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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Sure enough three days after Bain had turned into a wolf, she couldnt do it again. It frustrated her and she decided she was going to pester Ty and Missy for questions. They were currently walking from Ty's jeep. They had come to town so Bain could gather her things, she wasnt fond of leaving the only home she knew, but she trusted Ty and Missy, that trust rang in her heart solidly. She would go with them, and learn about herself, as she had desperatly tried before, the desire was back stong and sure for her to find out who she really was. "So how old am I?" Bain asked as they walked down the streets towards the mini motel she rented a room in.

"Old." Ty laughed.

"How old?" She asked, she looked at Missy.

"You were born in the year 513; in early spring." Missy announced. Bain stopped, "That makes you 1,499 years old."

"Holy shit! What about you two?" Bain asked in shock. There was no way she was that old, but then again, she did turn into a wolf.

"I am much older." Missy murmured before kicking up her Im-a-dog act for the street people. "Ty is 1,329 years old born in 683 late autumn."

"Jeeze Missy." Ty groused.

"So I'm older than you?" Bain laughed as she jabbed Ty in the side, he slanted her a bored look.

"Age doesnt mean skill." Ty kept walking, Missy's overly long leash between him and her. Bain chose to be amused. They walked as bain peppered them with questions about who she was, only getting the same answer from Ty. Figure it out for yourself. Bain led the way into her motel, she closed out her rent and told the owner she;d be out by the end of the day. And as she led them to her room she got self consious. She didnt have much, because she didnt need much. She opened the door and Missy slipped inside first, then Ty. "Is this it?" Missy asked.

"Uh,... yeah." Bain folded her arms.

"Theres so little." Missy observed as she walked the whole ten feet of the room and back. "This room is little."

"I only really stayed when it was cold or when I was hiding from the gangs." Bain sat on her bed as Ty stood still staring down at her dresser, the tiny thing.

"You instinctivly kept little, because you knew you were going to have to run, you hate the city because it's not your element. Enemies can hide in crowds." He looked at her and she frowned at him.

"How would you know that about me?" She demanded. He was susposed to be as old as her, and he turned into a wolf, she knew him she was sure, but from where?

"I already said I know everything about you." He smiled. "I've always been able to tell exactly what you are doing and when."

"Because you can become a wolf too?" She asked.

"Yes, but mostly because you are the being that made me into a wolf." He said and she looked at him shocked, she clenched her fists. Who was she that she could trample into someones life and change them?

"I did this to you?" She asked.

"No, I asked for it." He knelt in front of her examining her eyes, his icy blue looking into her gray blue. He touched her face, "Bain, you didnt force this onto me, you gave me life. And I realized after the wolf was in my skin, that I hadn't been living until I met you."

She inhaled sharply and his musky make scent flooded her senses, all she could focus on was him, his eyes, he leaned closer and she could feel his hot breath on her lips, so close, if she dared to inhale he'd be there. She started to close her eyes when the building itself shook, the sound of an explosion rocking them, Ty, was on his feet faster than she could see. And Bain came to the startling conclusion, that if he could move like that then all the glamour of being a wolf was gone under the weight of what he was... what she was. A predator.

Bain followed Ty and Missy out into the hall and looked down the stairs where smoke was billowing up, black and foggy, she inhaled and coughed. She froze as her senses came alive, what? A heavy hand closed over her shoulder, Bain shouted and flipped him over her shoulder onto the ground in a smooth self defense move. Ty looked at her the blue in his eyes bright and angry as he ripped the man up, Missy covered Bain from behind as Bain stared at the monsterous snarl on Ty's face. "Who sent you?!" Ty demanded.

"Fuck you." The man spat. Ty hit him hard, Bain felt her body jerk in time to the punch that crushed the mans nose.

"Who was it?!" Ty roared. "Bastian?!"

"Drop dead kid." The man growled, Ty flung him down the stairs. Then he turned and usured them down the hall. Bain forgot she should have been packing and decided it didnt really matter. They fled down the hall as Bain led them to a fire escape, she sank down the ladder with Ty and Missy, they blended into the crowd that had formed where the fire department had come. She tried to keep u to Ty's long strides but some how she lost him in the thick of the crowd. The press of human bodies was thick. She felt her skin crawl, her breathign becming erratic.

Suddenly she was grabbed, turning to lash out she stared into the green eyes of a woman. She had coppery red hair and emerald eyes, she was lithe, yet she was curvy, her white dress was pretty and simple, but her boots were for hiking. Bain stared into those green eyes and all she saw was madness, and insanity. "Sorry," The woman let go reluctantly, her eyes blinking, and she smiled so innocently that Bain was sure she'd seen this woman before, that smile boded ill. "I thought you were someone else."

"Sorry." Bain jerked back into the people, taken by the desire to get away. She ran through people, screaming for Ty, he was there, grabbing her and hauling her to the street where people werent. He touched her face, and inhaled, then he froze as Missy came forward, sniffing her as well.

Bain stepped back as Ty took her hand and started running, she followed, "What?" Bain asked.

"You smell like the enemy." Ty growled.

"The enemy?" Bain asked confused. What had happened? She didnt understand.

"You smell like the person who wants you dead the most." Missy grunted as they found the parking lot with the jeep in it.

"Who is that?" Bain questioned. Was it the woman she'd seen in the crowd? Or someone in the crowd?

"Claire." Ty growled as he shuffled them into the jeep then started it. That name triggered something inside her but she didnt know what, who was Claire?


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