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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Dru was settled next to Blaeze as the plane began it's descent Dru wasnt sure what it was but she was becoming quite enamored with this little pack. Bain intrigued her, Ty was interesting, and Blaeze... well Blaeze made her want to feel again. She looked at the window, her vision taking in the lighting sky and the approaching land. She saw the forests, then the town. Stranraer was still beautiful, has always been beautiful. She may have been born here, but she had been raised in bigger cities in Scotland. She had missed being in her homeland. Scotland was a beautiful place to be, she then realized that Blaeze and his pack were all Irish. She was glad they had lost their accents over time and turned to them as the plane pushed them back in their seats for the decent. "Just so you are aware, the world has changed since you lived in Ireland. There is a bit of a hatred between the Irish and the Scots. Just be careful who knows you are Irish." She advised and Bain nodded. Blaeze inclined his head as Ty rolled his eyes.

The plane touched down and Dru sighed, she squinted her eyes as she saw the sky lighting. They pulled into the covered hanger used by her people. Once there she shouted at her pilots. Calling them up, she unbuckled her seatbelt and stood up. "Theres a car waiting outside, you will have to take that to the caste. The head Thrall will get you settled. I however have to now travel by coffin. I'll see you all at dusk." She smiled and headed to the cargo door. She froze when she felt Blaeze's hand on her arm. Memories of being grabbed assailed her. Blaeze then changed his hold, his fingers smoothing over her skin. It was so different that she looked at him in shock. He looked at her with such a torn expression she was stunned into silence. "Umm, when we get there is there anything you need? Bain wanted me to make sure were not mooching." Blaeze looked down and she smiled.

"Everything I need is there already, but inside Castle Kennedy, the ruins, is a place enchanted for us." Dru smiled. "But if you just want to hang out, I wake up in the Crimson Room. I'm planning on meeting with Bain to shop soon, but if you want, I like to feed in the gardens, you can walk with me."

"Sure." He grinned and her heart fluttered seeing him smile softly. She definatly liked him, and from the flush on his cheeks and the thrum of his heart, he did too. She touched his cheek, and wondered where this sudden touchy feely side of her came from. How utterly odd. But strangely she liked this new feeling. It was light, and soft. Relieving from her own personal mental hell. Her eyes widened and she shot a look to Bain and Ty who were sliding on coats and smiling at one another. Blaeze's words from before, about mates being relieving, she was seeing. Shocked at the revelation she covered up her expression with calm delight and moved into the cargo hold, one pilot following her so she could get into her coffin and out into the car with no issues.

As she passed the doorway she looked back into Blaeze's red eyes, locked and held until the door clicked shut. She exhaled shakily. The pilot handed her a black wine bottle and she popped the cork scenting the blood within. No more delicious mixed drinks, this time she would be a vampire. She drank from the bottle to ease her hunger enough to sleep. Her pilot lifted the canvas tarp and the belts that held her sleek mahogany coffin. Inside the cream interior was soft, her pillow was black and stark, she slid her boots off and climbed inside. The soft fleece blanket settled over her and the bottle settled at her side, the sun came up fully and she could feel it. "Welcome home Mistress, sleep well." Her pilot said softly.

"Thank you." She smiled and laid back as exhaustion whirled through her. She closed her eyes and the lid was closed. She heard it being secured, and tried to relax as she was moved and wheeled from the plane. She was just falling asleep when her eyes snapped open horror settling in. His voice, his horrid voice melded into her mind and she started to scream. "Drucilla... my Cilla youve finally come home."


Blaeze walked to the car as Bain and Ty looked over the hangar. It was a huge place but his eyes were rivited on the coffin they were wheeling to the huge hummer. His ears picked up on a scream as it came form the wood, his heart raced. He moved forward ready to rip the coffin open and see what was making her scream. The pilots yelled and Ty was before him. His arms closed around him and Bain grabbed his arm. "She's fine Blaeze, they said it's just a nightmare." Bain assured.

"She's screaming, God Bain she's screaming!" Blaeze growled and struggled. Ty pressed his mouth next to Blaeze's ear.

"I know, relax, she'll be fine, we'll get her to the castle, she said it was safe." Ty assured, and the thought that it was safe filled Blaeze. He looked at Ty and the wolf nodded. "She'll be okay, you cant open that coffin here, look."

Blaeze looked to where the light was coming in from all over, she wouldnt survive in the sun. That was right, vampires couldnt survive in the light. The tension eased and he nodded. "Alright, I'm calm."

"Good." Ty smiled and let him go and they hustled into the hummer. Bain touched his hand, tangling their finger.

"Guess we figured out if it's possible for you to mate." She smiled, "You never freaked out like that with any of your lovers in the past. That was polite defense, then. This just now, that was how Ty and I freak out over each other."

"Huzzah." Ty grinned and Blaeze bristled and growled, even as his heart picked up at the thought.

"We'll it doesnt really matter, any intimacy might drive her insane. If Dru is my mate, I couldnt possibly hurt her, and intimacy will drive her insane." Blaeze said miserably. "Fuck this sucks."

"Thats what I'm here for brother, to help you." Bain smiled.

"Its the demon that makes them crazy." Ty said, "So you should get in tune with your inner wolf, you are two creatures. Commune with them you can."

That was a good idea, but Blaeze had never really connected to either side of himself, they were closed off to him, powers and abilities were able and ready. But his personality wasnt affected by either side of himself. Perhaps that was it he needed to be at peace, as Bain was. That was certainly food for thought.


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