiled back at him. "I'm sorry about the elders."

"I know, perhaps I can save some of them tonight." She looked down and rubbed her neck. "The last time I saw one of my elders I ran. I was a coward."

"I doubt you were a coward." Blaeze wrapped his arms around her. "I think, you were young, you ran because you realized you were tricked. Now you have a chance to pay that bastard back. I'll watch your back."

"Thank you." She leaned up and melted into a soft passionate kiss. "I'll watch yours too."


Blaeze was thrilled with how well things were going with Dru. She opened up slowly, like a moon flower, but when she bloomed, it was an amazing sight. A vampiress who could hate so deeply, he knew she loved even deeper. She was covered in a long leather coat that fit to her like a second skin. She slid her scarf around her head and he smiled at her. After she fit a hat onher head she turned, Bain and Ty walked from the study in wolf shapes. Blaeze gathered their clothes and shoes to fit in the backpack. He shrugged it on over his leather coat and materialized a hat on his head.

Dru looked Bain and Ty over, before she walked to Bain. Her hands slid through his sisters ruff and he watched Bain's soft blue eyes close as she allowed the contact. His heart thumped with Bain's comfort, her soul projecting her relaxation at them. Ty looked up at him, his blue eyes edged with gold. It was becoming the norm for him. That strange color. Somedays it was blue with his own mind, but gold with his inner wolf's mind. He wondered if there was a way that could seperate the two, or at least blend them together. He shook his head. A thought for later. Dru leaned over and touched Ty, he looked up at her and bared his teeth in a wolfish smile. She chuckled and stood. "Alright then."

They exited the door and Dru looked at them. "Hope you can keep up." She smiled before she was gone, superspeed throwing her into the trees. He blinked in shock as Bain howled in delight. Bain tore off with Ty on her heels. Blaeze jumped down and closed his eyes connecting with the dark power inside his body. He felt the fire under his skin and shot forward at a blazing speed. His senses whirled with the smells of the wind, the snow, the grass, the loch's all over. He shouted his exhulation as he followed Dru. Her small footprints in the snow were obliterated by his larger foot prints. Bain and Ty surged past him and he saw his sister flick snow at him with her tail as she leapt over Ty. Blaeze laughed and whirled as he moved flinging a wave of snow at them before he jolted forward.

His heart thumped with energy, and he realized this was his favorite part of being pack. Running was felt through the link, and he felt the energy they were passing to one another. Icy air circulated in his lungs but it was a wonderful cold, it told him he was making great time, that the adrenaline was moving powerfully through his body. Running was his favorite part. Running with pack was the best thing. But even his heart tugged at feeling the four other members of their pack, so far away, but so close.


Dru stopped outside the line of the gardens. Blaeze stopped next to her his body thrumming with heat. Bain and Ty crunched up to them and settled to sit for a moments rest. She looked around for the tree that held the hidden entrance. She frowned and walked a few feet away. Getting her bearings. She closed her eyes and inhaled. She smelled Blaeze and his firey smell. Bain's soft foresty scent. Ty's musky wolf smell. Then there, the hint of old, age, and blood. She opened her eyes and she walked to the tree. She looped around and walked to the small dip in the ground where the roots hung down from the ground. She reached in and touched the door, it was wooden, hidden. She smiled with old memories. She opened the door and bent over to crawl in. Blaeze followed and his hand flared up with fire. She saw the old dank dirt corridor. And the top of the huge stone door peeked up from an incline of dirt.

Bain and Ty padded behind her as Blaeze kept pace, she walked to the door and ranher fingers down the dusty surface. It hadnt been disturbed, so Victo hadnt gotten in through here. She brushed a cobweb off the small hole in the center. She rolled her sleeve up and stuck her hand in the hole. Sharp pain stabbed through her wrist as the spikes engaged. She gasped and Blaeze growled, his face contorting in worry. "It's a vampire trap." She said. "Humans wouldnt be able to pass, my blood with activate the powder inside and-"

The spikes removed and she slid her shaking hand out. The puncture marks healed instantly and she bared her fangs at the door. It slid to the side ominously and fire light swung around the cavernous chamber. Rows of coffins lay all over the interior. Up above on a dais lay a circle of eleganty embossed marble coffins. She walked in like she had eons ago with her father. What lay above set her heart racing. In the center was the piled lids of the coffins. Inside lay the wasted away forms of the elders. The sight of them didnt disturb her. It was the tubing that was forced into their ribs, into the hearts underneath. She smelled the aged blood, and the death. Tears welled in ehr eyes as she looked at Elder Victoria. And Elder Henry. They were dead.

The rest were being bled dry. She ran for the side. The cage that held wine bottles, stored blood corked inside. She kicked the cage door open and frantically picked up as many bottles as she could. She set one down by Ty and Bain. "Stay here, I have to wake them." She said. Blaeze took some of the bottles.

She snapped the plastic tubing in the center. And cut off the line that led to a crack in the wall. She upended the bottle and set the tubing inside she held the cork and kept her hands around the lip of the bottle. Blaeze cupped her hands and lifted the bottle. "I've got this, how many bottles?"

"All of them." She said. She jumped up and retrieved her knife from her boot. She cut her arm and moved to the living elders. With a small amount of her blood in each of their mouths she picked up another bottle of blood and poured a part of it on each of the elders haeds and chests. She walked back to Blaeze and helped him get the blood to flow back into the elders hearts. She heard their hearts start to beat again. Picking up in tempo. She smiled as she felt the thumps and stood up to see how the progress was. The skin on the elders looked ot be filling out, they were begining to look healthy once more. She dropped on the ground and sighed.

"Good I could save them." She said, she heard the first elder sit up. Blaeze walked over to her and watched as the first elder stood. Elder Lochlan.

"Drucilla?" He asked as he looked at her.

"Yes, my elder." She nodded, her head bowing.

"You would bring a demon and wolves into our domain?" He asked pointedly.

"Yes, they are my companions, we are seeking Victor." She said, "When I came here, the demons informed Blaeze, that he had managed to break through to the catacombs and was siphoning your blood off."

She pointed to the dead elders and his eyes narrowed darkly. Bain walked over carrying a bottle of blood, she set it on the ground and growled at the vampire elder. "Bain!" Blaeze hissed.

She turned to her brother and rolled her eyes, before she walked back to move bottles of blood to each of the coffins. Ty followed to help and Blaeze helped Dru stand. She faced the elder and stood her ground. "I came to make this right." She said, "Victor's head is mine."

"So be it." He looked around. "What has happened while I was away?"

"Victor ensured the castle fell to ruin, but the human watchers have another castle set up to hide us. Two miles from here, a little between but away from the two loch's." She informed.

"You brought that snake into our home." Lochlan locked at her and she looked down. She did, and her eyes closed angrily. "Bring his head to me."

"I will." She said, "After, I will leave and never return."

"Dru!" Blaeze growled. "You dont have-"

"I do." She looked at him, "This may be my homeland, but this isnt my home. It hasnt been in a long time."

"Go, send some human watchers to me." Lochlan said. "After I wake my fellow elders, we will take lodging elsewhere, hidden from Victor. Until we regain our strength."

"So be it." She said. She grabbed the bottle by Ty and waved to Bain and Ty. They exited the chamber and Dru made the door close. She uncorked the bottle and forced herself to down the whole thing. Bain settled under her free hand and Blaeze slipped a hand around her waist. Ty stood infront of the watching silently. She finished and threw the empty bottle against the wall. "Victor is going to die."


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