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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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The air was chill as Bain stared at the road before her. She sighed and reminded herself again why she stayed out of towns. Now that she was remembering her past, she was a target. But she knew she wouldnt be able to find a way across the atlantic if she was in the forests. So she reluctantly made the decision to come into the city. The first week had been nice, being normal for a few days. She had gone to a zoo with Blaeze, went out on real dates with Ty. And they found a small copse of woods near their cabin to hunt in. It had been nice, watching Blaeze and Ty wrestle and fight. Experimenting with her magic with Blaeze, and enjoying the night with Ty.

Now she turned from the sight before her and held up her hands, Blaeze tangled his fingers with hers and they exhaled. Slowly a spacial barriar formed taking over the city. Effectively seperating the humand from the otherworldly beings. This way no humans could come to harm, nor for that matter could the environment. She turned again and felt her wolf rise to the surface. She stared ahead at where a pack of reptilian demons leashed a massive troll. She rolled her shoulders and slid her coat off. "Ty, you and I are taking care of the demons, Blaeze get that troll out of the city, the metal isnt good for it." She ordered. Ty responded by shifting into his monster wolf form. Bain followed suit as Blaeze rushed forward his boots leaving fire as he moved.

Bain rushed forward her body shifting as she did and she tore into the first demon she could. Ty snatched one out of the air as it would have grabbed her. She didnt have time for this crap! She had been casually shopping for chirstmas. It was only two weeks away. Angered by the hunting demons she slashed another open and roared her rage. She moved on joining Ty in swift movements and practiced fighting moves. She was pleased their training had pulled off. Ty was relentless when it came to training. She just hoped Blaeze could get the troll out of the city before it did any damage.


Blaeze quickly dispatched and absorbed the souls of the demons leashing the troll. He snatched the chains and tugged, forcing the mammoth size mountain troll to follow him. "Come on big guy, lets leave the nice city alone." He coaxed it to walk, trolls werent on his hunt list, so he needed to get it out of here. He rose to his full demonic height and covered it with shadows, then teleported to the edge of the barriar. It rattled its chains and he snapped them loose. "Go and down come back." He thought into it's mind. It bobbed it's head and set a huge lump of gold before him. How in the-?

Blaeze sank to human shape and moved to look up at the troll but it was gone into the forest. He blinked down at the massive peice of gold. It was as high as his hip. He laid his hand on it and it demeterialized into air. He'd get it appraised later. For now he needed to get back to his sister. He changed shape again and set off at a run, ready to save her and Ty. He passed the empty streets not seeing any more demons which was good in Blaeze's book. They werent overrunning the city, just trying to get to Bain. But why hadnt Claire accompanied them? On that note since the fight back in the fall he hadnt seen Claire.

A reptilian hiss caught his attention. on top of a building leading over to the street Bain and Ty were a demon was scaling the walls. Then he heard a womans scream. He valuted into the air clawig his way up the building to get to the top. Three demons had cornered a woman, her brown hair was sept from her face. She held a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. She slashed at the demons but barely managed to cover herself. Blaeze lumbered forward and snatched all three up into his jaws, he absorbed them in a blast of hell fire and magic. The energy swept through him replennishing what he had lost with the teleportation. He rolled his shoulders and dropped to human form. He ruffled his hair and looked forward at the woman as she gaped at him.

Now that he looked at her her eyes glowed red, and she smelled of blood and cemetary soil. Earth and copper. A vampire. He smiled good naturedly. "Sorry you got caught in our barriar. I'm Blaeze, a hell hound. The demons showed up full glory so we had to erect a barriar to fight without human knowledge." He explained. Vampires were prone to violence and he had accidentally caught her in the barriar. "I'm glad you got hurt, Bain wouldnt have been pleased if the demons hurt any one on our watch."

The woman narrowed her gaze at him and nodded. "No harm no foul." She said, "Thank you, for helping."

"Once I'm certain Bain and Ty have finished up I'll release the barriar." He said to assure her again. She nodded again and waved him off. He started to walk to the roof edge when he looked back she really was beautiful. Her eyes were a pretty green blue when she wasnt vampire aggressive. "What's your name?" He asked. She looked surprised and smiled then.

"Dru." She answered. He grinned and leapt from the roof.

"See ya later Dru!" he called amused.


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