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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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The battle with Claire decimated the entire mountains cave system. The entire place was uninhabitable as mudslides and earthquakes sent the town into panic. The Slayers whi had cared for him were planning to relocate in the States. The hunting in the mountins there were getting better. But when Bain planned to do her full scale assault on Bastian they would join her in the fight. Blaeze was ready to see that happen. Humans and wolves teaming up, unheard of.

Bain was plannign to hit the east coast of the atlantic, and find someone able to take her across the sea to investigate the signs of Bastian in the U.K. before she even set foot in Ireland. Blaeze planned to join her, but he had yet to say anything yet. The memory of their conversation after they returned fromt he caves was what told him it was time to move on. They had saton the roof looking at the moon, as they had days ago. "The moon Goddess swears the rest of our family is alive, I knew you were here, I just didnt know where." Bain admitted then. "I have to find Mother and Father."

"I didnt see them when I woke, I woke with no memories at all." Blaeze said suddenly. "I moved around alot until I made it to Asia, where the Slayers took me in because I ate demons. Then ownership of me passed from one generation to the next. They named me again and again until they settled on Spike. Seems they were off even then."

Blaeze dwelled on the thought of seeing his parents again, what was different was the bond that was suddenly forged between he and Ty, and then Bain. She was his Alpha, he felt it. The equivalent of a Wolf Queen in spirit. But that couldnt be, they had never run like a pack before, but now. Blaeze was sure he couldnt live without his twin and her mate. So as Bain and Ty got ready to leave packing the restof their things into the car he stood on the sidewalk perplexed as Kimi latched onto his side. Unwilling to let him go, he wasnt surprised, after all he hadnt said a word to the Slayers other than to thank them for food, and the long time hospitality.

"You arent leaving are you Spike?" Kimi asked. "Were partners arent we."

"Kimi," Blaeze started he nodded to Bain and she went to talk to Jade, Ty leaned against the car to watch both of them. Blaeze turned his attention to Kimi. "That is my twin sister, and my brother in law. I didnt know this until all the mental barriars holding my memories opened up. I've been living a lie for so many centuries when I should have been protecting my sister, my family. The years I sepnt with your fmaily were wonderful, with you I felt normal."

"Then stay." Kimi said as tears filled her eyes.

"I cannot." Blaeze said finally. "Come with me Kimi, I trust you with my life, you could be pack too."

She looked at him in shock and he wanted to kick himself. She was in love with him, always had been, he could sense it. But her eyes said she wanted to go, btu she wasnt going to. He knew it, and it was selfish of him to ask. She could have been a possible mate, but he knew now, that that was an imposibility. He stepped away and Kimi leaned up her fist connecting with his jaw. He allowed it, just like he had allowed himself to get close to her. This pain was his fault. And he apologized before he climbed into the car and waited on his sister and Ty.


"Are you sure it was okay to leave things like that?" Bain asked as they drove out of town. She looked back at Blaeze and he nodded.

"She fell in love with me, as a demon." Blaeze said. "She fell in love with Spike, but I'm not Spike."

"She could have joined us." Ty offered.

"I asked, she wanted to come, but she didnt really. She was in love with Spike and knew I couldnt be him anymore." Blaeze sighed, "As I once said, I dotn truly think I can mate, I drive any women not related to me insane, then they are ruined for all others. Not a comforting feeling."

"There is someone for you Blaeze, theres no way there isnt." Bain said and hooke her hand around the seat to touch his leg. He looped his fingers with hers.

"It's better this way, she could be killed in the life we live." Blaeze admitted. "So where to now?"


He walked through the tree line, snow crunching under his feet as he walked. The waterfall was coated in ice, the sound of it gurgling was muted by the layer above the rushign water. He saw the small remnants of the camp Ty and Bain had kept. It had been months since they had vacated. But he wasnt here for that, he walked across the icy river and up thorugh the forest to the cliffs.

He saw the wooden memorial and the everburning enchanted candles. He smiled absently and touched it in sorrow. He knelt and looked at the ground, he waved a hand over the ground and the dirt crawled up like sand dunes. There a few feet down was a silk wrapped body of a wolf. He leaned down and smoothed his hand over the head. Slowly he built the damage back into health. The as he lifted the body human limbs slid out, a pale leg sprawled, and one pale arm brushing his feet. He tucked her closer to his body and slid the slik away revealing her face. Serene in death, soft cheeks and a slender elegant nose. Elegantly arched snow white eye brows and hair. He inhaled and looked at the sky, power flowed to him, and into her. He clenched her heart in his magic palm.He pumped it and breathed power into her ear. Once the incantation was done he leaned back. "Time to wake up my love." He breathed. "The time for slumber is over, we have things to do."

Blue power cracked over her chest then over her eyes. They opened revealing the most startling blue ever. He sighed in relief and kissed her forehead. "W-Wolf?" She asked. "De-Demon W-Wolf...R-Roan?" She asked.

"Precisely my love." He breathed against her temple. "It's me."


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