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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty stared in horror at Bain, her head tilted back, hair pooling beneath her. She was out cold, her body lax with sleep. He lunged for her, and when he would have touched her his claws rebounded off of the air surrounding her. Ty roared and looked around, Claire smiled, her jaws wide with fangs. Until Spike snatched her up and Kimi ran to his side. "I'll see what the spell was." Kimi said and Ty growled his discontent.

As she worked Ty felt reptilian demons slink around him. His fur bristled and he yanked one up from be hind him, claws sliding into it's neck and up unto it's jaw. Wrenching violently he tore it's head clean off. The other wrapped around his waist and moved to snatch his amulet. He closed his fist over it and shifted down to his wolf shape. The jem glinting as he dropepd to all fours before it dissapeared beneath his fur. He backed up snarling and snapping. The demon writed onthe ground before rearing up yellow eyes gleaming with intent. Ty bared his fangs in challenge.

Until Spike threw his head back and roared in rage, his demon shape sinking back down to the base wolf shape. Kimi shouted and ran to him, so Ty leapt at the demon sinking his fangs into it's throat. With it's throat torn out in burst into ash and Ty leapt down to see Calire stalking towards Spike. His monster form roiled up and he snatched her scruff throwing her across the room. He looked at Spike and Kimi, he nodded to Bain and decided to face off with Claire himself. He tugged his amulet off and flung it to Spike.

His wolf roared to life within him tearing all control from him as he looked at Claire. Weak, worthless enemy. He grew in size again, his muscles bulging with violent intensity. He launched himself at Claire and she got the full extent of what she was trying to control, the monster in him was strong, he hoped they could wake Bain, because only she could stop him. Only she could quiet his beast.


Spike struggled up even as his side protested. It was when Kimi looked up at him that he knew he was in his human shape. He looked at her and sighed. "Help me over there." He growled.

"Spike, what happened to you?" She exclaimed.

"Not now." Spike hissed. "Right now we have to save Bain, so she can stop Ty."

He looked over to where Ty and Claire were scrabbling clawing and tearing at each other. It upset him to see that. So he stumbled over to the slab where Bain lay. "If I can decipher the spell we might be able to save her."

"Spike, I cant believe it you have human form." Kimi exclaimed. He looked at her small asian face and nodded. "Oh my god! Your side!"

"Dont worry about me." Spike growled. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he saw the emerald spell wound around Bain like chains. He shoved his hands forward and gripped the spell. He yelled out in pain as magic ripped along his skin. He cried out and the spell seperated, it litterally crumbled in his fingers. And Bain fell forward, her skin connecting with his and he arched his back as her visions coursed into him.


Ireland, Munster Kingdom, Hidden Forest Village, Year: 711

Blaeze looked up as he sensed movement near their house. But as soon as he caught the scent he tore off for the house. His wood splitting forgotten as he hit the doorway. Inside his mother and father were talking over dinner. But his father looked up, his eyes narrowing before his mother whipped around a snarl tearing from her throat. "Find your sister and Ty." She hissed but as Blaeze moved out the door he saw them, the small army of human form demons, and the sorcerer who summoned them. At his side was the wolf Bain had accidentally turned. Smelling her now he knew it was true. He had suspected, but now he was sure.

She raked him up and down with a leer and he remembered he'd forgotten his tunic in his haste to get to the house. "Well well, a house full of monsters." Bastian laughed. "How wonderful, I knew there was somehting off about you my dear."

Blaeze and his father both growled at the comment directed to his mother. She gripped their arms and backed up. "We need to run." She said.

"We cant run my love, Bain is missing isnt she." His father growled. "The little she wolf reeks of her and Ty. Where is my daughter and son?"

Blaeze didnt bother trying to ponder his father sudden protectiveness over Ty but instead focused on the enemy at hand. He snarled as Bastian pointed around him. "She's contained, as is her mate. But you all shall come with me, or my demons will take you all out, even you dark knight cant fend off this many and protect your precious wife."

Blaeze looked at his mother and his father who suddenly looked pained. "If we come with you, will you let Bain go?" His mother asked.

"Yes," Bastian spoke evenly. His eyes spoke lies but they couldnt fight it. Bain was the future, the only Mystic Wolf with full abilities. She was the wolf that would carry on the mystic legacy. It was their place ot protect her.


Blaeze sheltered his mother as fire lit the wooden and iron cage they were trapped in. His father wrapped himself around her and roared Blaeze turned seeing his twins horror stricken face on the dais. She was in pain, and he gripped the bars yelling when they burned into him. He screamed more as magic fire scorched him, he looked back to see his parents kissing fervently. Their last moments together. His heart beat wildly and he reached inside himself he severed his mystical link with Bain to protect her from their deaths. That much he could do.

He lay in the ashes gasping his last breaths, listening to the frantic dying heartbeats of his parents. And that was when he saw her, a white specter in the air. She was ethreal beautiful. Her eyes sadened, her features warm motherly. She leaned down to him and cupped his charred cheek. "Forgive me, I could not get here sooner, The damage is extensive"

"My...Sister..." Blaeze huffed.

"She is broken, and you are dying." She leaned down, "I cannot intervene in life and the powers of a dark mage, but I can influence those of mine. I will give you new life, and you will live on to battle this evil man another day. I will give you all new life."


He was in pain, but as he woke the pain was gone. He looked down at his black paws lying awakwardly. He was in a ring of ashes. Heat from the ground beneath him heating his body. He felt warm but hungry. Who was he? What was he? He felt something cold and lonely inside of him, it hurt to reach out to. What was that?

He struggled up to his feet, his legs quaking with the effort. His tongue lolled out of his jaws and he snuffled his side. He wasnt injured. He looked up, as he saw a naked woman flit from the trees with a man. She danced around him singing as she did, it was when she turned that he saw the scales around her eyes, and the pink spell wound around the man.

Growling he lunged for her, energy coming form no where spurring him on until he ha dhis jaws around her throat and her life blood pouring over his muzzle. He reared back as his jaws opened wider. Orange light glowed from his gullet and she became ash, a burst of energy filled him, this one sustaining itself. He backed up in shock, it would seem that was what he needed to eat. He started away from the crazed man and began to explore the area. How strange was he demonic in some way? Or something else entirely?


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