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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain was still dancing, her body twined with Ty's and a few other beings as they listened to music and had fun. But what cut through the haze of enjoyment was the flare of her twin's power in her mind. She touched Ty's necklace and shared the awareness with him. With ease they detatched theirselves from the mass of people. Back at the table she waved to Blaeze at the door. He walked over looking serious but pleased. He sat across from her as Ty took up his perch next to her. She touched Blaezes arm and a vocal barriar formed around them. "Any luck?" Ty asked.

"Look at you two, caught in a spell, youre lucky I came back." Blaeze scolded and Baiin smiled before laughing.

"Oh we wanted to have some fun, we knew it was a spell." Bain said and tapped her nails on the table. "So what did you find out?"

"Bastian's off the grid no one knows where he is." Blaeze said with a snarl and a slap to the table. "What's worse is that he's not even ordering the demons around. They're trying to please him. Their own sworn master is pissed."

"Wait-" Ty frowned. "Demons have masters?"

"Yes, in hell they answer to a hell sworn Warlock. But here on earth anyone can summon them up, if they devour their summoner or they are let loose they remain here until a slayer or a hound gets them. Apparently Bastian is summoning up minions of Desmond Greene a Blood Warlock. He's only complying because Bastian has something he wants." Blaeze said. Bain thought about that, wondering for herself. "He told me he didnt even know where Bastian was, but he knew someone who could lead us to Victor though."

"Seriously?" Bain asked in shock. "Who is it?"

"A vampire named Dru, I met her stuck in our dimensional barriar when we were ambushed. I let her go but now I need to find her again." Blaeze said and shook his head. "I can find her unless you tell me to though, youre my alpha Bain."

"Any leads there?" Ty asked curiously.

"Desmond said she was here." Blaeze said motioning to the bar. Bain looked aroudn her eyes scanning before looking at Blaeze. "Find her, tell her we need to meet, outside an area like this, too many ears smart enough to run back to Bastian or his allies."

"You got it sis." Blaeze said and nodded. "When?"

"Tomorrow night is the half moon, so then." Bain said and took her brothers hand. "We are going back to the cabin, join us when you can, I can imagine you want to feed."

"I've got the phone, let me know when the marathon sex is done." Blaeze smirked and Ty returned it. Bain huffed indignatly.

"Not that it's any of your business." She stood and grabbed Ty's hand. "Let's go."

The vocal barriar evaporated and Blaeze sat back in the chair listening to his pack mates heartbeats as they wound through the outside area, listening and waiting until they walked through the exit passage and out into the real world. That done he closed his eyes and inhaled scenting for the vampiress he'd met before.


Dru reclined against a corner of the upper floor rail. Below she had a vantage point of the exits and the stairs, as well as the entire bar. It always did pay to be vigilent. She lifted her drink up and sipped the blood within, deliciously spiked with a german vodka. She loved german fae booze, it had a nice kick to it that blended well with blood. She had been up here most of the day, waiting out the sun, at sunset she did see two wolves, the white hair atop the females head gave her away as a mystic. But it was the long black bangs that caught Dru's attention. The demon from before looked just like her.

The man following her however had black hair that crested his head in a short fashion. Piercing blue eyes followed the woman's movements precisely. They wore a pair of amulets that matched, and Dru's eyes widened in respect. It was an anchient tradition to wear amulets to signify matings. They most definatly were mates Dru deduced as they joined the other creatures in dance on the floor. She watched for a long time over them, feeling a small part of herself open up and warm with joy. It wasnt the spell she had long since forced it out of her system, but as she watched the mated pair dance and enjoy life she felt as if she herself wanted to remember what joy was like. What happiness was like.

She spied the entrance of another demon, her eyes widening in amusement as she saw the demon from before. Blaeze his name was. His white hair was spiked back from his head in a messy style that looked utterly attractive. He also had black bangs and bright red eyes. She knew then that the two were twins. Only he wasnt a werewolf, odd. Dru watched as the three talked and smiled at the table below. Dru drained the last of her drink and continued her observation. The woman stood up and kissed her brother's cheek before tugging her mate along out of the dark club. Dru signalled the fae waitress. She came over and Dru turned her charm up a notch. "Fill this up for me, then see to it that demon down there with the white and black hair is seen to my table." Dru smiled coyly then slid the girl a decent amount of coins.

Within moments she saw the dainty waitress appear by Blaeze's side, she motioned up and he looked up to where Dru was seated. She waved a hand and smiled softly, he smirked and that small shit eating smirk made somethign inside her tighten with want. She watched him approach, the air of his brotherly love was suddenly vanished. As he approached the stairs and then the upper floor where the corners were dark, the air heavy with lust and desire. He moved with a sensual air that called to the predetor in her. Off in the back of this upper flood there was a dance floor, up here where the spell went from enjoyment to hunger she smiled. This was his element, she was sure. He stopped a few feet away and she motioned to the chair across from her. "We meet again." She smiled and looked at the dainty fae girl as she sat her drink down. "What would you like, you saved me yesterday, let me buy you a drink."

"Hell Spire." He looked to the girl and she smiled before walking off. Dru waited silently as the girl made his drink and returned, she vanished once more and Dru lifted her drink to her lips. She sipped as he gulped a drink of his. "So, I was just looking for you." He started.

"Oh, for something nice perhaps?" She asked lifting her brows curiously.

"Perhaps not, Desmond Greene told me you could help me find someone." Blaeze said. "As much as I hate to claim another man sent me, he told me where to find you."

"Dissapointing." She sighed and tramped down annoyance at Desmond Greene's name. "Business brings you here then eh?"

"As much as I would like it to be pleasure-" He stopped talking and looked into her eyes, her skin boiled with heat at the look he gave her. Pleasure indeed. "Business is what brought me here."

"Very well." She leaned back into her chair and set one booted leg over the other as she looked him over for any potential threatening moves. "Business it is. What can I do for you?"

"You can lead me and my pack to Victor Raines." Blaeze said bluntly. She felt her rage blast through her then, her hiss ripped from her lips just as her fangs descended. She jerked up from her seat and glared damnation down at Blaeze.

"Find him yourself Demon Hound." She snapped and stalked off to the bar, the mere mention of that name, she needed another drink. Perhaps three more of something much stronger. She walked into the haze of the desire spell and bee line it for the bar, ordering a stronger aged drink. The bartender returned with a martini glass with a blood test tube in the center, The booze itself was black. She downed it then used the blood to chase it. It burned down into her system and she smirked, oh yes, chase away those pains. She bristled when she found herself next to Blaeze again, he'd followed her.

"Allow me to change my statement." He said, "Victor Raines, has information on Bastian of Ireland. I need to get to Victor to get to Bastian."

"I cannot help you." She snapped. She turned away and Blaeze growled at the bartender as he moved to assist her.

"My sister is the mystic wolf Bain, her fight is with Bastian, he burned my family alive centuries ago, and a month and a half ago I regained my memories. I want a piece of Bastian like I want to feed on demon souls." Blaeze said placing his arms on either side of her. "I need to find Victor, becuase he knows where Bastian is."

"I'm just an otherworld smuggler Blaeze, I cant help you." She snapped, a lie, that wasnt all she was. But he didnt need to know that.

"Please, my sister, my twin sister is my alpha, she wants to meet tomorrow," Blaeze started. "Think it over, and we can meet then, outside town in the cabins."

As he backed up she grabbed his wrist and glared for good measure. "If I do help you, what do you plan to do?" She asked.

"Go after him, get what info we can." Blaeze said, "Desmond said that I could offer you Victor's head or pay you for your services. I can offer that."

"You must understand, Victor is my greatest enemy. Going after him is not just me leading you to him, and allowing you and your pack to beat the information out of him. He wont talk, he's a vampire older than you are demon." Dru said and growled at herself for being concerned. She wanted to run away as images of the past flitted before her vision. She gritted her fangs and jerked her drink up to down the rest of it. "I'll meet with your sister, and help, for a price."

"Name it." Blaeze said, she growled.

"I havent thought up one good enough yet to demand." She said with a roll of her eyes. "I will help though."

"Thank you." Blaeze smiled brightly and her heart thumped in her chest suddenly, she clutched her chest and looked up into his eyes surprised. "You know, the red is sexy, but the bleu green of your eyes is the best part."

"Are you calling me sexy Demon Hound?" She asked tapping the rim of her blood vodka glass and set it on the bar. Blaeze smirked and tapped her chin forchign her face up to look at him.



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