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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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"What did Victor do to you?" Blaeze asked. He looked down at Dru, his inner beast rising with a need to know what his mate had endured.

"He ruined everything I ever stood for, everything my family built." She said and tipped her bottle up, taking huge gulps of blood. "He ruined the soft princess I was. I would have ruled my family, brought a male of great standing into our name and built a great clan of vampires. Until I met a suave vampire, free from the clans, so charming, told me all the things I wanted to hear. Made me fall in love, I wanted to run away, but he wanted my standing. With that I lost everything."

Dru turned and whirled the bottle down at the ground. It shattered and she growled, "Come on, I'd like to show you all the map."


Bain looked at the map before her. Dru pointed to various places with white markings and red markings." The white markers are places the otherworldly creatures have safe haven. The red are known vampire safe havens. Victor could be in any of these places. He could be at none of them. That is extremly likely."

"So we should fan out in these locations." Bain deduced. "Should Ty and I start somewhere."

"Thats the thing," Dru said sitting on the table that held the map. "You and I should be teamed up to hunt through the vampire locales, Blaeze has more experience with the otherworldly, so he and Ty should be there."

"You want to split up?" Blaeze asked gruffly." I'm sure I could be of more assistance than my sister, she wont exactly appear to be the muscle here."

"Blaeze is right." Bain said. "I wont look intimidating enough."

"Thats the point." Dru smiled darkly. "I'm the muscle, this is your hunt, to search these places I need to be there, but leaving you and Ty in an area you dont hav experience is foolhardy. If Victor has eyes like I think he does, he knows youre here, and if he's workinf with Bastian, I can assure you he will go after you and Ty together. To avoid that we split you up."

"Thats a solid plan." Ty said, "My inner wolf doesnt like it but keeping Bain safe for as long as possible is my main desire."

"So Bain and I will check out the vampire haunts, you two investigate the other places." Dru waved a hand.

"Sounds good." Bain said, "Where to first?"

"Well since it's just us women, lets go to the vampire shop." Dru smirked in delight. "I could always use a new pair of boots."

"Shopping!" Ty laughed, "Always shopping with women!"


"So," Dru started as she perused a store front. Bain walked next to her marvelling at the bay town. It wasnt filled with tourists just the few that wanted a real Scottish winter. She watched as the female wolf examined a jacket in the mens store. She turned to Dru and smiled softly, "You lost your memory and are gaining it back slowly."

"Yes," Bain pulled her hair back. "It changes me slowly. At first I was afraid my personality would be washe away by old Bain. But right now, it's like my different lives these past few centuries, have served to build me up to this point. I've changed alot since then. As has Ty, Blaeze is distant now. He hasnt gone womanizing since he joined us again."

"Oh really now?" Dru laughed and smiled as they passed into a Vampire store. "How delightful."

"He likes you, which is strange." Bain said walking over to a rack holding long coats. "He tried not to like anyone, due to our dual nature."

"I try not to get close to people either." Dru said sadly and waved to the vampiress working the desk. Her eyes widened and Dru crossed over, her hand slipping over the phone with purpose. "Now now, wouldnt due to announce my homecomming so early now would it?"

The vampiress nodded her head enthusiastically. "Now do share, wheres Arissa?"

"Away." The vampiress said hastily and Dru lifted her gun from her coat. She pointed it between the vampiress' eyes.

"Try again." Dru hissed.

"She's visiting up north, expected to return by dusk."

"Good." Dru smiled and lifted a pretty red and black lacy number, as well as a sleek royal blue dress. "I'll be taking these, you know where to send the bill."

As Dru settled her gun in place she left the store the dressess packed neetly in a bag. Bain followed and laughed as they exited into the evening snow. "Who is Arissa?"

"Arissa is Victor's number one woman. His number two is Alanna, twins actually. But they hate eachother, less than they hate me but who really cares in the grand scheme of things." Dru said. "If we want to draw Victor out, since he wont come just because im here, it's going after the twins and scaring them shitless first."

"I see, divide and conqure." Bain waved a hand and Dru turned lifting the blue dress from the bag.

"Merry Christmas, from one friend to another." Dru said. Bain's eyes widened as she looked at the dress.

"Oh I couldnt." She said with a flush on her cheeks. "I wouldnt know how to wear something this-"

"Revealing?" Dru smirked. "Oh I'll show you love, and then we will have quite the party at the yule ball."

"As friends?" Bain looked up her eyes sharp.

"Friends." Dru said, Bain smirked her own demeanor changing as the moved on to the next location.

"I would prefer sisters." Bain said while she chuckled and kicked the snow playfully.


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