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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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"Again." Ty's voice barked out, he was standing next to a tree as Bain crouched in the dirt, her hands burried in the soft soil, she was trying to force the change out of her skin, but so far she could only get it to her hands. She panted and sweat sheened her skin as she shook the last change out of her hands. She looked at Ty in annoyance, he'd been barking orders at her for the past two hours, and her temper was beginning to flare. She huffed and looked at the last sliver of the moon, it was almost new. Was that why she couldnt change? She didnt think so, something was getting in the way. She huffed and closed her eyes opening to feel the earth. Please, she begged it to assist the change. Her skin tingled and travelled up her arms. She wanted to rejoice as it got to her shoulders, and crept up her neck. Then it stopped abruptly. She looked at her hands, half formed, mostly just fur and fingers. She lifted them to track how far it got, just over her arms, up her neck, where her ears had changed completely. Damn.

Ty's booming laughter filled the small clearing, she looked up the leaves blew past her and she saw his face contorted with humor. "Come on Bain, you can do better than that!" He laughed.

Annoyed with his response Bain stood up the change sliding off so she stood human, she yanked her pants on as she walked to the tree with her shoes, she was lacing them and forcing her shirt and hoodie on when he stopped laughing. "Where are you going?" He asked. She glared at him, angry, then she darted into the woods, she heard his heavy boots following her as she dashed into the heavy parts of the woods. She listened to the trees, asking for a pathway that would lead her away from Ty, and keep him away from her. It complied with a rush of amusement. As if the forest itself was amused by her.

Nice, mean ass forest.

She kept going, reveling in the rush the run gave her, even in human form. She listened to the wind, heard it sing in the night. So different, so familiar. She stopped abruptly as she heard cars, she was on the edge of the forest, right up against the back exit of a mall. She looked around, scenting as Missy had taught her over the past few days. When Ty wasnt trying to help her change into a wolf they avoided one another. As if the almost kiss didnt happen. Bain was glad for the distance, but at the same time it bothered her. She sprinted across the parking lot, slipping inside the mall, it was close to closiong time, perhaps an hour away, the straggling mall goers mostly gone, she beelined it to the bathroom to clean up. Once clean she checked her pockets and found a blank card a few of her gang friends had given her to access money.

She went to an atm and withdrew a small amount, then ordered the fattiest and greasiest food she could. It smelled glorious to her, sure food with Missy and Ty was good but this was like heaven. She sat back in a small alcove hidden by shrubbery and potted plants. She sighed as she wondered how far away Ty was, probably just outside the mall doors. She snorted annoyed. That man made her heart stop with just a glance, she was so afraid to confront the feeling s she was feeling, sure they were there before she began to remember. She would be a fool to not acknowledge that.

But Bain knew just as Ty spoke, a mating between them would be never ending, she could be overwhelmed by him. She didnt want to be that caught by him, the uneasy feeling in her heart was painful when she looked at him. But she felt the love her past self had for him, it went a long way in building her own feelings. What was the weirdest thing of all was how at home she felt with them. It was missing something, but Bain felt more relaxed with her hot and cold feelings with Ty and her easy companionship with Missy. Bain found herself looking forward to the walks she took with Missy where they discussed the forest, the feelings she had inside it. Even annoyed with Ty she still enjoied the lessons he gave her to change. She could still do things she didnt think she could, like transform her hands into claws. It was frightneing when she wasnt able to go the rest though.

Sighing Bain tapped the table a couple of times before continuing to eat, she was falling for that male with the pretty words. Idiot man, she smiled. "Bain!" Ty snarled his voice shocked her, she jumped her chair sliding, almost falling over before his hand caught it, righting her. She looked at him, standing in a breathless huff right behind her. A leash in his hand with Missy glaring at her with golden eyes filled with anger. Bain flinched. "What the hell were you thinking?!" Ty hissed.

"I was thinking I was tired of getting made fun of." She snapped back, two could play at this game. "I had it covered, before you give me a hassle over this. I didnt smell and enemies and I know what Claire smells like."

She stood and lifted ehr tray of empty plates, "Let's go." She smiled and held out a hand for Missy's leash. Missy practically snatched it away to give to Bain.

"Way to go." Missy purred against her leg before leading Bain out into the parking lot. Bain looked back at Ty who looked frustrated, deciding to elevate his annoyance she smiled.

"Ty, help me get the change down tonight." She spoke, he chuckled.

"I'll find a way that suits you." He urged her on, and they made their way into the forest, walking liek this was comforting, Bain was relaxed. She looked up at the new moon and felt her mind ease into a memory. She blinked trying to fight it, it wasnt safe here to remember anything. Suddenly as she looked at Missy she saw a huge black shape smash into her, flinging the white wolf into the side of a tree. "Bain!" Ty yelled. She whipped around to see him get thrown away too.

"Ty! Missy!" She yelled just as the shape yanked her up. She tried to fight, tried to call for Ty. But as the dark shape made off with her she fell into the memoery head first. She was gone. Already running in the forest of her memory in wolf shape.


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