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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty paced he was restless, the idea of Bain being in Claire's hands was a frightful feeling. He tried to tell himself she had gone through the same thing in the fall when Claire captured him. He sank his claws into his palms as he leaned against a door frame in the safe house. His eyes followed the movements of the Slayers as they prepped and gathered their weaponry. Spike's head butted against his leg and he looked down. The wolf sat looking at him with sad eyes, they hardened and he nudged Ty. He didnt want Ty to feel guilty. "Too late, I let my mate fall into the hands of our enemy. Plan or not, it doesnt excuse my inability to step in and end Calire." Ty said and froze when he saw all eyes were on him. Kimi threaded her fingers in Spike's ruff and her eyes lifted to him.

"So wolf, what is our plan of action to get Bain back?" Jade asked, her eyes dark, the plan had been messed up by their run. He looked at Kimi who was intent but he wondered if she knew about the bond that had been formed between Bain, Spike and himself.

"We go back to the spot she was taken, Spike and I track you follow behind in the cars until we gat close then we move on foot." Ty said. "Then once we find the location Calire will be in the biggest room she can find. One with sky access. She uses it to get away when her father comes to assist. I'll most likely find Bain there, so you Slayers concentrate on thinning the gaurds and demons. Spike and I will hit the center room."

"What about me?" Kimi asked her eyes narrowing. "Where Spike goes I go."

"Thats what I meant." Ty bared his teeth, he didnt have time for this. "Let's go."

Spike bumped his side again before he bound out into the snow. Kimi shouted after him and Ty watched with an odd expression. He needed to get himself under control, Spike wasnt pack. he hadnt had a pack since Bain's family died. Or suppossedly died. Spike would stay with the Slayers the sooner he realized that the better.


Ty was pulling away, Spike could sense it as they moved through the snow. The magic of their run was gone, the pull was dwindling. He wanted to chase after Ty as they hunted for Bain, but now he felt Kimi's mind pressing on his. She was afraid, insecurities rising to the surface. That run and hunt had changed Spike, he knew he was changing, he felt it. He was becoming more aware of the world, as if now he wanted to exist outside of the Slayers mountain. He shook his head and continued following Bain's scent.

In an absent thought he changed shape and loomed above them to spy ahead, as he did he jerked down as he felt magic rent the air. He lunged forward snatching Ty up before tossing him up onto his shoulders. Ty changed into his monster wolf shape and clung as they wove through the trees. Magic blasts hit the snow covered ground and Spike made for the road. Upon hitting it the Slayers swerved to a stop and he whipped around teeth bared and fire licking along his paws. Down the road he saw the demons in human shape walking towards them. Powerful, mages by the look of them. "We've got this!" Jade called from one of the cars. "Go ahead, we're right behind you!"

In response Spike bound forward and snatched one up hell fire in his stomach leaping forth to devour it. Power surged through his limbs, and Spike propelled forward again. Ty clung until they neared the huge cave system they had holed up in. Spike closed his eyes and sank down into a smaller shape, easier to move about. He and Ty moved as one, their bond from before opened wide, and through it Spike felt Bain, she was weak. Something was draining her power, pulling it from her in massive quantities. Spike rushed forward and they navigated the complex tunnels until they found a huge stone door. It was carved with native american art and pictures. Spike felt Kimi approach and he whipped around in shock. She couldnt be here it was too dangerous! He growled at her and she waved a hand. "Are we going in or not?" She asked.

Ty shoved the door and it wouldnt budge, so Spike rose in shape and barreled forward, his bulk smashed through the door. He roared his teeth sharp as Ty howled their victory in getting through. But what scared Spike then and sent Ty raging forward was the sight of Bain. She was floating above a stone slab. Claire knelt over her whispering in a different language. Spike lunged forward and Claire stood up. "Youre too late! The spell is cast!" She laughed and lunged forward her body changing shape immediatly. "Just give up, Bain's power is mine!"


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