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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain looked over the map of the town and noted where certain things were. She sighed as she couldnt find any place Claire would hole up in. "I guess the only thing we can do is try to draw her out by being out. Ty and I still have to get a car, and plan our route to the coast." Bain said looking at Kimi. "I'm sorry we dragged you into this, we should have lured her away first. Now she's associated you with me."

"Is there any way to draw her out?" Kimi asked.

"Give myself up." Bain sighed and slapped her hand on the counter to. "We could run, Missy always made us run when Claire started to hunt me. She wants Ty more than anything else. But from what I can see she's not working for herself right now. Which means Bastian wants my power, I still dont know why. It does ebb with the moon. After this long I can feel it has returned to me. Perhaps thats what this is. He wants my power, he wants Claire to get it because she's a werewolf."

"But he knows you wont come willingly. So he wants to use your brother in your place. Hoping to get both of you." Ty said and nodded in understanding. "I hate the idea but you should draw her out and end it here. That way we can leave with the Slayers safe."

"But if I do fight and dont find Blaeze, then she will come back and tear the moutain side apart lookign for him." Bain leaned back in her chair. "We should just bide time for a few days, see if I remember more. The visions are coming frequently."

"Lets do that." Jade said. "If you can find him, then beating her will be a cake walk."

"If you dont mind us staying here to keep her from setting more demons loose on you." Bain said. "You watch our backs we'll watch yours."

"Sounds good to me, Kimi keep an eye on them. You and Spike are responsible for making sure Bain and Ty dont get attacked without a Slayer there to back them up." Jade ordered. Kimi nodded and Bain stood swiping the last piece of bacon from the platter on the counter. She munched and looked at Ty.

"Let's go get to a bank." She said. "Then get a car."

"Alright, you two coming along?" Ty looked at Kimi, she nodded and Spike stood up from his spot on the floor.


His mind was whirling as he followed Bain and Ty through the town. A leash was secure on his collar as he walked beside Kimi. He padded along and his nose twitched with human scent. He could feel the other supernatural creatures all over. Demons in human guise, vampires in the shadows. He kept moving and focused on the two wolves ahead of him. He wasnt hunting, he was protecting today. But his mind kept going back to the dreams he'd been having. Dreams he'd absorbed from Bain's mind. She had lived a sad life, a different life. He stopped as heat flashed through his mind. He was seeing the future. Bain fighting, her claws extended teeth sharp as she roared. Ty beside her covering her his monster wolf form rippling with raw power. And Kimi crying, her hands burried in his fur. Why was she crying? Kimi wasnt allowed to cry. "Spike?" He jolted from his premonition and looked at her. She was kneeling and running her hands over his ears. "You okay?"

He leaned forward and licked her cheek. She smiled and his heart skipped at the pure glint of it. Why was he feeling like this? Was it Bain's influence? He wondered. He stepped forward and rested his head on Kimi's shoulder, what was happening to him? He looked around and resumed his dog act so Kimi returned to ease. She walked forward and he followed so they joined Bain and Ty at a bank. He saw outside attatched to a tree for human sake. He stole a moment and tugged free. He walked to the back of the bank and centered himself, he changed shape for the first time in a long time. He looked down at human hands and human clothes. How long had it been since he'd assumed human shape? Since before he met Jade's great grandfather. He'd played the part of Hell hound, dog, companion. But his heart was singing to run, to follow Bain and Ty on their quest to Ireland. Why?

Spike heard their voices and returned to his wolf shape and padded back. Something was wrong with him. He'd never felt like this before. He looked up at the afternoon sky and felt Kimi pick up his leash and chastised him for running off. He ducked his head and his eyes lifted too catch Bain's playful ones. In a singular second he was sure he'd known her before, somehow. Somewhere they had met, but where? He hated this, so many questions. No answers. He turned his head and they continued on as they made it to a car lot. Spike curled up under a bench while they talked about the car. His eyes closed and he picked his brain for the new dream he had absorbed.

He walked through the forest, his heart was beating wildly. Sadness seeped into his mind, so he knew she was upset. So here he was walking to the mineral pool that was so infused with his sisters scent and her mates it sickened him. Gross. He saw her there, in wolf form, utterly defeated. That inspired some rage in him, no one got to make her feel like that.

He crossed over and sat next to her, her head lifted almost to warn him off until she relaized who he was. So he ran his fingers through her hair. "What happened?" He asked. Images burned into his mind fromtheir link. Of her hunting for Ty, seeing him at the ball. That enraged him for seeing that ungrateful wolf with another female. Until he saw his twins reaction. "You overreacted." He growled.

She snarled and he flicked her ear punishingly.

"You know better than that. How old are you?" He snapped. "He cant leave you idiot, it would be painful to do so."

She looked up hopeful.

"He's your mate, the only man you have ever been with, the only man you can be with. Thats what destined mates are." He said soothingly. "Go to him Bain, and make things right, he loves you. Not even I can come between that."

She sat up and changed shape, her long hair cascaded over his arm and she tilted her human head to his shoulder. "I've gone crazy Blaeze." She said. "I've never felt so much rage in my life."

"A mate always inspires rage, protectiveness, possessiveness." He tiltd his head back and looked at the sky, "Im jealous you can feel such things. Mother and Father are worse, he kills any one who looks at her."

"Did he do it again?" Bain asked.

"A demon colleague again." He chuckled. "You almost tore a whores head off over Ty, you got his temper."

"No mate for you brother?" She asked amused.

"I dont think I can mate sister, I've slept my way through women in every town I work in. No twinge, not overwhelming need to possess. Perhaps I cant mate at all." He rubbed his sisters head.

"You will one day brother." She said and stood up. "Let's go home."

Spike growled as he saw the dream before his eye. What was he seeing? Why was he seeing her visions? Was it because she had siphoned off some of his power? That had to be it. "Spike!" He looked up seeing Kimi pointing to a huge black jeep, "Time to go!

He jumped up and loped over. His head bobbing with movement. He leapt up onto the seats and saw Ty and Bain up front, Kimi on the seat behind Ty. He settled with his head on her lap. His life was infinatly weird, but it was getting worse by the moment.


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