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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Dru was apprehensive when she drove up to the quiet road where the rental cabins were. There was perhaps two on this road, made for privacy and relaxation. She sensed no one in the cabin closest to the road so she drove further in, she should feel nervous as she parked before a large suv and a lit up cabin, but she didnt. She felt serenity and peace as she got out. The door opened and she was met with the woman from the club the night before. She was dressed in a fluffy pink sweater and dark jeans tuched into knee high boots. Her hair was pulled up, but the black bangs framed her cheeks softly. "Drucilla Trellis?" She asked.

"Yeah." Dru approached and smelled the mouthwatering scent of blood and meat.

"I'm Bain," She smiled and opened the door wider. "Please come in."

The invitation warmed her already serene sense of being. She stepped into the rather large cabin and gaped at the lavish living den where a gas fireplace warmed the area. a kitchen and dining room was on the opposite side of the doorway, and behind Bain was a hallway. Probably leading to the bedrooms. "We were just going to eat, youre welcome to sit with us while we talk."

"Alright." Dru said and Bain closed the door. She then led Dru over to the table where two place settings were laid and Bain leaned over the counter leading into the kitchen.

"Come out and be polite." Bain spoke and moved back to face Dru. "This is my mate Tyrian Marrowsson, Ty for short, and you've already met my twin brother Blaeze. Ty is my first werewolf turn, I am also a mystic."

"I see." Dru smiled as they then moved to the table. She settled herself across from Bain at the head of the table. Blaeze and Ty filled in the spots in the centers. Food was set out and Blaeze took the moment to pour her wine as well as himself a glass. Bain settled her palms together as she looked at Dru. Her pale blue eyes were intense, and Dru wondered exactly what kind of mystic Bain was. She didnt exude submissive healer, she was like an Alpha.

"So you agreed to help, I understand it's asking alot. Allow me to explain in futher detail." Bain said as she looked down at her steak. She sliced a piece of to eat. Ty followed and Blaeze drank from his glass. Dru sipped as well, so as to not be rude. "A very long time ago, Bastian set up shop in a town my family moved into. As women of age my mother and I became maids in their household. This was before society was in tune with their rules and goodness. At the time the ley lines there were rich with energy, as in Ireland the Dark Forest exists. Bastian was a sorcerer and his daughter was my master. Claire was vindictive, a monster of a being. She began to use her fathers magic to draw Ty away from me. I was young and rash, I accidentally turned Claire. With her sudden change she was able to use the amulet around Ty's neck to poison his mind. Control him if you would."

"Oh my god!" Dru looked at Ty outraged.

"Yes, but at the time I was not able to fight her hold. I have a natural inability to connect with my wolf completly, we only agree on Bain." Ty said and looked utterly defeated as he said it.

"But It wasnt just stealing Ty from me, it was also the isolation of my mother and I. Bastian wants control of the ley lines, and to use the ley lines as he wants he needs to be intune with the earth. Only a mystic wolf can be intune with the forest, the earth itself. He tried to use my mother, but naturally she was so tied with her mate my father he couldnt control her. So he turned to me." Bain said and continued to eat, almost angry as she did. "He didnt beat around the bush, he captured my family and burned them alive in front of me. I was then whipped as a witch, a demon. When I awoke Ty was offered a deal, my freedom for his servitude. So he left me, and I was reeling with the loss of my family, and then my mate."

"At this time I was given new life by the goddess of the moon, but in the process I lost my own memories." Blaeze started and her gaze turned to him. He looked at her and all that heat she felt in the club was back, he looked raw, upset as he took his sisters hand and bowed his head over it. "I was unable to sense my sisters distress and comfort her as she was going through her pain. She thought us all dead and faced Claire on her own."

"I was young, and the reality of my life came crashing down on me as I healed from my witch torture. I was so absorbed in my mating to Ty and the jealousy I felt that I was not able to prevent my family from being killed. I was unable to properly protect my mate, and he went away with out a second thought to protect me." Bain slapped a hand on the table and growled, her eyes brightening dangerously. Dru was shocked seeing this she wolf, she was filled with pain just like Dru was. All three of them were, she'd misjudged Blaeze last night, he was in the same boat as her. "But the moon goddess gave me a wolf, a white wolf to comfort me because I had no one. I named her after my mother Missy. She was able to talk and joined me in my quest to rightmy wrong. As mystics seperate from the wolf pack it was my mothers job and mine to protect the land."

"Wait wait, was this around the time the purge happened?" Dru asked and Bain nodded.

"I learned through spying and stealing Bastians records, its mostly still fuzzy what I actually saw." Bain closed her eyes briefly. "But I needed to free Ty, the last of my family. So I called Claire out and offered her a piece of the mystical power that dwells inside me. In exchange for Ty. She wanted me to forget Ty completly. So I countered and summoned a spell to make them leave Ireland all together. It swept all the creatures not tied to the land itself out of the country. Until I myself set foot in Ireland no other monster or even Bastian himself can touch the magic the ley lines there have accumulated. He cant even touch the soil."

"Holy shit." Dru exclaimed. "This is big, the supernatural underworld has been looking for a way to get there forever. Communication with the dark fae has been off for years. The have to leave and they hate leaving their fae mounds."

"I'm in the business of revenge Dru." Bain waved a hand. "Bastian ordered all of it done, everything done to me, and Ty, Blaeze and my parents. I want to tear that bastard apart."

"To get to him we need to get to Victor Raines, Blaeze said he's an object of your past much like our Bastian and Claire." Ty said and looked at her. "We dont ask that you tell us your personal issues with him, only that you lead us to him so we can get the information we need before we hand deliver him to you for whatever you decide."

"Seriously, you'd just give him up?" Dru asked.

"Have you ever seen your family die infront of you? Heard their screams? Lost your mate in the worst way?" Bain finshed her steak and set her fork and knife down primly. "I have lost far too much fighting Claire and Bastian, I'm learnign from my youthful mistakes, I've lived centuries up until spring of this year not knowing who I was, where I was, or even what I was. But I'm remembering, and I plan to finish what Bastian started."

"Alright." Dru said and gulped the last of her wine sitting back in shock, this tiny pack of wolves astounded her. She was enthralled by Bain's resiliance, by Ty's devotion, and Blaeze's protectiveness. She settled her hands on the table. "So how does Desmond Greene fall into this?"

"Desmond Greene is a Blood Warlock. He is the master of the demons that Bastian uses to cover Claire when she emerges to hunt us." Blaeze said. "He told me where to find you and what to offer you, in exchange he wants Bastian dead. Apparently he has something Desmond wants."

"Well with Des it could be anything from a potion, a seal or even a grimoire." Dru said and lifted her phone to begin making arrangements for her plane to be readied. For her people to be alerted to her return. "Well I'll start with Victor, knowing Desmond his issues are more likely to be diffcult to decipher it's better not to know what he wants. Victor lives in a mansion near Stranraer, Scotland. This is where the elder vampires and their keepers live as well. I will get us a safe place to stay at then I will help you hunt him down. The mansion is most likely vacated by now, he was a bastard then. But we will find safety as Lochinch Castle. A safe haven for vampires will be extended to you. The Earl and his wife will be hospitible. I helped them a few times. Once we get there I can share more of who exactly Victor Raines is."

"Alright." Blaeze grinned and Bain smiled softly.

"Thank you, when shall we leave?" Bain asked.

"Whe is best for you the holiday is approaching." Dru asked.

"We can celebrate the holiday anywhere, pack is family." Ty said and linked his fingers with Bains.

"Then as soon as I can get you all set up with passports and almost legal papers we will be ready to go." Dru said, "Give me two days."

"I will ensure you have your vengence as well Dru." Bain said and looked up, the good in her eyes stung Dru. She was such a good woman, a good wolf, but she was willing to do the bad to honor her kin. Dru respected strong women, and she wondered if she'd even stood a chance against Bain. Even now she wondered who had been the master of this conversation, the woman pouring her pain out or the woman manipulated easily by it. Either way Dru resolved herself to face her past pain, to help this tiny pack as it deserved. She smiled and nodded she stood and Blaeze followed her out to her car.

"Thank you." He breathed as they made it to her car. She looked at this Demon Hound, so misjudged by her he still fought to get her here to understand. She leaned forward suddenly, vampire fast. Her lips closed over his with a soft caress. Quick, chaste, so he didnt have a chance to pull away. But he tasted of wine and fire. She smiled and traced his jaw with her finger. Scenting the arousal he suddenly gave off. She liked that, she liked how he smelled how he looked. Everything about him, but she wasnt willing to step beyond this just yet. Too many wounds had been opened listning to Bain's sad story. Too alike. So she plastered her sultry smile on and backed up to her car door, seeing Blaezes stunned face was enough of a balm to ease her pain.

"Youre welcome." She purred as she got into the car, she had work to do.


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