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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty perched on a small cliff while Bain danced in wolf form with Kimi and Spike. She was teaching them and the hunters Claire's fighting style. Ty was keeping watch, but nothing was going on so he turned back to watch as Bain played an underhanded attack by slashing at Spike's over sized eyes. He yelped and backed up. "She really fights that dirty?" Kimi hissed. Ty tore from his perch and attacked Spike from behind. His monster wolf form exploding from his human skin. He grabbed the demon's leg and flung him as Bain leapt into the air her teeth inches from Kimi's face. Then she pulled back and dropped to the ground her body reverting to human.

"She fights with allies, always demons raised to obey her." Bain explained as Ty returned to normal. "She will be gunning for me, but if given half a chance, she will capture Ty, she wants him just as bad."

"Why?"Kimi asked as Spike set her down and the other Slayers patted his fur.

"Because Ty is mine." Bain said, Ty smirked as he gathered their clothes and dressed. He wasnt really bothered by their nudity, but he was sure the Slayers might not like it much. So he covered himself until his pants were on. "And I am his. She doesnt have a mate and assumes since she is the only other wolf I have personally turned, Ty is hers."

"I think the insanity is also a contributing factor." Ty said as he settled his coat over Bain's shoulders. She looked up at him amused and nodded. She started to dress and he flopped onto the groound inhaling the scent of the forest around them. He might not get much of a chance to run soon, so inhaling now was a good thing.

"So were agreed, I will go out into the center of town and call her out. She will take me to wherever she's holed up and you will follow. Spring me loose and we fight our way out?" Bain questioned as everyone gathered around her. Ty was struck once more by how much she had matured since their days together. He remembered how difficult it had been then. But now their love was with ease, he didnt feel the need to hide, to protect her form herself. Bain was in full control of herself. Neither of them were consumed by jealousy and the era.

"I still dont like it Bain." Ty growled. "She could do anything to you."

"I can handle Claire, I would be more worried if she took you, she can control you." Bain said. "The biggest thing we will need to worry about is her getting anywhere near Ty's amulet. His wolf is greater than his human mind. If she touches that amulet she can control the wolf, and make him do anything she wants. Even attack me."

Spike looked at him sharply and Ty eyes the red in the wolves eyes. He ducked his head in apology, that was his greatest shame. He was a monster when he was being controlled. He had worked arduously the commune with his wolf side. To get on the same page. The only thing they seemed to agree on was Bain. "I can track Bain to the ends of the earth. So getting to her wont be the issue." Ty offered.

"The thing is stopping the spell she's going to use to siphon my power." Bain said with a sigh. "Only a wolf can benefit from my power, as such, when I'm lost to the energy, only a wolf can touch me, or someone of my blood. I doubt my brother knows whats going on, so Ty will have to get me out of range of the spell. I'll need you Slayers to clear a path in, and out. Were going to tear the demons apart and leave Claire with no allies. Bastian will intervene."

"Hopefully he wont." Kimi said and sighed. "This sounds like a lot of bullshit work for no real reward."

"If Bastian gets control of the Ley lines in Ireland the Dark Forest will be his. And if he has control of that, the world could be next. Those are powerful things. I can only hope the current Wolf King has stopped being a douche long enough to fight Bastian off." Bain waved a hand. "Thats beside the point though."

"So when do we begin and crush the demons that hurt my Slayers?" Jade asked as she broke from her husband.

"Tonight at midnight." Bain said. "And everynight after if she doesnt show."

"Fair enough." Jade nodded. "You heard her, we'll work the details out as we go."

Ty sat up and tugged Bain to his lap, where he inhaled her hair and rubbed his cheek along hers. She waved and the Slayers descended to the cars. Ty held onto Bain as his heart raced. "I dont know exactly what you felt when I was taken by Claire. But I'm assuming it's like the fear I'm feeling." Ty spoke. "Know that I will come, I will save you."

"I know you will." Bain said and pressed her forehead to his, he inhaled and wanted nothing more than to gather her up and hole up in a hotel for the winter months and make love until the end of time. But he knew better. He knew he couldnt do what he wanted until this was over. His mind whirled with desire to make Bain his wife in name, in all things he wanted to give her a home, a real one. He wondered if some of the property in Ireland was for sale. He should look into that now, somewhere for her to live, to roam. He wondered what he could do to make this more permanent than it was. Reluctantly he let Bain go and sat up.

"Let's go into town for dinner, and shop, you need some more clothes, and I could use a lap top." Ty said and she nodded. "Kimi, Spike, know any good restaurants?"


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