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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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The fight was uneventful, no one knew who was giving the orders, they were attacking trying to please Bastian and Claire. So far they had been off the radar over the past month and a half. That was disconcerting, Bain didnt like not knowing where they were. Ty was dressing next to her as she leaned on a car. She watched his muscles flex as he shrugged his longsleeve shirt over his head. "Do you think they've got control ov the ley line?" Bain asked.

"No." Ty said solidly. "The pact was broken by Claire coming after you. So your spell unwound and let your memories come back. Missy said that as long as you didnt step foot in Ireland, Bastian and Claire were magically bound to stay out of it as well. My bet is they're close to the northern coast."

"So we should get a flight there, check out the area?" Bain asked.

"Thats a wide area to search." Ty sighed. "Missy said she had a contact in England, but that was ten years ago and he was old then."

"Human?" Bain asked, "Probably dead, or no info on Bastian himself."

"We should look into Bastian's contacts, from what I lifted from Claire's car at the caves, letters were exchanged with a man by the name of Victor Raines." Ty said, "I did a little research on him he smacks of vampire."

"Vampire?" Bain asked. "How?"

"Missy and I encountered some while we moved you around, they usually leave you alone as long as they are left alone." Ty answered.

"So how do we find this Victor?" Bain asked.

"I dont know, hunt him down, find someone who can actually fly us where ever he's located." Ty mused, "We should look into the supernatural community, mystics are respected enough."

"Right." Bain said. "I'll just stroll into the area and light up our location to Bastian or Claires demon followers."

"Just a suggestion." Ty smirked, he looked over and Bain followed his gaze to where Blaeze was dropping from a building.

"This place is a maze." He grunted. "Any luck?"

"You know a vampire named Victor?" Bain asked. She watched her twins face as it split with a shit eating grin.

"A real one or the fake ones?" He grinned and she hopped over slugging him in the arm.

"Ty said he found letters from Victor and Bastian to Claire." Bain explained. "He might know where Bastian is, if we can get to him before he knows I'm close to Ireland we can end this soon."

"Right." Blaeze looked thoughtfull. "I dont know any vampires, but I can get us into a place that might."

"The Supernatural underground?" Ty asked. "You think you can find anything there?"

"You two?" Blaeze asked. "No, werewolves keep to themselves, thats just how it is. But me, I'm half demon, I can get anything out of anyone or they get eaten."

"So we go there, and you find us some info." Bain smiled at her brother kissing his cheek. "We will find a pilot who can take us where ever you locate Victor."

"I can manage that, now food before I vomit up demon?" Blaeze grinned holding out his hands. Bain took them and they pressed their foreheads toghether. The barriar evaporated and their alternate plane vanished. They were once again in a busy street the destruction and bloody bodies now gone. Her energy low as well as Blaezes. Ty hustled them onto the sidewalk and they made their way to a cafe for some food.


Blaeze stopped in front of an alleyway. Down in the back was an abandoned building, or atleast it looked like it. It was spelled to appear old, run down. but inside it would be an entire market city. Where demons and other beings hid from the humans and spent their time as they actually were. He hadnt been in one of these places since he had lived in Ireland. He looked at Bain and Ty. "The only rules in places like this are to be what you are naturally. Forget the rules of human society, this is our world, we are all we can be. Wolves and demons." Blaeze said and smiled when his sister nodded.

"Alright, in we go." He led the way through and found himself face to face with a door keeper. He flased his eyes and growled. Bain and Ty also showed how wolf like their eyes were and they were allowed admittance. Once inside the door they stood in a long dingy hall. An old wooden door carved with vines and leafs. He smirked as he saw Bain and Ty link hands. He envied their love, but was relaxed knowing Ty wouldnt allow harm to fall upon her. The door swung open and they were inside the dark market. Much like the human Black market only more otherworldly.

He inhaled the scent of ash and incense. He grinned and looked about, the layout was much the same as all the others he'd ever been to. They walked and Blaeze looked around discreetly for what could lead him to vampires. Perhaps even an Irish demon, anything to lead him to Bastian or even Victor Raines. They passed a small club and Blaeze waved Bain and Ty towards it. "I'm gonna go do demon things, wait for me here okay?" He offered.

Bain looked annoyed but he touched ehr cheek. "Trust me little sister." He smiled, and looked at Ty. Wordless discussion passing between them. He would protect Bain from anyone and let her do her alpha female thing. With that he turned and rolled his shoulders ready to hunt down demons and possibly leads.


Bain looked around the interior of the club Blaeze had led them to. She herself had inspected the stores, sensing spirits and other creatures. She took one step inside the club and heat washed over her, it called to the wolf in her. Waking the woman inside her anew. She blinked and looked at Ty who gazed at her with heat and hunger in his gaze. She smiled and he mirrored it, this place was spelled for enjoyment. Music whirled around them and Bain saw various people in other states of being. Some covered in scales, some smelling of sulfer. Right now she didnt feel like the demons were out to hurt her. She didnt feel like watching her back like someone was about to stab her. She moved to the closest table and seated herself relaxed as she took in the air. Ty settled next to her and they took in the air, the heat the music. It was glorious.

She looked to Ty and grinned happily, he cupped her cheek. "I've never been inside one of these places." He whispered.

"The magic that makes it is fae in nature. One of their clans resides in the Dark Forest in Ireland. The other in the Light Forest of Scotland. Their people create places like this all over, father told us stories, I remember that." Bain said. "Blaeze and he used to go there to look for work."

"I see." Ty smiled, he cupped her cheek and smiled when music started up again, it was a light tone that had the whole bar area hopping with happy creatures and dancing demons. A woman came out onto the stage, black smudges covered her eyes, and arms and feet. She floated on a purple energy cloud. Succubus. Bain's senses told her. But she lifted a microphone and started singing. Bain inhaled as her senses came awake and alive with the sound. She grabbed Ty's hand and dragged him out to dance. She swirled into her mates arms and was delighted that he was as rapt as her.


Blaeze walked the streets, his nose tuned into the serpent demon who was currently yelling at others in a nearby stall. He paused as he stood next to it and looked like he was watching the passerbys. "What the hell are you doing?!" He hissed. "You arent summoned to do anything, our master hasn't allowed you to answer!"

"Bastian is a strong warlock Ash, you know that." The lesser demon whined. "I dont think Desmond can protect us anymore."

The upperclass demon back handed the lesser. "Speak of our master that way again and perish. Bastian holds something our Master wants that is the only reason we answer those summons." Ash roard. "Begone before they get wise and hunt for us. In fact dont even come near me for a few days. You sicken me you disloyal filth."

Blaeze watched as the three demons evaporated into smoke. He rounded and captured the elder demons with a fire lit palm. He roared into the demons face and watched as it's serpentine features colored it's face. Long fangs spread and he hissed in response. Blaeze growled and snapped his jaws, the demon returned to human shape. "How can I help you Demon Hound?"

"Where is Bastian located?" Blaeze demanded. "Or Victor Raines?"

"I-I dont know." The demon Ash said and looked down. "I dont know those things, my master does. He does the business, I do the work."

"Where is your master?" Blaeze growled. He waited a moment and the demon studiously refused to answer. So he shoved his fist into the demons cest and let his fire coat his skin. "I summon you master of the Serpent, Warlock and controller."

"Thats just rude." A cool voice spoke up from behind them. Blaeze dropped the demon and looked at the red haired man. He wore glassess and was dressed in a black dress shirt, it was opened at the top to reveal a white shirt underneath. His black pants clung to his legs in the latest fashion down to perfect designer shoes. He smiled in such a shit eating way that Blaeze was on edge. "I'm Desmond Greene, of the Blood Warlocks. Head of the deminished Clan. All thats left, you call me here to kill me?"

"You work for Bastian, where is he?" Blaeze demanded.

"For the record," Desmond started his eyes blazing as his skin began to spilt and crack like porcelain. "I dont work for Bastian, he has something I value."

"What is that?" Blaeze asked.

"Noe of your business Demon Hound." Desmond said as his skin returned to normal and he looked at Blaeze amused. "You out to kill him?"

"My sister is." Blaeze snorted, and Desmond's eyes widened.

"Youre the twins, Bain and Blaeze." He said with shock evident on his face he waved a hand and Ash dissapeared into mist. It flowed to him where it inked into a teardrop under his right eye. "Well on that note, I will tell you what I can. Bastian hasn't been seen since the moon shoved him and his daughter clean out of Ireland. The rest of us were throw out as well. Because alot of demons and spell casters were tied to him. Ireland is so clean only the fae and wolves exist there now. All that magic building up, ripe for the taking. Bastian wants that."

"He always wanted that." Blaeze said annoyed.

"Yes but there has always been more he wanted, more power, he wants to take the moon goddess for himself." Desmond said. "But long story short, no one has seen him, only... Claire."

"What of Victor Raines?" Blaeze demanded and the cracking glass started again as well as the warlock's eyes bleeding black.

"That bastard is even more elusive, both bastards in need of death." He turned and ran fingers through his red hair when he looked back Blaeze saw him back to normal. "There is a vampire here Drucilla Trellis. Dru, a hunter of her own kind. She will help you find Victor, if you pay her enough or deliver him to her personally."

"Why are you helping me?" Blaeze asked suspiciouslly.

"Because I want Bastian dead more than anything else in this entire world." Desmond said. "And only your sister can ensure that happens by going to Ireland."

Blaeze was still suspicious, but the mention of the vampire he met earlier pleased him mildly. He didnt show it though he decided to glare instead. "Where is Dru?" He asked.

"At the lovely bare you deposited your sister and her mate at." Desmond grinned evilly. "I'll be in touch if I decide you need to know more."

"Why not tell me now?" Blaeze asked.

"Because what I want isnt mine, what belongs to me by right and name is corrupted just like your wolf." Desmond growled utterly dark. "When I have use of you I will seek you out. Until then-"

He stepped forward and set a small ring into Blaeze's hand. "This is how you summon me, touch a snake or bleed yourself on it. It will let me know youre in danger, and right now your little pack is all I have to get to Ireland."

With that he vanished and Blaeze was left looking down at a ring made for a woman. It had an elegant D and a C carved into the metal. Pure titanium, but old, set with emeralds and carved with thorns. He slid it onto his pinky finger and looked at it. Who the hell was Desmond Greene?


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