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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain was excited as she walked towards the sleek black jet that was poised and ready to fly. They had completly bypassed the main airport security and had their things loaded while the tarmac was prepped for flight. As Bain approached the jet she made not of how small it was, Blaeze whistled as he looked at it. Ty just smirked and waited as they took in their fill of it. "You guys ready?" Dru appeared from the doorway. She leaned out her dark hair fluttering in the wind as she waved them up. They climbed in and Bain took stock of the lavish interior. Dru was leaning in the doorway speaking to the pilot inside. She then tilted her head back to grin. "I usually fly myself, but since I'm with guest and planning, I thought it might be more comfortable knowing I was sitting with you and not flying us."

"Thank you again Dru." Bain smiled.

"No problem, I hope youre all ready though, the flight is exactly six hours and after that we need to immediatly get to the castle, as the time will be close to dawn." Dru said and smirked. "I had two of my cars sent to the castle an suv and a faster model. Also the castle is mostly ours for the duration of our stay my friends have left for the holiday in favor of not being around when Victor comes calling. So your holiday can be pleasant."

"Cool." Blaeze remarked and settled in a seat in the center as Bain and Ty settled to his left, Dru sat on his right. They strapped in as the pilot announced their immediate departure. Bain gripped Ty's hand as they started moving. Her eyes closed as they picked up speed and lifted off. Her stomach dropped as the velocity pushed her further into the seats. She inhaled and her heartbeat skyrocketed with excitement. The ascent was hell on her senses, she couldnt smell anything and her ears couldonly pick up the roar of the jets. After what felt like moments or perhaps forever the gravity eased, and she could move, she blinked as she felt her ears pop and suddenly she heard nothing. She wasnt hearing the engines and that freaked her out a bit. But Ty flexed his fingers over hers and she looked at him, he reassured her with a soft smile and she inhaled and exhaled. Centering herself in an attempt to relax. Blaeze slid his fingers through hers and that helped ease her tension, she smiled at him and looked up, it didnt feel whole, as if something was missing again.

How strange, what could she be missing now? She looked at Ty who was frowning in confusion, Blaeze had a similar look. Ever since their first run in the woods they had been bound liek this able to sense one another through whatever bond was between them. For a while it had felt complete, but she was certain she was wrong. She wanted something else, something different from their pack. How utterly vexing.


Blaeze sat in his seat as Bain snoozed against Ty's side on the couch seats by the windows. They had leveled off some time in the past hour at optimum altitude and Ty was watching the stars. Blaeze smirked as he watched Bain nap, she was exhausted using her powers to try and remember how to master them. He'd been helping alongside Ty but he feared they were beginning to wear on her patience. Dru sat next to him sitting a drink in his hands. She settled one of her perfect legs over the other and looked at him as she sat in the turned seats in front of him. He found his eyes locked on her mermaid eyes and felt his soul warm at the sight of her.

"So, her first flight?" Dru asked.

"In a plane?" Blaeze asked ruefully. "Yes, I can fly too and she's been up with me but this is a different experience for her."

"Ty seems like a good mate, he's attentive." Dru slid her gaze over to the male wolf. His fingers traced Bain's temple smoothing her hair from her cheeks.

"I think there is no one other than Ty that can be like this with Bain." Blaeze admitted. "I can remember being mad that she chose him, bringing an outsider into our lives, but they fit so well together that we all knew he was the only one for her. No other man could have stood a chance."

"Well put." Dru grinned looking back to him.

"Dont get me wrong, I still hate him some days, but he's a good friend to have." Blaeze smiled happily. "I dont think I could have survived my awakening and healing without him, the pain, it was unbearable."

Dru's tiny hand covered his over his drink and he looked up into her softened eyes. She offered no words but didnt move her eyes from him, she smiled then a soft understanding smile that soothed his flayed inner beast. Then she leaned back and changed the subject, for that he was grateful. "So what does a Demon Hound do exactly, I know we all fear the hounds of hell."

"The Demon Wolf is the keeper of the Dark Forest, the protector of the mystics." Blaeze recited from the knowledge he was born knowing. "Only one exists at a time, and the hounds, we are created or born in different ways but we police demons and monsters. If they begin to hunt humans or revel our nature we go in and eat them. The act itself feeds us but when we devour a demonic soul it is sent to Hell. I need to feed on demonic souls to survive, its my purpose, my calling."

"Huh, I just smuggle and steal things for a living." Dru grinned evilly. "Will you eat me too Demon Hound?"

Damn did she know how to flirt. His entire body responded to that loaded statement with fire and want. He wanted to lean over taste those lips himself, return her kiss from the other day. But he restrained himself and smirked darkly, refusing to answer. She grinned wider and looked over at Ty as he had shifted, Bain had his hand pressed to her neck and was sighing contentedly in her nap. She seemed to purr, and Blaeze wondered if she slept better when Ty was near. "Is that was true mates are like?" Ddru asked.

"My mother and father were all over each other all the time. As if he couldnt get enough as he was around her, they would touch fingertips. Sneak kissess when they thought we werent watching."Blaeze smiled at the memories even as the pain resurfaced. But it was a calm pain, Bain had said they had survived it was just a matter of time if they found them or not. "My father couldnt go into town with my mother, her white hair was easy to hide, but his red eyes not so much."

"Ah, I see, the demon thing, like your eyes." Dru remarked. Blaeze blinked in confusion.

"I can change my eye color." He said and she blinked in shock. "I do when I really need to disguise myself, but my father couldnt change the eyes, everything else but not the eyes."

"So he couldnt follow her into town alot." Dru nodded.

"Yeah, and men would think her an easy target, Bain too when she was alone too. Sometimes I would go with them as an escort, but I'm a demon, I had work to do when I came of age." Blaeze waved a hand and lifted his untouched drink to his lips, he drank the amber liquid from the tumbler in one go and exhaled the heat. "So when men would think her easy prey, she would defeat them as fast as possible, there was this unseen bond between mates, it allows them to know if the other is in danger."

"So he would come?" Dru asked curiously.

"Always, every time, if he even caught sight of anyone looking at my mother, or around her at the time he'd kill them. Bain too until Ty became her escort everywhere." Blaeze smiled at the memories of his father angered and demon like. Then he'd toss his mate over his shoudler and prder them home. "They were fiercely jealous of anyone who would interrupt their love. But thats what it was, love, I could see how potent it was even as a child."

"Are Bain and Ty like that?" Dru asked.

"More so, now that Bain had aged, and matured, she's become the Alpha of our pack. But in times when we arent a pack, they do little things, they gravitate towards eachother, sneak off into the woods for hours, perhaps days." Blaeze sighed in want. He wishe dhe could experience such things himself.

"What is it like to have a mate?" Dru inquired her eyes sharp as they met his own. He looked at Ty and sighed, he set the tumbler down and tapped his fingers on the seat.

"I wouldnt know," Blaeze admitted, "I dont think I have the ability to bond to a mate."

"What how is that possible?" Dru asked.

"Were hybrids of a Demon and a Wolf, there is a possibility were the supernatural version of a mule. We can exist but we may never mate, may never produce children. Who knows, Bain defied our suspicions by mating to Ty. But then again she's more wolf than demon. That small part of her only exists when we share power. As such I am only able to be a wolf when were on a hunt. I dont think I am able to have a mate."

"How strange, never once have you felt a mate?" Dru questioned her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"No." Blaeze said and looked back at Ty who was back to gazing out at the night sky. Blaeze stood up and moved to the opposite side of the plane to look out as well. The clouds looked beautiful, fluffed and illuminated by the moon and stars. The growing gibbus moonfilled him with melancholy. Dru sat next to him her knee brushing his as she angled herself to look out.

"What is the sign?" She asked, "Surely you felt it and never knew."

"Ty said having a mate feels like relief." Blaeze said remembering their conversation that night. Then as he'd hunted his brother down for more info he'd been more clear. "Like all the weight and darkness in our souls is lifted, a peaceful being we want to protect and follow for all of eternity. Thats what Ty feels towards Bain, he aid that in the instant he saw her he was obsessed. I've never really felt that."

Dru looked thougtful and nodded. "I'm sorry." She said. "In our world there is no such bond between vampires, we have Thrall, who feed us. And Pets, who service our needs. We even create fledgelings to ease our loneliness. We marry, or take lovers, we date. But we are not so different from humans. A spiritual and soul deep bond that wolves and demons can have astound me. I envy it knowing the one being that was meant for you. It could have saved me centuries of pain and suffering and shitty dates had that gift been bestowed upon my race."

He chuckled as she did. Why was it so easy to speak with her? He should have clammed up on his personal issues the moment she brought them up. But he hadnt, he'd wanted to know more share more with her. She was interesting, and she didnt appear to be bored.He turned his eyes back to the sky and Dru giggled softly. "I wonder what Demon Hound blood would taste like." She mused. "Hot and heady or warm and potent?"

Damn that was definatly just blood she was talking about, he could see it in her playful eyes. He chuckled and returned her devilish look. "I wonder." He mused and then looked back at the sky she shook her head laughing and got up. She slid her fingers along his arm and walked off to the bar area again. He smirked as he watched her go, damn he wished he didnt have his biological issues to deal with.


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