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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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They crashed into the lower room of her suite. Dru was wrapped around Blaeze. His hands were moving all over, from her hair, to her ribs, to her hips. They had returned home after speculating about the next move. They were going to try to take Alanna out before Arissa returned. They might hate each other because of Victor, but they didnt want the other to die. After returning to the castle Bain and Ty went out for a run. Left alone Dru couldnt help but start what they had stopped on the roof an hour ago. Now she was trying to climb inside Blaeze. His hands moved down and he pulled away. "Too many clothes." He growled.

She was ecstatic he thought so too. She gripped his shirt and jerked it up. He undid the waist cincher she wore then removed her shirt. His boots and pants ended up in the hall, her own were pooled in the doorway. He pushed her against the wall as she ran her fingers across the corded sculpted muscles of his chest. "Blaeze-" She started as his hand came up and guided her into an intense and slow kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and exhaled sharply as his hands removed her bra and filled his palms with her breasts. Her back arched as he kneaded the sensitive flesh.

He pressed her against him, the feel of hard muscle against her soft skin was intoxicating. He kissed her again and smirked. HIs mouth slipped from hers to her neck. She hissed as she felt overwhelmed by him. Those dangerous fingers wrapped around her and slid down her spine as he sank to his knees before her. She looked down as her fangs descended. His glowing red eyes sank into her as he gripped the small black lace thong she wore and dragged it down her legs. "Goddess above." He swore and leaned forward to the small metal ring in her belly button. "Youre so perfect."

"Think so?"She asked. "You'd be the first."

"I'd change nothing about this moment." He said and leaned forward his sharp teeth nipping her stomach then sinking lower. She lifted her leg and he wrapped an arm around it holding it in place. Her head snapped back when she felt his tongue against her heated core. Seperating her folds and surging inside. She swore loudly and he chuckled. Two fingers probed her slowly, before sinking deep within her. He rubbed in just the right place to make her see stars. He was older than her, she sensed that. He put that age to use right here. Her body quivered as he rubbed her from within and lathed her from outside. he fliched his tongue over her clit and she hissed. She started to feel the heat, the burn of need. At the moment her hips started to roll with his attentions he stood up and as he did he angled his hips intime with his hands lifting her up around him. He surged inside her with a soft thrust and her legs wrapped around him.

Full with him she was dizzy with pleasure. her panting breath fell on his face. He looked shaken by the feel. She was pretty unsteady herself. It was so perfect how he was sitting inside her. No one had ever felt this right, this perfect. "Blaeze." She urged as he claimed her mouth with his again. She was lost in him as he started to move his hips. She gripped him and adjusted to move with him. Their felsh joining in a wet slide of fire and passion. Her eyes glued to his as they breathed eachother in. She tilted her head back and his mouth closed over her neck. Peppering her with kisses. His tongue lathed over to the other side and he stiffened.

She looked at him as his eyes fell on the two puncture marks on her shoulder. Victor's mark of making and ownership. Blaeze growled and his pace quickened. Oneof his hands slid down to hold her up, the other to the wall to steady them. His mouth closed over the mark and those sharp teeth sank into the skin with rough intent. A cry of shock left her as intense pleasure roared through her. His thrusts drove her to the edge faster than she had anticipated. She let out a pure cry of pleasure and her orgasm rippled through them. She clenched him as her fangs sank into his neck. Blaeze growled and tore away from her neck with a roar, with a final snap of his hips he came along with her. Wave after wave of ecstacy coursed through her into him.

Dru was speechless as he fell to his knees and held her close before he laid her on the plush carpet. "I'll take you to the bed in a minute, I just cant move." He said with a smirk above her. She smiled and squirmed a little, feeling the delightful drag of good sex and a powerful orgasm. "Youre so wonderful." He said.

She touched his face, "So are you."


Dru laid in bed next to Blaeze, after they had destroyed her room they had moved to his. His lay in similar disaray. her fingers were tangled with his as he held them above. Her eyes shifted to the sky above. The night was wanning, but she could still see the moon. "So she exists." Dru said. "The moon goddess."

"Yes, she brought me from death twice." Blaeze said. "She's our deity. She looks over us who are strong at night, and intervenes when she can."

"So you and Bain are her subjects." Dru deduced.

"We are the last few who are touched by her power, no one else gets her attention nearly as much as our pack. But then again, we dont sully her name, her power. When she appears before someone its a gift." Blaeze smiled. "She's watching over allof us."

Dru sat up and looked at Blaeze, his white and black hair a mess all over his pillows. His neck was healing but her fangs had left a mark on his skin. She smiled seeing him with drying sweat on his skin, her scent all over him. She slid atop him and sank down on his swelled erection once more. He growled and bared his sharp teeth at her, even as his eyes blazed with powerful lust. His hands were covered in black fur and claws as they traveled up her legs. One went up her stomach while the other gripped her hip. He shifted his hips and she rolled her own. His head sank back with a shocked expression. This was so great, the best moment she;d had in years. No love had ever compared to this, his relentless need to be inside her, his strength and unsatiable hunger. She was desperate to cling to this. "I will have to begin to worship the Moon Goddess." She panted as she sank down and kissed him, when she pulled back her hips were moving slowly with his, his curious eyes were sinking into her own red gaze. "Because she gave me the chance to meet you."

He grinned and flipped them over, her legs ending up over his shoulders as he sank inside her at the deepest angle yet. She gasped her back arching and her head tipping back to dig into the pillows. He moved faster, and harder in a way that threw her headlong into bliss just as fast as they had started. He kept going wringing out her climax and immediatly pushing her on into the buildup of another. "Dru-" He panted, her eyes snapped open to take in his wreked face as he kissed her knee and swiped his tongue against the back of it. She shivered and he grinned. His head fell back and he roared, a demonic sound that made her quake with her next orgasm. She fell limp as he let her legs fall around him. "I wil have to let the Moon Goddess know I'm grateful for my life, not only can I help protect my family, but I have finally, finally met you."


She was standing in the shower when she decided. Blaeze was wrapped around her as water cascaded down around them. His heartbeat had a sinister sound to it and it made her smile. The smell of their marathon of love making was washing away but there would be a scent that would linger. His teeth had set and burried into her neck where Victor had marked her. His demonic power had wiped away that mark. Left behind were scars from his canines. Six teeth on either side from his jaws looked perfect on her skin. She didnt feel disgusted looking at her reflection. She'd never had a moment like this. Where a man held her and silently made her feel so welcome, so at home. What was she to do?

Dru was going to follow them into Ireland. She hadnt voiced it yet, but she knew she couldnt leave Blaeze. This wasnt the intensity she felt for Victor, or even the soft feelings she' had for her betrothed before he died. Right now, she was fileld with the sense that Blaeze was meant for her. Like after all these years, there was someone made for her. She looked up at him and he smiled before he turned the water off. As they were both drying off he looked up. "The sun is rising," He said.

"Yeah, I should go to bed." She touched his face and sighed. "When I get up, we can all share the extent of what we learned and make our next move."

"Alright, I should tell you though, I spoke to a demoon earlier and he told me and Ty that Victor is hiding underground somewhere unreachable. But he's close to the necropolis. Feeding from the elder vampires." He said. She felt her heart sink at his words.She cursed her inability to have stoped this years ago. She was then angry she couldnt go out in the sunlight. She could end this now if she could. "I didnt want to upset you, so get some rest and we'll make him pay."


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