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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Why was he dreaming again? He swam through his consiousness, resurfacing slowly from the warm dream he'd had. He shifted awake to find himself in the attic at home. Bain was gone, but he smelled Kimi and Ty so she'd left with them. He smelled something else, something demonic. Something that bore the same stain of hell he did. Spike shook his fur out and moved off the bed. He lopped across the floor and out the door, down the stairs and below to the kitchen where Jade stood drinking tea. She smiled at him, despite him being a demon she'd been quite kind to him. "Hello Spike, did you sleep well, you never get to." She asked.

He tilted his head and smiffed the air seeking Kimi. He found her trail and followed it outside. She sat on the steps while Bain and Ty stood in monster wolf shape. They faced one another and lunged a playful spar happening before him. Spike laid down his heart rending for memories he didnt possess. Kimi looked at him. "You okay Spike?" She asked.

"I dreamed today, again." He said propping his head on his paws. "I never sleep, I never dream. Whats happening to me?"

"Ty said that sometimes when Bain remembers something she can pull others into the memories, did you see hers?" Kimi asked.

"Yes, but I wasnt her, I was living something else, different experiences, does that happen to Ty when he goes in?" Spike asked. Kimi shook her head and Spike huffed and laid down. He stiffened as his ears picked up sound. He growled and leapt out onto the ground.

"What is it Spike?" Kimi asked aloud. He spread his paws and took his much larger demon shape. Kimi climbed up onto his back and looked around. Bain and Ty walked over. He bristled and lunged as he saw the creature break from the woods and move forward. Spike reached it and snapped it up in his jaws. He flung it at the house wher it bounced off the barriar and Ty leapt on it. Horns sprouted from it's head. A tracker demon, used to draw attention. Claire must be summoning them up. He leapt onto it and snatched it's head the soul inside it sinking into his body.


Bain watched as Spike devoured the demon, she changed back to her human form, Ty slid a coat around her and offered her clothes. "Arent you cold Ty?" Bain asked. He shook his head and moved her towards the door.

"We need to get off the mountain." Ty said and she nodded then the words of the Demon Wolf struck her.

"My brother is close Ty, Claire is searching for him, his power is similar to mine. He has to be on this mountain, why else did we see her?" Bain said as she entered the house, she shrugged into her underwear then her pants. She was tugging on her sweater as Ty dressed as well. Kimi moved into the house and Bain grabbed her arm. "Does one of your Slayers have white hair? A black stripe just like mine?" Bain demanded. "Red eyes?"

"No way, sure sign of the supernatural." Kimi said ruffling her hair. "All our Slayers are either human or psychic. Mortal race only."

"Shit." Bain cursed. "Could he have moved through the woods and is hiding in town?"

"He could be, he was the more discreete twin." Ty admitted, Bain looked at him annoyed.

"What are you sayig?" Bain asked.

"He was, he never let another person see him outside of his human shape, he always used magic to color his hair black so he could move about. Blaeze also never let a woman catch him either. If I remember correctly I caught you not only with your hair unbound, but also in town." Ty grinned at her mischeviously. "He did give you hell for weeks after you decided you liked me."

"Okay enough, I dont remember any of that!" Bain said holding her hands up annoyed but happy because Ty had just spoken of her family. He was adament that she remember on her own. "Do you think the Moon Goddess might have the answer?" Bain asked.

"She could, youre the only one that can talk to her." Ty said and looked at Kimi. "We should figure out where your Slayers are, get some info about the tracker demons. They could be running your people everywher Claire isnt."

"Mom!" Kimi yelled. "Call dad and tell him tracker demons are loose in the forest, Claifre could be summoning them the bitch!"

Kimi dissapeared to find her mother and Ty followed. Bain looked down to see Spike at the door, shaking the melted snow off his fur. She tilted her head. "Can you lead me to roof access?"

He huffed and moved towards the stairs, he looked back and huffed she followed. They moved up to where the attic door was and into the room she and Ty were sharing. He led her to the closet and a small door was built into the ceiling. Bain lifted the small step ladder and lifted the little door. Inside was a small crawl space, and above was a solid metal sliding door. She slid it open and found herself on the roof top. She was butted from behind so she shifted out of the way. Spike climbed up as well and looked around his eyes narrowed. Bain moved to the chimney that was exhaling smoke. She seated herself against the warm bricks and Spike wrapped his fluffed bulk over her legs so she wasnt cold. "Thank you." She smiled and looked up at the sky as the moon rose over the trees. She inhaled and opened her mind to the Goddess herself.


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