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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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It happened when they were returning to the car, shaking off the last remnants of the change and the run Bain felt tired. The high had worn off and she was deliciously exhausted. If the moon were full she wouldnt feel so weak after the run, but she didnt regret it. She just wished she could keep Spike and live in this tiny pack together. Instead she dressed, her clothes cold from the air and slightly damp from the snow. As she walked from the brush the air shifted. She whirled to see Claire behind her leaning on a tree. Ty roared from a few feet behind her where Demons were perched on the car and in the trees. Spike rose to his full demon size, his massive muzzle pulled back in a viscious snarl. "Enjoy your run Bain?" Claire asked mildly.

"Claire." Bain greeted her fists clenching as a surge of energy came from the moon and earth. Claire watched her as if she could feel the pull.

"Are you ready to give up?" Claire asked. "It's time you do."

"No," Bain sighed. "But if I go with you do you swear to leave my brother alone?"

"Absolutly Bain, if you dont fight me now and come along peacefully, I'll leave your brother in peace." Claire smiled sweetly and held out one prim hand. Bain shook herself and looked to Ty who looked utterly enraged. Spike whined and his muzzle slid between her and Claire. He growled and laire backed up a step. Bain slid her hands over his muzzle and inhaled his demon scent.

"It's okay Spike, I'll be fine." She said and patted his nose. She looked back at Ty smiling slightly to ease his upset gaze. She stepped back and inhaled taking her amulet off and tossing it to Ty. No sense in letting Claire find another way to get at Ty. She walked around Spike and forced her hand off his muzzle. Though all she wanted to do was wrap herself in his fur withTy at her side. She was protecting them and the Slayers by going with Claire, and they would have the jump on Claire then. Bain lifted her chin and held out her hands. She was the leader here, she wouldnt second guess this decision.

She trusted Ty to find her, she trusted Spike to get him to her safely. She trusted the Slayers to assault the location Bain would be in, and she now needed to trust they would save her. She also needed to trust her brother was safe, that she was keeping him safe by doing this. She nodded her head and when Claire's hand closed over her wrist Bain was transported from her own mind into a memory. It slid over her with warmth and heat, but it wasnt comfortable.


Ireland, Brigantes, Year: 520

Bain yanked at her arm, she looked across the small opening in the crowd where her mother stood defiantly as a man tried to tug her from her perch. Bain had just learned how to integrate and socialize with humans today. Blaeze was off hunting and cutting wood for their new home. But now, Bain was in the clutches of a man who was assisting in the capture of her mother. "Mama!" Bain hissed.

"It's okay Bain, dont worry." Her mother spoke softly. "Were not going anywhere. Unhand my daughter."

"Why dont you come along all nice like and well let the little welp go?" The man offered seeing as he couldnt make her mother budge no matter how hard he was trying to pull on her arm. She whipped her arm out of his grasp and lunged into his space. Her sleeve tore with the shift but it was concealed by the mans cloak.

"Unhand my daughter and you get to live." She snarled, her teeth long and sharp in her human face. With her hair pulled up and secured with a head dress her face was smooth, her teeth stark against her lips as she snapped at the mans throat. Bain felt relief tear through her and her fingers changed into claws at her silent will. She whipped around and slashed the man holding her. His hands opened up with blood and Bain darted for her mother. She was swept up as well as their basket of fruit and vegetables.

"Mama?" Bain asked.

"We need to leave now my love." Her mother said and they made it out of the village with ease. It was when they got to the forest Bain saw what had her mother upset. Papa was waiting outside, a look of anger on his set jaw. He was armored, he must have just returned from his hunt. Bain felt fear set into her at his violent expression. As her mother stopped he looked down, red eyes blazing.

"Your hurt."He said plainly.

"I'm fine my love." Her mother set a hand on his jaw and he bared his teeth in anger. "Let us just go home."

"Home?" He asked with a twist that tore him a few feet away as he balled his gloved fists. Bain watched him with worry and fear, who knew what he would do like this. She kept quite so as not to draw attention. "I cant go home smelling another on you, smell the bruise on your arm, the fear permeating from your skin!"

"It's okay!" Her mother said with a hasty shrill tone. He turned and cupped her cheek looking softened.

"It's not okay my love, no one is allowed to hurt you." He growled and looked over then, his red eyes centeringon Bain, before they widened. "No."

"Papa?" Bain asked. His hand shook as it reached to her, and she felt his finger smooth over her stinging cheek.

"Who hit you Bain?" He asked. She froze as her mothers body tensed up.

"The bad man who wanted to take mama somewhere. He grabbed me first then mama smashed his face into the well. His friends came then." Bain admitted shamelessly. Her mother sighed and set Bain down. She then wrapped her arms around Bain's father as he seethed. He rolled his shoulders and took both of them into his arms. He hugged them both and Bain squeezed her fathers shoulder and arm happily.

"Take Bain home." He said darkly.

"But-" Her mother started to protest.

"Let me be your mate." He said with a strained laugh. "Just let me do this one thing. It's all I can do for you and my daughter."

"Youre going to raze the whole town I know it." Her mother looked at her husband and Bain touched both their faces.

"Papa dont be bad, mama dont be sad." Bain smiled. "Papa loves you."

"Thats right, Papa loves you so much that when another man even looks at you he wants to eat that mans head off and burn his body." Her father said evilly.

Bain giggled and patted his head. "Now papa's being bad on purpose." Bain smiled.

"When arent I love?" He smiled and brushed one thumb over her cheek. The pain evaporated instantly and she smiled giving her papa a kiss on the cheek for healing her. He backede up and pointed down the road to the forest that would lead them home. "Go, you dont need to see this."

Her mother nodded and shifted Bain on her hip before picking up their basket and starting off at a light jog to make it to the woods. Bain settled her cheek on her mothers shoulder. "At least he's not upset now." Bain whispered.

"Oh he's angry Bain, just like I was when that man hit you." Her mother said. "I just didnt want to see him stain his hands again."

"Humans are dumb," Bain said simply.

"Yes, they are."


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