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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty follwed behind Blaeze as they made their way through the underground supernatural world. Underneath the town itself was sewers, but a magical space overed them creating a massive market place inside what should have been a five foot sewer way. But now it was like a miniature city in here. Blaeze scanned the area slowly until he found a grouping of demons. Ty settled in behind his pack mate, watching as Blaeze breezed into the groupd with ease. "So, hear theres a Bloodsucker in charge in this town." Blaeze said as he leaned on a lamp post.

"You could say that." The dark skinned one said with a soft lilt to his voice. "Didnt use to be like this, there was a family that ran the town fair, until that bastard Victor took charge. Now we cant feed or haunt in peace."

"Yah, do'n bot'er e' humans, pay up, do'n walk in mah town." One with dark black eyes and pale orange skin hissed. "Satan forbid we be demons."

"Wheres this bastard at?" Baeze asked. "I'm sure I can change his mind. Demons dont take orders from bloodsuckers anyways."

"Last we heard he got paranoid, hes out in the lower caverns, the ones that are just outside the vampire necropolis. Lives down there apparently." The violet eyes demon waved a hand. "But you wont get close those whores of his gaurd the whole place. Sixty of them, feeding off of everything that walks. Damn disgusting is what it is. Have some damn class."

"O' an e' twins, watch ou' fur them." The orange demon said. "Handful."

"Thanks." Blaeze turned and tossed a few vials of dark energy behind him. The demons clambered over them with glee. Snatching and hissing at one another. Class indeed, Ty curled his lip over fangs.

"Well well, seems you made it after all." Ty turned seeing a red haired sitting at ease on a bench. An exotic snake draped over his neck.

"Desmond Greene." Blaeze said, Ty looked at the warlock and inhaled catching his scent. "What do you want?"

"Tyrian." He looked up his slate eyes buring with malicious intent."


Blaeze jumped in front of Ty at the exact moment Desmond phased forward. He stood between Ty and Desmond teeth bared and angry. "I repeat what do you want?"

"I want to study your wolf, figure out what makes him tick." Desmond said his eyes darkening. "You going to get in my way demon hound?"

"When you come after my brother? Absolutly." Blaze growled "Now back up."

Desmond smirked and Blaeze thought perhaps he didnt want anything he just wanted to rile Ty up. Any one with a brain knew Claire was after Ty, the reason Bain banned dark evil from Ireland. "On to other things then." Desmond sighed. "So you managed to get Dru on your side, congrats."

"Shut up." Blaeze huffed.

"Ah, but heres the thing, she's just as afraid of Victor as she hates him. I'm betting her hate will win out though. Victor will be the most vulernable durring the yule festival." Desmond said."It's the night they all pray to their god and holy energy floods the town. Victor will be stuck underground until Christmas is over. The problem is the twins, they are dangerous, I'm sure Dru can tell you all there is to know about them. The easiest route to where he is is through the tunnels connected to the necropolis, hes righton the other side. Siphoning blood from the elders while they sleep."

"What are they doing with it?" Ty asked. Blaeze looked at Desmond curious, Dru would want to know about that.

"Selling it to Bastian." Desmond said. "If you can cut off his supply of elder blood and cut off the twins you might be able to take him the night of the festival."

"Thanks I guess." Blaeze said and turned to Ty. "Come on, lets not keep the ladies waiting."

"Toodles boys, just remember you own me big for the help." Desmond laughed. Blaeze really didnt want to know what he wanted inexchange for the help.


She stirred. arms stretching into softness. Where was she? This didnt feel like the forest, there was no breeze, no ground beneath her. It felt like she was on a bed really. Here eyes opened to see a man next to her in a chair. His head was tipped back and he snored softly. He was toned, the black shirt stretched over his chest and arms. The sleeved pushed up to his elbows showedof his corded forearms and rough hands. His legs were encased in jeans. Boots settled at the feet that were propped up on the bedside table. She sat up and realized she was in human form, strange her default was wolf, or had that changed since she'd died.

"Awake huh? Well is has been a while." He said gruffly as his head tipped forward. Black goatee crested his chin, black hair fluffed over his head in lazy layers. His crimson eyes settled on her and she remembered everything she needed to know. Every last bit of her life, her death, her purpose.

"Where is Bain?" She hissed.

"Bain, is in Scotland right now, with Ty and Blaeze." The Demon Wolf said as he settled his feet on the floor and stood up stretching. "You have been asleep for a little over two months."

"Two months?" She shrieked.

"And dead for three more. It took alot to bring you back, but we did." He said. "Now we have some work to do, you need to get back ito fighting shape and we need to get close to Ireland."

"Why?" She asked.

"Because in a few weeks Bain will set foot in Ireland for the first time in centuries." He said. "She's going after Bastian and we need to be ready to back her up."


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