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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ireland, Brigantes, Year: 528

Bain growled as the power eluded her once more she backed away from the lake and let out a frustrated growl. "I cant do it!" She huffed.

"Yes, you can love, if any one can it's you." Her fathers voice lifted from the shadows. She shook her head.

"I'll never be able to do it like mother." Bain sank to her knees and punched the ground. She was fifteen years old, and unable to call on her mystic powers. She was horrible at it, any time she called to the earth it tripped her, the moon she shifted involuntarily. She couldnt heal, she couldnt call water, she couldnt do anything! She felt tears slip down her cheeks as she looked at the moon. "Why cant I do it?"

She felt warmth slip around her and she leaned back into her twin's body. He sat behind her, his arms back to hold them up. "I know I'm not suspossed to get in the way, but I hate seeing you upset." Blaeze growled. "You'll get it soon, mother said her powers didnt surface until she was sixteen."

"But you already have some of your powers Blaeze, you can eat souls and conjure magic already." Bain sighed. "I cant do that stuff."

"Father said we might be able to share our powers between us." Blaeze said, "He said when we were babies, my hair turned white because of your power, and your bangs turned black because of mine. Thats why we look the way we do."

She tilted her head back and thumbed the shock of black hair that fell from his riotous spiky hair. It fell soft to his cheek bone in a jagged chopped lock. He cupped her cheeks and smooshed them together. "Stop getting upset, you have to be calm to be a mystic." Blaeze laughed. "But it would seem I got all the calm, and you got my demon temper."

Bain stood up and brushed off her leather leggings. Blaeze hopped up and held out a hand. "Lets see if we can do something together." He said and she took his hand reveling in the calm that swept through her. Then she felt their minds connect in a way she had attributed to their twin bond. She felt his hell fire and demon heat. Then deeper she felt his core, where she felt power that called to her. She delved into it and when she opened her eyes they were swathed in fire and shadows. Blaeze's eyes were closed in concentration. Then she felt him pull his power back and she knew they could indeed share between them. As Blaeze slipped his hand from hers she gasped, suddenly she could hear the forest in her senses, the moon above and the water before her. She inhaled and felt the power of a mystic flow through her. "You woke my shadows, so I woke your powers." Blaeze explained.

"I love you Blaeze." Bain leapt into her brothers arms and hugged her gratitude into him and he set her down easily.

"Now," He looked around slyly. "Dont tell Father or Mother."


Bain woke up, the memory sliding from her like warm silk. She blinked her eyes open as she heard fighting, yelling and screaming. She saw Kimi there in front of her. She let out a sigh of relief. Bain sat up and gasped as she saw Spike sprawled out, his wolf form sheened with sweat and blood. She saw the claw marks down his side, smelled the poision seeping from them. She felt the pack bond between her, Ty and him. She looked at Kimi who was worrying over him. She touched his head and inhaled as fire roared through her. She patted his ears. "I'll be back to heal you." Bain promised.

She forced her legs to work and stood up fire licking up her arms and faced the carnage that was Ty and Claire's fight. She was so proud her mate hadnt succumbed to Claire's influence. So she changed shape faster than she ever had, her monster wolf form coated in fire. She lunged for the fight, slipping effortlessly between Ty and Claire. Her roar was punctuated by the floor around claire ignigting. Ty's claws tore around her and she growled a warning, his teeth set into her shoulder and she knew she wasnt dealing with Ty, more his wolf. So she inhaled and let loose a howl. One that called to him, within moments Ty was back abd his tentive lick over the bite wound let her know he was back in control. The urge to protect her from Claire was growing in him, before long she knew he wouldnt be controlled by her ever again.

Claires frightened snaps and snarls were punctuated by her shifting back, once more Bain was struck by the level of desperation in Claire's eyes. She looked over to Spike and grinned. "My work is done." She laughed. "I may not have drained you dry this time Bain but I will."

Bain leapt through the fire just as Claire returned to her monster wolf form. They hit in a rush of fur and claws. Claire's claws went to rake down but Bain caught them, the poison still on those claws. Instead Bain snapped at Claire's throat. The little red wolf dropped to the ground and they rolled around and around, fighting for dominance. Bain continued to block those poisionous claws and delivering three successful swipes of her claws. Bain then recieved a bite mark on her side, her arm, and then onher ear. Bain caught Claire's un gaurded throat and went to snap her jaws shut, but suddenly air threw them apart. Bain landed in a heap Ty catchign her and falling too. She struggled up seeing Claire standing in a halo of eerie green light. "But father I did as you asked," She breathed. "No I didnt get the power, but everything else-"

The air sizzled and Claire vanished instantly, the air continued to heat until Bin knew that Bastian had warped Claire away and was now going to destroy the caverns. She leapt towards Kimi and Spike. She snatched Spike up as Ty lifted Kimi. They raced out of the cavernous room, and out into the tunnels. She looked at Ty and he nodded rushing forward to lead the way. Bain moved frantic as she moved. They had to get away, she kept scenting demons, humans, and wolves. Suddenly they were joined by the Slayers and they kept up their flight to get away. The light from outside loomed ahead and Bain tore out of it with everyone else at her side. Just as explosions rocked the ground. She tripped and fell rolling effectively to protect Spike. The cave entrance spewed fire in it's relentless search of oxygen before it gusted out. She slid Spike to the ground and shifted shape. Kneeling in the snow as ash rained around them she touched his head and heart. She needed to heal him, he got hurt helping her and Ty!

The energy spiralled through her and she began to wonder exactly how she got out of the spell. It was high level stuff."Bain will he be okay?!" Kimi exclaimed as Ty crouched on the ground changing back to his human shape. Bain went to answer but she felt the fur under her hands change, sinking into skin and below her laid a fully dressed man, he looked up, red eyes weak and dull. It was the hair that let her know what she was looking at.

"B-Blaeze?" She asked, he coughed and purple goo slipped form his lips.

"Bain-" He sighed. "I just remembered you, and me, I just remembered who I am."

"Blaeze?!" Ty exclaimed as he surged up onto his feet. He ran over bare feet crunchin in the snow as Bain forced her tears away so that she could heal her brother. Ty held him up while Bain did her thing, Blaeze lifted his hands and clothes appeared over both her and Ty, "Conserve your energy asshole."

"I'm glad you returned to her Ty." Blaeze coughed more purple crap up. "Now I can kick your ass for real."

"Shut up," Bain's tears fell as Blaeze lifted a hand to touch her face.

"I'm glad I got to see you one more time." He smiled, his head lifting to press against hers. "Little sister-"

He fell limp and Bain let out a pained cry, she reared up and looked at the sky her power began to grow and maximize. She laid her hands back on her brother and fored her body to heal him, her magic leaping to do as she commanded. She was crying, as she felt no heart beat. She wasn't healing him, she couldnt lose her brother too! She let out a hopeless cry and tried to concentrate. It was when she saw an iridescent glowign hand covering her own that she looked up. The Moon Goddess floated abover her hands placed where Bain's were. "This I can help with." She smiled at Bain. "But it is you who must pull him back."

She nodded and closed ehr eyes letting herself feel for the bond they should share. It was severed, there but broken. With a flex of her power the lines surged back together, and she delved deeper into her brothers being. Deep in his core she felt the poision, meant to take him out for real. So she poured her healing abilities here mixing them with his hellfire like gasoline, it burned the poision up through his veins, incinerating it as it went. The as she pulled back the warm and cool rush of the goddess' power replaced ehr prescence jumpstarting Blaeze's body. Bain opened her eyes and Blaeze's flew open. He let loose a scream of pain and he convulsed his legs kicking out at the ground, he rolled over and hurled up poision, blood, and black matter. He hunched over his breathing intense, his eyes wild as he looked around. He saw Bain and Ty, the Slayers and Bain hoped he was okay.

"Thank you, goddess." He breathed before he leaned forward and tugged Bain against him, then Ty. His family was okay, safe and sound as well as they could be.


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