Wolfs Bain

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 52,

Bain rolled over, snuggling into the warmth of Ty's body. Her muscles ached from their run in the woods, and other activities. She lifted her head from the nest of blankets only to feel Ty stir and lift his hand up to her neck. "Bain?" He grumbled. 

"I'm fine, just waking up." She rolled over and sat up. Ty's fingers brushed down her back. "I want to scout the town edge today." 

"Want me to wake Blaeze?" Ty asked. She smiled at him and flicked his ear.

"No, he was with Dru all night, let him get a bit more sleep before we wake him." She touched her amulet and smiled happily. "I can feel her, she's angry but sleeping."

"Did somethign happen?" Ty sat up and rubbed her shoulders.

"No they had a wonderful night," Bain smiled as she felt the satisfaction of both of them. "But he must have told her somehting that upset her. Concerning what you told me about Victor and the elder vampires." 

"Ah, yeah I can see that." He stood up then and lifted her to her feet. She smiled and moved to the bathroom attatched to the bedroom. Inside Ty started the shower and she settled on the counter as she closed her eyes to assess what she was feeling from who. Ty was calm, relaxed. Blaeze was out cold, but satisfied. Dru was thrilled about her evening with Blaeze. But she was pset over the elders, that Bain could feel her meant that Blaeze and her were meant to be. She smiled softly and warmly. Then she became aware of other prescences in her mind. She felt two souls entwined together. Distant, and lonely, but together happy. She gasped and forced her mind to be where it was. That was her parents, it had to be!

She lingered around their love, their happiness. But they were lonely, away from them. She felt Ty turn and her brother wake as she surrounded herself with their warmth. She felt another soul, shrouded in darkness, it was sad, desperate. But calm at the same time. who was that? There was another one, walled off from her. She couldnt feel beyond the barriar. And her mind was confused. She had other pack members how was that possible? She hadnt established a pack bond with anyone other than Ty and Blaeze, and through Blaeze Dru. She was thrust from her own mind and she couldnt return to that place inside her. She stood in the bathroom with tears streaming down her face. Blaeze was in the doorway his eyes wide, Ty was at her side holding her up as she let out a happy sob. "I felt them, mama and papa." She gasped. Blaeze surged forward and she touched his face. "I felt them together." 

"I did too, I can still feel their fur agaisnt my skin." He gasped. Ty wrapped his arms around them and they stayed like that for a moment. Naked and basking in the warmth of family. Bain was troubled by the other minds she had felt, and the one she couldnt reach. Was it already predestined who was in her pack?


"She felt us." He said as they walked along the mountain side. She smiled and gripped his hand tighter.

"I know, she's getting stronger." She smiled happily. "It's almost time."

"Were almost there, we'll be with them soon."


He leaned against the window of his flat, hand pressed to his chest as he felt the surge of someone foreign. Someone who gave him relaxation. He was so stunned by the sensation a surge of tears fell from his eyes. "Master?" The voice close to him asked. He wiped his face.

"I'm alright, just felt different for a moment." He stood up and looked at his subordinates. "Well on with it, I want to know how it works, now!"


She rolled over, a single moment of clarity. She reached up her small hand clutching at the fleeting moment of warmth that had swept away the pain, the darkness. She sat up and gasped looking around, where was he? She knew he was looking for her atleast. All she had to do was wait a little longer. The darkness roiled up once more. And her mind was crushed under its weight. She cursed and reached out once more waiting for that brush of warmth to return. She fell back asleep, but the warmth didnt return.

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