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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ireland, Brigantes, Year: 530

She was of marrying age, that she knew. But no one interested Bain, no male stirred her wolf, so she became reclusive, a forest dweller when her mother didnt have work for them to do. Tonight she didnt have to worry about going into a human town, searching for chore work to do for a few coins. Tonight they would hunt as a pack. Bain stood in a clearing as nude as the rest of her family. Her mother stood in the moonlight listening to the goddess. Their father perched on a rock next to her. Bain stood next to Blaeze waiting. Her mother turned and sighed. "She says the wolves are on the move for the winter. Hunting in farther regions, theyre out here tonight." She said and wrung her hands. "Perhaps we should wait for another time."

"I can protect us my love." Their father said, "Besides he died, theres a new alpha this time. I heard Kendrick is quite a good leader."

"Let us hope so." Her mother said sinking down into her wolf form. Their father morphed into a black wolf that Blaeze mirrored. Bain followed her mother into wolf shape and they moved off into the woods. A rush of energy shot into all of them and her mother took the lead.They picked up speed, running as a unit, elation filling Bain. She looked to Blaeze to see him excited running with them. This was pack, this was delight. They hunted deer, and Bain and her mother flopped to eat, as the men took off to find bigger game.

Bain returned to human shape laying out in the summer warm grass. Her mother crossed over and laid down happily. "Alright ask." She laughed.

"Why do we get a rush of energy when we run?" Bain asked, ""Why is it I can feel all of us, our emotions, our happiness, our hunt, why is it I knwo exactly where we are at all times?"

"Thats a pack bond my love," Her mother said softly. "I dint think I'd ever feel it again, when I left mine to be with your father I thought I would be a lone wolf forever, but when you two were born I felt you as if I had become an Alpha myself. If you can feel it to that degree that I do you as well are an Alpha. One day you might lead our pack."

"My own pack?" Bain asked in wonder.

"Absolutly, you are of age now, a woman in our world, who knows when you will stop aging, Dont rush anything, we live a long time." Her mother purred as she looked at the sky. "One day you will marry, andthis pack will be yours someday."


Bain woke her eyes flying open, Ty looked down from his seat, she was looking up at him. That was right she fell asleep on the plane, heading to Scotland. He smiled and her heart warmed seeign his easy smile. Pack was good for him, it was healing Ty's regret and guilt. She was glad to see him happy, if he was she was. She sat up and looked over, Blaeze was watching her and she smiled reassuringly. "It was a good one." She said and he nodded relieved.

Bain stood up and made her way to the back area where the mini fridge and the bar drinks were. She saw Dru there drinking from a mug, she scented blood and smiled warmly at their new companion. Dru set her glass down and smiled back in greeting. "How was your nap?" Dru asked.

"Ah it wasnt a nap, a memory really." Bain said as she unearthed a water bottle. "I forgot my memories, so steadily I remember things, randomly. Usually relevent to something triggering my memory. Apparently when I wove the spell a fail safe was there to control my memories so I didnt get bombarded. I remembered the time I asked my mother what Pack was."

"What is pack?" Dru asked amused.

"Pack is feeling one another, knowing the exact location of each other, what one another is doing, what they feel emotionally. Comfort in numbers, reliance and trust." Bain said with a smile. "She told me one day pack will be yours to lead."

"Youre doing a good job so far." Dru smiled. "So the stores in Stranraer are nice, if you want to go with me to some. I need new clothes, and I figured you could use a break from the testosterone."

"Ah you want to talk about Blaeze." Bain said with a grin, a small healthy flush coated Dru's cheeks."Why not, the only female friend I've had was a Slayer, and thats odd, I dont naturally like humans."

"Is that a wolf thing because contrary to popular belief I've seen perhaps three wolves my entire life, including you and Ty?" Dru asked.

"We've suffered alot at the hands of humans, and at our own kind. I was lucky enough to be born outside the main wolf pack in Ireland. Ty said they didnt like me because of my nature, but I remember my mother tensing up anytime someone mentioned the main pack." Bain explained. "But naturally the wolves dont mix with humans unless necessary. The less people know of them the better, no questions. But who knows what it's like now. When all of this happened it was around 700 to 800 A.D."

"Jesus you guys really are old." Dru whistled.

"I was born about 150 to 200 years before then." Bain smiled sweetly, "Ty was born around that time. He was early twenties when I turned him and we were only mates a short time before Claire intervened."

"Wow, I never thought I'd get to meet anyone as messed up as me." Dru leaned back in shock. So Bain decided to push the waters a little.

"So how exactly do you know Victor?" Bain asked, Dru's eyes flashed red and she tensed but Bain exuded as much innocence and softnes as possible. So Dru looked down and growled before smacking the counter.

"Victor was the vampire equivilant of a mate in your culture. My mate." Dru said and snapped her teeth in anger. "But he betrayed me, used me, and killed my house. I hail from a very prestigious house of vampires, and he crushed them. Leaving me in ruin before he absorbed all I had in fortune, estate, and sanity. I fled and never looked back. This was around the victorian era, after I was ruined I was nothing in any persons eye, so I went to the americas, and started anew."

"So he blackened your name and killed those improtant to you?" Bain asked, and she watched Dru nod stiffly.

"I will ensure he bleeds for it." Bain said darkly. Dru chuckled.

"Then I'll drinnk that blood and make him regret ever beig born." Dru smirked back, appeased.


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