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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty held Bain as she shivered in his arms. He looked down at her and his mind worked over what had just occured. Bain had not only absorbed a demons power and used it, she had healed. He was surprised by her sudden use of the abilities he hadnt seen her use since so long ago. Her breath panted against his neck and he tugged her further into his warmth. He shuffled further against the seat of the van they were riding in to get the warm air to fall on her shivering form. He inhaled slowly and tried to think of how to get things moving forward. Being in town would decrease the chances of Claire coming after them. Here he could also acess the money he had in the bank. He could also set about getting their travelling situation secured. But he had a feeling Bain wouldnt be leaving if Blaeze was really here.

But Ty hadnt scented Blaeze anywhere. Not in the woods, not in the air down the mountain as the Slayers drove them, and certainly not in the town as they entered it. He was starting to think the Demon Wolf Bain had spoken to was full of crap. They stopped at what appeared to be a huge victorian house. It had two vacant houses next to it. The Slayers piled out of the two vans and Ty climbed out tucking Bain's head back inside her hood. They moved into the huge house and Jade moved to start the heater and turn on lights. It smelled just like the other house and she looked at him, "We use this house sometimes when the snow gets too deep to pass. Some of the Slayers use this house as a way station when tracking the demons that prey on humans." She explained. "There's a bathroom above so you can warm her up."

Ty moved off his boots clomping as he moved. They were loose, and his clothes were more cold than anything else. He found the bathroom and moved to set bain on the floor where she curled in on herself asleep. He started the tub and was slightly amused that it was one of those jacuzzi tubs. He waited as the water filled and he picked her up climbing in once their shoes were removed. He settled with their clothes steadily warming with the water. He inhaled and settled to wait. Kimi and Spike entered then and sat by the tub. "Will she be okay?" Kimi asked, Spike lifted his head over the edge and looked up sadly.

"She took on every ones injuries to heal you. She will need a couple of hours to heal it all. But yes she'll be fine." Ty said and brushed her black bangs back into her white hair. "I'm sorry, I wasnt strong enough again." Ty growled.

"None of us were, just her." Kimi sighed. "Where is her brother?"

"I dont know." Ty sighed. "He has the same hair as her, you havent seen any male with white hair like hers?"

"No but it's not uncommon for anyone to dye their hair." Kimi said scratching her neck."I wishe we could hunt him down, if he's anythign like Bain we could use some help."

"Yeah." Ty laid his forehead against Bain's. "Youre the only one that can locate him Bain, wake up soon."


Ireland, Brigantes, Year: 520

A noise woke Bain, she heard voices. And she knew no one was supposed to be near the house. She sat up and shook Blaeze. He sat up groggily then he heard a particularly loud sound. Bain grabbed his arm as she heard a scrape along the wall next to them. She whimpered. Their door was flung open and their mother ran in. She swept them up and motioned for them to keep quiet. Bain hugged her and Blaeze looked around.

Suddenly they heard a monsterous roar and the cabin was suddenly filled with smoke. Bain looked around as fire licked along a wall near their parents' bedroom. Fear set in and Bain found her mother was putting them down. "Listen, I want you both to change shape, and you follow me, dont look back, follw me." Their mother instructed. "Do you understand?"

Bain nodded and Blaeze nodded with her. Their mother sank to her knees and became a white wolf. Bain shifted shape and looked over at Blaeze as black fur roiled over him. He was a pup, all paws just like her. Their mother shot forward and smashed into the door. She immediatly started snapping and snarling at the black figures around. Bain and Blaeze darted after her, and she stepped over them, protecting them with her form. Then a huge black shape swept forward and swiped a bun ch of the humans away. A massive wolf head came down and picked Blaeze up. Bain was lifted by her scruff and suddenly they were moving. She felt the cool air brush her face, and she was jolted every so often. But her mothers jaws held tight on he scruff and she barely felt the speed they were travelling.

They were suddenly outside the forest, as her mtoher turned around Bain saw the woods were on fire. Her mother moved even faster as she ran through a forest to the right, she kept going until the sun lit the sky, and the scent of fire, of their home was gone. Bain smelled snow, felt the chill sweep over her fur and they crossed up ino the mountains. Her mother stumbled into a small clearing that housed an overgrown cabin. It was abandoned, and missing a wall in the back. Once inside her mother collapsed and Bain rolled to her feet. She changed and her mother was in human form on the floor panting. "Mama?" Bain asked. "Are you alright?"

"I will be my love." Her mother reache dup and ran her fingers through bain's hair.

"Where's papa and Blaeze?" Bain asked.

"Here!" The sound of her fathers voice sent relief through Bain. She looked up and he hopped over the destroyed wall and set Blaeze down, who immediatly changed shape. He rushed forward and hugged Bain. "You made it out okay?"

"Yes, no trail." Their mother answered.

"Good, I'm glad you werent hurt." He leaned down and pressed a hand to her mothers nude shoulder. A long dress and a cloak materialized on her and he leaned down kissing her softly. "I'm glad were all alright."

He came over and materialized a set of warm clothes on Bain and Blaeze. Then he picked them up and moved across to where their mother propped herself against a wooden post. A fire leapt up in the fireplace and He sat down by their mother. "As long as were all together, nothing can hurt us." He said.


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