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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain liked Dru. She was a rough woman, but she held a sadness Bain could relate to. The betrayal of a loved one was a hard pill to swallow. She knew from experience. Some days she felt that pain as she looked at Ty. But other days she realized it was so easy to feel his love shine through. The pain was wiped away with a soft brush of his fingers, a growl in her ear, her name on his lips. Bain loved Ty and they were able to heal because of it. Dru needed to heal.

Dru whipped around and grabbed Bain, just as they saw one of the vampires approach fromthe shadows. "Lovely Drucilla." She smiled. "How nice of you to return."

"Alanna." Dru growled.

"Who's the dog?" Alanna tilted her head. Bain let out a violent snarl and the vampiress seemed to notice the danger of speaking freely.

"This is Bain." Dru smirked. "She's in town to visit Victor, know where he is?"

"Why would i know? Arissa's been the favorite." Alanna said bitterly. "Just like you were his favorite. You know he hates that we arent you. Pureblood Cilla. No one can compare to her."

"There hasnt been an us in centuries Alanna you know that." Dru snapped. "I left and never came back until now."

"I know, made him want you all the more. You dirty slut." Alanna hissed and lunged forward. Bain lunged and her clawed hand wrapped around the little vampires neck.

"Enough, where is Victor?" Bain growled darkly. The little vampiress looked out at the bay waters. Bain shook her. "Tell me or I will eat you."

"Would you now?" She chuckled. "You remind me of that bitch wolf that comes here sometimes."

"Alanna answer her." Dru lifted her gun and pointed it at the vampiress' head. She only smiled and made a kissing face.

"Please do, so he can eat your bones." She leaned her head back and let out a loud shriek of a bat. Bain's ears rang and she dropped the woman. She crouched as she held her hands to her ears. She snarled and cursed. Until strong arms wrapped around her. She looked up to see Ty above her.

"Are you alright Bain?" He asked.

"Yeah, howd you get here?" Bain asked.

"We got our intel and came to find you." He smiled, "Dru ran off after the Vampire, Blaeze went after her. Lets wait here for now."

"Alright." She looked up and kissed him. "Thank you."

"For what?" He asked.

"For always being here for me." She stood up and rubbed her ears again.

"I'll be here forever." He cupped her cheek and pulled her into a deep kiss.


Blaeze followed Dru as she ran into an alleyway. His fists were covered in fire when they lost Alanna to the rooftops. "Do you want me to follow her?" He asked. She looked at him and nodded. He moved forward and swept her into his arms. He leapt up into the air, fire spiralled around his legs and launched him onto the roof. She was gone when they got there. Dru jumped from his arms and cursed foully. "Sorry." He said as he looked around.

"God I'm so useless." She snapped. "I couldnt kill the bitch back then, and I cant do it now."

"Youre not useless." Blaeze said solidly and she looked at him in shock.

"You dont even know me."She said.

"I'd like to." He said and rubbed the back of his head. He'd never honsetly felt like this, and was unsure how to try to court a mate. Women he'd slep with then run, he could do that. But this, the woman he felt in his soul was meant for him. He was floundering. She walked forward and eyes him.

"You dont." She snapped. "It's a horrible story."

"I was burned alive by a psychopath who wants to feed himself with my sisters power." Blaeze said. "I've been run out of home after home with my family while we were children. Once they almost burned us in our house. After that I had to roam with my father to keep my sister and mother safe. But when we were away my father would freak out about their safety. We would return and he'd find evidence of abuse on them, and he'd raze the whole town in retribution. I've never felt anything close to that kind of devotion. I watch my sister and Ty blend together so much they are the same person most days. I watch them and I realize I'm so very alone. I was always alone."

"Blaeze." She looked at him with her brows furrowed and he stepped forward touching her cheeks.

"Dont pity me." he breathed. "I've been a lech most of my life until I woke up with no memories. Now I cant bring myself to pcik up women. The only one I've seen that brings the wolf in me to the surface is you Dru. It's always been the demon, always the monster. But now, the wolf sees you and it wants you. I want you, the good and the bad."

She closed her eyes and looked at him. "I was the only pure blood daughter of my clan. We came here to escape the hunts in the eastern countries. Here I met the other clans, the elders. It was here I was betrothed to a clan prince. We weren't in love, but we knew our place. We could learn to love one another, but we were companions. Until I met Victor, an unaligned vampire. He and his two vampiress' were lurking outside our territory. Until one day he stole my hunt and I met him. He was such a rogue I was smitten instantly. He showed me what it was like to live without ties. To be a free vampire. I fell in love and he claimed he would steal me from my fiance. I wanted to run away, forsake my birthright. Until he made me want to be with him in proper standing. So I brought him before my father and begged him to allow me to marry Victor."

"They refused." Blaeze said. She nodded. He touched her face and willed her to continue.

"They did, so Victor challenged Hayen to a duel. He won, and I was upset instantly. He not only won the duel, he killed my best friend. I may not have loved him but we were still good friends. I swore to Victor I wouldnt speak to him again, but he coaxed me out of it. He had won my hand and the elders deemed it so. On the night we were to be married Victor slaughetered an entire clan. Because my name woud protect him. I was destined to take over Castle Kennedy, become the Queen of our race. Victor onyl wanted to be King. He intended to take the throne and bully our people to death or complience. I saw him for what he was. He didnt want me, he wanted to use me. And he did just that. I was unable to stop him as he killed my family, a number of the elders and decimated what was left of our clans. The elders blamed me for bringing him into our home, for giving him the chance to win my hand. So I ran. I made it to England and never looked back."

Blaeze touched her face and lifted her shining red eyes to meet his own crimson gaze. "Victor is a fool." Blaeze said. Then he leaned down and connected their mouths with a rouch mesh. Dru gasped and he swept his tongue along hers. She wrapped her small arms around him and he growled. Her fangs were sharp against his tongue but then, all of his teeth were sharp. She moaned and he gripped her tighter even as his inner beast and demon sang with joy inside him. Then he felt a tug on the link that bound him to Bain and Ty. He pulled back and looked around. He howled to the air. A soft one answered him.

"What?" Dru asked, she hadnt moved from his arms, that delighted him.

"Bain is calling us back," He smiled. "She's cold."

"You can tell all that from here?" Dru asked.

"No theres a link that attatches us together, Ty told me she's cold, and she told me she was worried about us." He said and frowned." Not exactly in words, more like impressions that I can interpret."

"Thats what it's like to be in a pack?" She asked.

"I guess so. We were never a pack before I died. Now Bain is the Alpha, our Wolf Queen." Blaeze said. "If you want I can tell them to head back."

"No, it isnt safe out here." She smiled and he swept her into his arms again. He ran to the edge of the roof and vaulted over to the next one. He smiled as her arms wrapped around him tighter. His vampire, his mate.


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