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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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The castle was huge, Bain looked up at it with wonder. The sun beat down on them despite the snow on the ground and the press of winter. Her hands lifted to the chill air and Ty chuckled. She inhaled the crisp air and wondered what this place would be like during the spring. Her mind worked at a memory, it was just below the surface and she knew she would have to wait. That was frustrating. They came at the slightest provocation some times. A gust of wind would remind her of a time in Ireland. Or the silken slide of Ty's cock within her would wake an erotic memory of their life together. But damn if she couldnt summon up this one.

"Dont force them." Ty whispered. "Alright, lets go in, were staying in the rooms closest to the gardens. Blaeze-... Where did he go?"

She looked over and inhaled, a sly smile crossed her lips. "Trailing after our new ally." Bain said shifting her boots crunching on the gravel as she walked with purpose towards the castle entrance. Her fingers slid over the damp stone railing and she blinked, sure she'd seen a castle much like this, larger, older somewhere before. She frowned and blinked up at the sky it was night. She was pressed to the railway shouting for her brother.

"Blaeze! Blaeze!" She cried. She snapped back to herself as her brother appeared. He stood above her a hand closed over her arm, Ty cupping her face. She blinked in shock. "What just happened?"

"That wasnt any memory I have ever seen." Ty said with his eyes glowing bright electric blue. Blaeze pressed his forehead to hers and closed his eyes. He inhaled and a slow breath worked out of his lungs. Brimstone and fire prefumed the air between them. He stepped back his eyes glowing bright.

"That wasnt a memory." Blaeze frowned. "I dont know what that is."

"Perhaps a dormant memory of the land?" Bain asked.

"I dont see why you would pick up on that, spirits dont flock to wolves." Ty frowned and hustled them inside Lochinoch Castle. He hugged her and she soaked in what she could of his warmth. "Are you tired?"

"No, only remembering makes me tired, what did I see?" She wondered. He smoothed his hand through her hair and she looked up. "Let's go nap anyways, we should be rested when Dru wakes up."

"Alright." Ty smiled, "Blaeze that goes for you too, stop stalking the vampire and come nap with us."

"Im not stalking jeeze." Blaeze led the way towards the back bottom floor of the house to where the rooms were. One across from the other. Rather large, lavish guest rooms. They shed clothing layers and climbed into Bed. Bain pressed aganinst her brothers back and Ty pressed to hers. One hand tangled with Ty's the other in Blaeze's hair. It was comfortable but it was missing something as well. Bain closed her eyes before her wolf got the better of her and demanded Blaeze claim his mate to join in their nap piles.


Dru shuddered as night fell. She sat up in her coffin and clutched her arms in quaking fear, his voice still echoed in her ears. That hated voice, the man it came from. She clenched her fingers tight and forced herself up. She showered in simmering heat. Wantig to banish the cold fingers of memory and fear from her. Once she was dressed and feeding she felt slightly better. She drained the store of blood left for her and left her rooms seeking the company of wolves for the first time in eternity. There his cold didnt reach for her. With them she felt only warmth.

She was delighted to find them in the parlor spread out before the fire on the chairs and couch. Bain shifted from her perch on the couch her long fingers twined with Ty's. She smiled when she saw Dru and Dru returned it with warmth she was surprised she was capeable of showing. She settled in one of the other chairs and let the fire warm her further. "Are you okay?" Blaeze asked his red eyes bright with curiosity. "You were screaming when they unloaded the coffin."

"Ah, that was a bit of a nightmare. Even we have them from time to time." Dru said. "Stranraer has little good memories for me, it may feel like home but it also feels like the hate I have for Victor."

"I can understand that feeling." Bain said sadly. "I want to go home to a wonderful place untainted by Claire and Bastian."

"It can be a wonderful place again Bain." Ty said brushing her hair back from her cheek. Dru found herself glued to their affection, wanting to see more, wanting it for herself. She stood back up and walked towards the doors.

"Well, I'm off to get a decent meal after my wake up snack. I will return and we can speak about possible places Victor is hiding." Dru smiled and walked from the room.

It wasnt until she had settled her long winter coat on and was outside holding a wine bottle of blood that she realized Blaeze had trailed her out. She looked back and he stood there eyes rivited on her. Heat spasmed through her as he watched her. She stood on the patio outlooking the gardens and turned her gaze away from Blaeze she patted the stone rail infront of her and his footsteps moved silently. He was at her side and she looked at him. "How did you settle?" She asked.

"Fine we napped until about six. Then Bain and Ty ate." Blaeze shrugged. "Howis your demon population?"

"Last I heard the woods were swimming with spirits." Dru said. "I know you Demon Wolves have to feed on souls there should be plenty out there."

"Good, I'll be needing to feed soon." Blaeze leaned his back on the rail and looked at her. "This land is beautiful." He said.

"It is, you should have seen Castle Kennedy before it became ruins. Beautiful epicenter of vampire life. It was the most beautirul thing I had ever seen." Dru smiled at the warm thoughts, early times untainted by Victor. "It was a large coven, bloodlines like mine flocked there for shelter, and protection. There our collective families ruled over the vampires. It was a very long time ago, but a wonderful time indeed."

"I can see it, huge goth castle swimming with vampires." Blaeze looked out at the gardens his eyes alight with thought. She sipped some of her blood and smiled.

"That was a time of peace and harmony for us, before it all fell." Dru said and looked down to her boots.

"What happened?" Blaeze asked.

"Victor happened." Dru answered.


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