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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty was frantic as they returned to the camp, it was of course in ruins, so he headed out to their hidden stash of goods, all dry foods and the smaller store of tents and pillows and blankets. He and Missy had moved around alot to follow Bain, and they had massed various hidden stores like the one here, so he packed it up and they retreated from the camp. He was going to take the highway and drive through the bog to confuse their trackers. Then he was going to backtrack to a location they used about six years ago. It was a wise move, since their tracker was Bastian, it was his men in the motel, so he could trust they only used sorcery to track. With Bain and Missy so rife with magical abilities, he trusted that even Bastian would be fooled. They only caught up this time, because Bain had awoken. Ty wouldnt make the mistake again this time, he wasnt going to lose her. He wasnt going to betray her again.

"So who is Claire?" Bain asked. "I cant remember her."

"You will." Ty huffed as he focused on weaving the car through scents that wold confuse their trackers.

"Missy?" Bain asked.

"I would prefer you remembered as well. But perhaps a memory jog could help." Missy leaned ehr head up from her perch on the pillows behind the seat and looked at Bain. Ty gritted his teeth, he didnt want the memory to be jogged too much, Bain should remember at her own pace, despite the circumstances. "Claire is old like us, she's the daughter of a royal. He was a man that settled in our homeland to relax with his family, but he did much more than that, he sacrificed his wife so that he and his daughter could gain the magic of the darkness. They succeded and we learned that years after your sacrifice. Claire is his beloved daughter, she was always a spoiled brat, and you worked in their home, you were one of her many maid servents."

"A maid, seriously?" Bain expressed her disgust just as she would have long ago, Ty smiled at that.

"Ty was also deemed royalty in our homeland, though it was by circumstance." Missy mused.

"Seriously?" Bain looked at him and he had to force himself to focus on the road.

"My father was a blacksmith, and he married a dowager court lady. She was the late Earl's wife, and when he was murdered she was ruined, she could no longer bear children because she was mutilated by her husbands murderers. So she as well moved to our quiet piece of country, and fell in love with my father. They married and she eased into country life for him." Ty told her, that wasn't prominent in their life so he deemed it allowed to speak about. "My uncle however wantedme to take the title as her heir, I refused because I met you."

"You could have been royalty." Bain observed, her eyes lit with wonder.

"I preffered the life you gave me, the earth beneath my paws, the moon on my back, you at my side." Ty smiled. "That was what I wanted more than anythign else."

Ty waited for more commentary, he chanced a look at Bain who was staring out the window, then she slumped forward, he caught her and eased her seat back. This was like her sleep from before, hopefully she could remember something this time. He focused on getting them where they needed to be, she couls sleep and remember in peace as they were moving. Missy laid her head on Bain's lap and looked at him the sorrow in her eyes enough to make him sad as well. Their life had gone so horribly wrong. This time, they would try to make it better.


"Bain!" A male voice whispered through the trees, Bain glanced down from her perch in the tree, Ty was below, walking his eyes scanning the trees. He was too new to know she was directly above him. She smiled dispite herself, amused with him. This was their first day away from the town, work, she intended to keep it enjoyable. And the trick to that was getting the drop on Ty. She watched and waited as he placed a step farther, she dove out of the tree intent on scaring him. But he turned at just the right time for his wolf to sense her. He caught her and smiled slyly. "Caught you Bain." He laughed.

And just to wipe the smug look off his face she turned into a wolf, she leapt out of his arms and out of her dress, she pranced into the woods before racing farther in, to the parts of the forest that permitted only her kind, the parts that only cared for its bretheren. And wolves were welcome because Bain cared for the forest. She ducked out of a bush and into a small stream pool.

She sank her paws into the mineral sand that had softened from gravel rocks over the years. She remembered this pool from when it was new. This was her haven, her place of sanctuary. She changed back to human, slipping into the deeper water, the warmth it emmited was a welcome relaxation as she washed the earth from her skin. She paused as she heard Ty's paws pace the tree line, obviously looking for intruders before joining her. She waited, looking at the half moon while he changed. she sighed in contentment as his muscular form slid behind her, arms circling her. She looked up at him and he smiled at her. "I caught you again, what do I get as a prize?" he asked.

"What do you want?" She asked him, he lifted her amulet, the chain was a bright gold that was stark against her pale skin, even starker against her silver hair. Ty closed his fingers over it and huffed into her hair. His hands sank to her breasts, massaging and tugging her back to his chest. Lifting her hair to trail behind him she relaxed as he sank his hands into the water, fingers sliding against her core. She panted as he delved one in, then followed it and made her gasp in need. She looked at him, his eerie blue eyes so akin to hers she was blown back. Ty continued his mistrations, adding a second finger and makign her mad with want. She came in a blinding gasp that had her ringing, needing as she began to burn for him.

Ty, lifted her up, one hand holding her between her breasts, the other massaging her folds as he entered her. Bain hissed as pleasure speared her in time to his entry, moon above he was perfect. She hooked her legs behind him and arched to assist him as he made love to her. It was slow, his thrusts long and deep, giving her the luxury of his flesh, but not the ecstacy of their passion. She panted her body quivering as he chuckled in her hair and sped up, his wolf coming close to the surface, she cried out as they joined rougher. His hand delving through her folds to assist his movements. She cired out and came in a rush that had her howling to the moon in thanks. Ty thrust once more before he let loose an animalistic howl as he came. His footing lost they sank into the water, it cooled Bain down, and she swam to the bank, she reclined on the sand as Ty swam to her.

"I love you Bain." Ty murmured as he crawled over top of her, his amulet fell aganst hers and peace settled inside her, she leaned up kissing him.

"I love you too." She panted as he slid back inside her, she flung her head back as he started again, a second round in the long bout that would lead them to satisfaction.


Bain woke suddenly, she was on fire, her body remembering the touches, the smooth slide of her skin on Ty's. She panted as heat pooled to her lower body, she sat up and looked next to her. Ty was sleeping in wolf form, he looked up as she glanced at his black fur, he tugged the blanket over him and changed shape. He peeked his head out and was human once more. "You okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine." She smiled, warmth spread through her at his glance, she understood the joy and love in her heart when she'd met him. She wasnt too sure how to tell him the memory but she figured he'd want to know what she remembered. "I remembered you."

"Me?" He asked. His eyes searched her, "What memory of me?"

"Umm..." Embarassment made her flush he laughed.

"One of those huh?" He roleld to his feet to adjust the blanket. "Missy went to patrol if you want to talk about it."

He sat and she looked at him, just as ripped and gorgeous as he was then, his hair styled differently to match the times, but Ty was the same. She looked down, "we were off from working, and I made you chase me to a stream pool, and we... you know." She waved a hand. "We'd just finished when we got to the bank. I woke up."

Ty laughed suddenly, and looked at her the mirth in his eyes genuine. "You're missing something Bain."

"What?" She demanded panic setting in, was she remembering only pieces of an event?! "Is it important?!"

"Very." He said seriously. She grabbed his shoulders, intent on forcing him to tell her all before she had to admit the memory to Missy. Surely he wouldnt hold out if the memory was as special as it felt to her.

He tumbled back and she fell with him, as he touched her face. "You forgot, that when you and I mate, it'd never a one climax deal." He leaned closer, she was sure this time they would kiss. "We dont stop until we are forced to return to our duties. Even then it simmers in the air between us, worse when we're apart. You and I are a fire that cant be quenched."

She exhaled shakily as they got closer, eyes locked, lips closer than in the motel room. She was sure they would this time, her body begged for it. Until the sounds of Missy returning had the scrambling apart. Missy trotted in and immediatly went to Bain. "You're awake, did you remember something?"

"Yeah," Bain smiled, looking at Ty as he scrambled to find his clothes before he had to return to wolf form out of embarassment. "I remembered Ty."


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