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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Blaeze was certain he was mad, or at least losing his mind. He knew he had messed up but he'd been unable to do much more than was his duty to his pack. But it had been hard. He'd been preparing himself to scent Dru out and demand help. Only to be surprised when she invited him up to her table on the second floor of the fae club. She'd been sitting primly, her mermaid eyes searing into him in a way no ones ever had. She'd flirted, and he'd allowed himself to flirt back. Until he rememberd he wasnt here on pleasure, so he asked for a favor, as much as he hated to break the spell theyd woven with just a few words.

She'd gone from her flirty self to a monster in a split second. Dru had jumped up, her nails lengthening into claws, fangs slipping over her red black lips. Glittering red took over her eyes and he found he was rapt by both shades in her eyes. His heart had started to race as she glared hellfire at him. Oh he'd messed up bad letting Victor Raines name slip in his request. She'd thrown a scathing remark to him before snagging her drink and slipping off as if he was nothing more than a blip in her path in life. That alone should have sent him packing. He should have walked away and left the poor vampiress to her rage. But it was the bitter scent of pain that had met his nose, it was as if even consumed by other people her scent was intune with him. The rage had singed him, the dismissal had enflamed him, but it was the sad tinge to her scent that had him out of his seat and across the bar at her side so he could explain further.

With his offer, with his words he saw her return to herself, slipping into her own skin again, but he could see the pain in her garnet eyes as they merged back into the mermaid blue green color. He found he liked that shade a lot more, and he remarked as such, lifting humor to her eyes once more. Oh he liked that even more. Then she adressed him flirtingly. Asking him if he found her eyes sexy. He couldnt help it, he played coy. "Perhaps." he smirked and she smirked back.

Dru was a minx, he could see. She settled her fingers on the bar and waved for another drink, a black martini came to her and she drank it down and chased it with a vial of blood. Then she looked around and narrowed her eyes. "Flirting later." She said and slammed a couple of bills onthe counter before moving to the side just as a man leapt from the crowd. Blaeze hadnt seen him, the magic really was messing with him. As she moved her hands came up sliding into the attackers hair. With a swift move she smashed his head into her knee then into the counter.

He grabbed her arm and tugged her out of the crowd. Dru laughed darkly and became the leader, she tugged him along out of the club itself where the magic rolled off of him like sticky ooze. Outisde he could feel everything again. He closed his eyes and inhaled trying to calm himself. Dru suddenly started laughing hysterically. "Sorry, sorry." She mused as she continued to laugh. "I get worried about you even going near Victor Raines, and here comes trouble from my own jobs!"

"Thats funny?" Blaeze asked lightly.

"Oh its ironic." Dru said as she sobered and her face slid into a blank mask with a sad tinge to her scent again. "If you had ever lived my life."

She tilted her head to him and smiled weakly. "I'll help, only because you offered me Victor. I'll come to the cabins tomorrow and find you to discuss this further."

"Alright." Blaeze grinned. "I feel bad making you relive that pain." He looked down and remembered what it was like to die, remembered seeing his mother charred and dying in his fathers destroyed burned arms. Their sobs of agony and death still rung free in his mind. Fire crept up his arms and Dru backed up and inch. He shook his hands and the fire vanished. "But Victor is the key to finding Bastian, I need to find Bastian for myself, for my sister, for my family."

"Yeah." She looked up, understanding in those soft eyes. She smoothed her hand over his cheek and leaned forward, her forehead touching his. "I knoo what that pain feels like, I'm sorry, I'll do what I can."

How he wanted to take those perfect lips, taste to see if she was still flavored with her drinks. He pulled away though, unwilling to allow himself this. Every woman he ever encountered and became intimate with lost their minds to his power, his instincts. He was a demon, and he was unable to find a mate. Any woman he bedded became crazed with need. Kimi his partner since her very own childhood had fallen in love with him. As did every woman. But Blaeze wasnt Spike for Kimi to love, he wasnt like that any more. Another time, another place, a younger form of himself he'd kiss Dru and see where fate landed them. But Blaeze wasnt that man anymore. The sanity of this vampire, the purity of any union was what mattered here. So he backed away from Dru and sighed , "I need to get back." He said. She smiled as if she knew his thoughts, and nodded.

"Then at sunset I'll be around." She smiled, "Get back to the human world safe now."

"You too, dont get attacked by rude men again." Blaeze growled as that thought bothered the hell out of him.

"Does that include you too?" She asked teasingly.

"Especially me." He smiled and shooed her off, before he headed for the entrance himself. Dru was capeable, that was what he had to tell himself or he'd trail her to her home. He didnt want to do that, no matter how much his inner wolf growled to do so.


Bain shifted unde rher blanket by the fire in their cabin. Ty snoozed in wolf form behind her and she warmed her feet as Blaeze returned, he entered the front door and sealed it with magic and locks. Then he moved to where they were. He kicked off his boots and settled next to her. Ty stirred and lifted his head to settle on Blaeze's leg. She watched as her brother tangled his fingers in Ty's fur and they sat like that, content in their pack relaxation. She slipped down so her neck was on Ty's back. She looekd up Blaeze's troubled expression and touched his fingers. "What happened?" She asked.

"She definatly hates Victor Raines, she agreed to help and will meet tomorrow night here." Blaeze said and Bain nodded.

"Ty, when we find out where we need to go find out the best routes to traverse as wolves, we will need to run and hunt. I would also like to get used to the town before we make it our job to kill the man." Bain said, "It woulbe be beneficial to have various escape routes established and a way to get to Ireland or farther from it."

Ty huffed and she tangled her fingers with her twins."Now whats really bothering you?" She asked

Ty looked up curiously and Bain smiled sweetly as Blaeze looked frustrated. "I like her, she's interesting." Blaeze spat.

"Oh and thats a bad thing, thats a bad thing Ty." Bain chuckled and tugged her brother down to the floor where she was so Ty could look down at Blaeze's eyes himself. Ty snorted and looked away. "I think he's being dumb too."

"Hey!" Blaeze growled. "Teaming up eh?"

"He's my mate its what we do Blaeze." Bain smiled and bumped her elder twins head. "You havent gone out or even looked at another women since the Kimi thing. I understand, she was young, and she wanted Spike, not Blaeze but not all women will."

"Bain, when we were in Ireland, I slept my way through villages of women, you know that." Blaeze said and growled angry at himself once more. "I've slept with perhaps two demons since I realized I had human shape as Spike in the entire time we've been apart. I had to eat both women because they hunted me down, crazed with heat. I ruin women Bain, I knew it then and it bothered me then, I cant bear to hurt anyone else."

"I remember you told me you didnt think you could have a mate, that one didnt exist." Bain sighed, "But if I can Blaeze so can you."

"I think it's different Bain, we used to think neither of us could mate, and we've never figured out if we can even have children." Blaeze huffed in annoyance. "What if I do have a mate, and I cant have children, goddess above how would I explain that to her?"

"The same way Ty and I handle such things." Bain smiled sadly and tucked her head against Ty's neck. It was an issue, since they'd discovered she was half demon and half wolf, she was unsure how that would affect their ability to have children. Either she was sterile or Ty was as the infected of an unnatural blending of two species. She was unsure, and so was Blaeze. "We dont think about that, we try to absorb as much of each other as possible, If I cant have pups, then I can at least have Ty for the rest of my life."

Blaeze looked down at her and she smiled sadly at him, he sighed and settled his head against Ty's muzzle with a grumble. "Goddess her eyes were everything, they go from mermaid scales to rubies in an instant. She went from woman to monster in but a second. I'd never seen anything so enthralling."

Ty changed shape and settled one of the blankets over him and tugged Bain up to his side. He settled between Bain and Blaeze and inhaled. "When I first saw Bain I was enthralled, perhaps it was the white hair, or maybe it was the way she ran away. Or maybe even that she wanted nothing to do with me." Ty said with a growl still peppering his speech. Her skin came alive just hearing that growly tone. "Or maybe it was the pull of her wolf calling me, I was her mate before I was changed, and I always have been. She's the only person to calm my wolf, to ease me form my rages. Bain is the light in my darkest life Blaeze. Perhaps you should think of things in a different light. Avoid serioous intimate contact until you are sure."

"From what I can remember you did say it was the sex that changed the women, not your kisses or anthing of the like." Bain said and stood up touchign her brothers face. "I'm going to bed now brother, dont torment yourself forever, I dont want you unhappy." She walked into one of the bedrooms and Ty chuckled behind where Blaeze was.

"If you like her Blaeze try a little, see if you can tell if she's a mate or not." Ty grunted as he stood up and began to follow her. She reamined pressed against the door spying as they finished the conversation. "No harm in trying."

"What does a mate bond feel like?" Blaeze asked, Bain strained to hear Ty's response and her heart nearly exploded with love when he answered.

"Relief." Ty said simply and bid his pack brother good night. As he came into their room he swept her up. "Eavesdropping is bad."

She silenced him with a kiss, too happy with him to even think of a witty come back.


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