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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain sighed as she looked up at the moon, the Goddess was surprisingly silent tonight. Bain had so many questions, about the Demon Wolf, and how he was connected to her. About her brother. Wherever he was. But she was silent, so Bain stood up from the chimney and slinked back inside Spike sliding down with her. Once she was in the room she saw Ty exit the bathroom, he carried a towel looking as if he were ready to shower. Bain looked at Spike and nodded to the door. The demon gave her a long look before he complied. "Did the goddess say anything?" Ty asked as she shut the door to the attic. She slid the lock closed in case the Slayers came back prematurely.

"She was silent." Bain said, "But I cant expect her to answer me everytime I call. I did just learn to commune with her. I'm not the only Mystic wolf am I?"

"There is never very many Mystic Wolves, perhaps under ten in total." Ty said, she walked to him and touched his chest. "Were going to be okay right?"

"I will protect you, no matter what." Ty said and caught her hand bringing it up to his lips. She flushed at the feel of his teeth nipping her knuckles. With a rough tug she was flush against him. "You're cold."

"Well I did just sit outside for three hours." Bain said with a smirk. Ty tugged at her clothes, and she lifted onto her toes capturing his mouth. She felt his claws run down her back as he divested her of her coat, hoodie, and shirt. She looked up at him and he grinned darkly. He ran his fingers down her back and she shivered. "Ty..." She panted.

He growled and yanked her up, she realized once again that she may be older than him. She may take the lead in the decision making. But Ty was in charge most of the time, he commanded her desire better than she could. His blue eyes bled gold and she shivered, he was the master in their physical relationship. And she was glad she wasnt matriarical in that aspect. Ty was vastly better at pulling her responses than she was at getting to his. And as he yanked her pants and boots off she ripepd hsi shirt apart, his jeans ended up on the floor with his boots. He pulled her against him and heat poured from him into her from just contact.

Ty's hands sank down to her legs, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He turned on his heel and walked into the bathroom where the shower was running and heat encompassed the room. "You knew I was going to want a shower." Bain smiled.

"Bain, my love, any time we hit a town its the shower you run to." Ty smiled and climbed in setting her on her feet as warm water cascaded down her back. She sighed. "You love to run, and after a run you love to bathe in the rivers, a spring, a mineral pool. But you love showers the most, because they appeal to the woman in you, where as nature appeals to the wolf in you."

"You know me too well Ty." Bain said with a smile.

"No, I learn things about you everyday." Ty said and moved into the spray as well, his hands sliding along her shoulders and down across her stomach,. "We were young when you knew me. We had thought our love was all there was to the universe. And we crashed, we blew up in a flash fire. I did so much wrong, but the ages have changed you. You dont remember things after so long, but the memories are there. Like when you lived in London, durring the victoria era, as you would know it. You learned how to use a fan for the first time. I watched as you then turned it into a weapon, you used your looks to sway everyone around you. Where you once hated to interact wit humans you learned how to.

"But you have plenty of things you learned form where you were, who you knew. I see it every day." Ty said leaning down and kissed her cheek, then her ear. "You never took charge like you do now, you never acted like a Pack Leader. And its completly sexy."

His deep rumble sent her senseson fire and she turned her head capturing his lips. He growled and wrapped his arms around her. She found herself pressed to the wall, his muscles bracketing her. The water that cascaded down his chest fell against her own. His hands were almost morphed, the black fur and claws dragged across her neck, then down to cup her breasts. She let out a hiss and he swallowed it with his mouth. Bain was drowning in him, she always was. And her favorite sentance ran through her mind. "One time will never be enough."

And when she found herself facing the wall and Ty's wolf fangs biting down on her neck her wolf rose to the surface. She let out a femanine growl and he responded in kid. His hands shifted back and slipped between her legs. She let out a gasp as he slid two fingers inside her. "Goddess Bain." Ty growled.

She rotated her hips, pressing against him and he snak his teeth into the back of her neck. She stilled, her body alighting with needy pleasure. "T-Ty-" She panted and he removed his fingers from their assault she felt her back arch and Ty's hand lifted brushing her amulet as he stroked her skin. Then with one movement of his hips he filled her. All the uncertainty, the fear, the anger, it was all gone. The only thing that existed now was their bond. Her flesh joined with Ty's and as he started to move she felt all the love bloom. Ty was the only being who could command her like this. He silently drew her from the depths of despair, and the weight of age. She felt her hands shift as she clutched the tile, Ty's claws fit above hers, pressing her into the wall as he made love to her.

Bain moved with him, her back archign at just the right moments to draw him deeper. To prolong their moment of bliss. Ty's teeth sank back into her neck and a howl tore from her chest. Ty's monsterous growl followed and they came as one. She panted as he withdrew, letting the cool water rush over them. Ty pulled her and their lips met hungrily. "Not enough." Bain growled. She sounded more wolf than human. Ty nodded and picked her up, his lips taking hers. He walked form the shower, then out of the bathroom. She slipped her hand down, turning off the water, and then the light.

Ty tossed her onto the bed and moved to her, she climbed up into the pillows as he drew the blankets down an over them. The air was charged, his eyes bleeding from gold to blue. She felt her own wolf quiet at the sight of her mate. Ty came to her slowly, his body curving against her. She gasped and arched as he gathered her into his arms and slid back inside easily. His hands smoothed her hair from her face, a soft kiss met her lips and she opened her eyes to gaze into his blue depths. "Youre so beautiful." Ty breathed as his hips moved drawing back before sliding himself to the farthest he could. "Goddess I love you."

"I love you too." Bain panted as her legs twined with Ty's he growled and lifted up just a bit to angle his thrusts. She tossed her head back as pleasure coursed through her, she gripped his shoulders as he moved within her. She danced her hips with his and flung her head deeper into the pillows. Ty's mouth laid open against her throat, lapping at her sweat, teasing skin. She was lost in him, her mate, her lover, her everything. Ty's hips moved faster, and she rolled her hips with each thrust. "Ty-Ty-Ty-" She chanted his name on each breath and he growled her name coming in the form of groans and soft growls.

Suddenly their lips met in a breathless grapple of tongues and teeth as the knot that wrapped around Bain's body unraveled in an explosion if pure ecstasy. Ty growled a rough sound that made her skin tingle with life. He came with her, their slow dance dragging her energy out. Ty huffed air into her mouth as she panted it back. The sweet tase of their union meltign on her lips. She kissed him again and he returned it with fervor.

He rolled over and tugged her against his side. She nestled and laced a hand with his to hold up int he dim lighting. "If all else is uncertain Ty, I know that this is al i can rely on." Bain breathed as Ty chuckled. "You are all I trust."

"You will remember and brign others to you." Ty said, "You will have other people to rely on as well."

"I know," Bain said. "But I love you more and more each day I remember things. And I know that if all else goes to hell, you will be by my sideno matter what."

"If thats what you want." Ty grinned. "I'll follow you to hell itself."

She leaned up and kissed him, he returned it with a tenderness that made her smile. "Tell me more about how much I've changed." Bain said.

"Once after you turned me you told me you thought you were walking in the story of the Demon Wolf and his Moon Princess. Seperated by impossible odds, but their love proved strong always. I had thought that was us for a long time. But I see now, you are more the Wolf King. Not so much because you would monopolize the Pricess but because you werent born for the Demon to save. You were born to be a leader, to be the one that saves." Ty said. "I didnt think it when we were together so long ago. I believed that we might have been a variation of the story. Nor did I think it those years we were apart. I realized you were meant to create a pack all your own the moment you stormed into that factory and saved me."

She listened to his heartbeat and smiled, she sat up and looked at Ty, "So if I'm creating a pack, and am looking like the Alpha, what does that make you?" Bain asked.

"Whatever you want me to be love." Ty breathed, "Enforcer, mate, Alpha pair."

"I want you to be all of that Ty." Bain said and hugged his ribs, "Because without you I'm nothing."

"I exist only for you Bain." Ty said before he kissed her again and lifted her up to straddle him. "Again?"

"Always." Bain laughed.


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