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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ireland, Brigantes, Year: 520

Bain looked up from where she and Blaeze rolled around wrestling. Her ears trined to the noises coming from the dusty road. She looked up and saw a man walking, he wore heavy armor, the color of dark red blood. He looked at the sky as he walked. Black hair fluffed about his head. She jerked up as Blaeze noticed him too. Bain leapt up and raced towards him joy filling her. Blaeze jetted past her and leapt onto his leg. She flug herself into the air right into his waiting arms. "Papa!" She cried.

"Oh my little ones." He laughed lifting Blaeze up into his other arm so he held them both. Bain hugged him and Blaeze tugged on his cape.

"Did you get the bad men?" He asked.

"I did, just like I promised. How have you two been?" He looked at Bain, red eyes sinking inside her. She grinned happily.

"We played, we stayed away from the hunting trails and the towns unless mama took us." Bain reported.

"Good, I will reward you two later. For now, go play, I must go greet your mother." He set them both down and looked over to the log cabin where their mother leaned in the doorway. Their father walked through the grass to where she stood and swept her up into his arms. Bain sighed romantically as she watched them. Her father carried their mother in and dissapeared into the shadows. Bain leapt onto Blaeze and tackled him down, her laughter split the air as she jumped up and ran off her twin hot on her heels.

Hours later Bain was tucked next to Blaeze as their father sat on their bed with them. "A story Papa!" Bain begged.

"Tell one about the Demon Wolf!" Blaeze urged his grin wide with anticipation.

"No, No, one about the Moon Goddess!" Bain held her hands up in reverance, the Moon Goddess stories were her favorite.

"How about one about the Moon Princess, who fell in love with the Demon Wolf." Their father offered. Bain smiled with anticipation too. Blaeze leaned back and Bain settled against her twins side. "Alright once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess, the daughter of the Moon Goddess and the Night God. Because the Sun was jealous of the night he made it so the Moon Goddess and her husband the Night God could only meet on the new moon. They had one and only one child. The Moon Princess. To Protect her daughter the Moon Goddess sent her daughter to earth where she lived with the Werewolves. She was raised among them and loved them as her mother did.

"One day the Moon Princess fell from a cliff into the Dark Forest, where the Demon Wolf lived, she knew of him as everyone did then. He ate demons, hunted them and kept balance between animal and human. His forest seperated human territory from the territory of the magical beings. He sensed her of course, because he's what Blaeze?" Their father asked.

"He's the Demon Wolf, no one enters his land without him knowing it." Blaeze grinned happily, the Demon Wolf was his hero.

"So he found the Moon Princess cold and afraid, he was not able to scare her or kill her for the offense. Instead he fell in love at first sight. So he went to the Princess and led her from the Dark Forest. Upon her exit the Demon Wolf did something he'd never done before." Their father paused and Bain shot up in horror he couldnt stop the story now!

"What? What did he do?" Bain asked.

"He took human shape, his first moment before another in that shape. And the Moon Princess fell in love, she left him that night, back to Wolf land where she was safe. Everyday after she went to the Demon Wolf and visited him, he took her places she had never seen before and she taught him things he had never known outside of battles and demons. Their love was simple, unhindered by anything and soon they were to be wed. On the eve of their wedding night the Wolf King who had grown with the Moon Princess showed his jealousy, he stole the Moon Princess, and told the Demon Wolf that if he couldnt have her no one would. With that Wolf King flug the Moon Princess into the sky where she was bound as her mother was" Their father pointed to the sky where the moon glowed silver at half shape.

"No!" Bain cried out and Blaeze gripped her hand comfortingly.

"The Demon Wolf ran after the moon for every night, for a hundred years. Searching for his love, chasing her hoping to bring her back to him. Until finmally he died." Their father looked up sadly, and Blaeze shot up.

"No way! The Demon Wolf is invincible!" Blaeze growled.

"Only when he feeds on demon souls Blaeze, remember?" Their father pioned to Baleze's head chidingly. "Wracked with sadness he refused to rest refused to feed. He chased after the Moon Princess until he fell. But the Moon Princess had watched him for that century her heart breaking because she could not reach him. So she turned to her mother. And begged her to give them new life in new bodies. So they might meet again to fall in love. The Moon Goddess loved the Demon Wolf for he was her creation, and she loved her daughter, her own flesh and blood. She took pity and decided-" Then their father sopped, Bain and Blaeze protested at once. He stood up.

"Well did they meet again?" Bain asked.

"This old story?' Their mother's voice filled the doorway as she leaned in. Bain turnd to her mother.

"Mama do the Demon Wolf and Moon Princess meet again?" She asked.

"Thats for you to decide pup." Her father said as he stood up. "Time for bed."

Bain settled back in and looked at Blaeze as their father and mother kissed their heads and headed from the room. "For us to decide?" Bain asked.

"Who knows Bain, it's just a story." Blaeze turned to his side and settled to sleep. Bain closed her eyes but listened as she heard her mothers soft laughter.

"Think you should tell them they met again?" Their mother asked.

"No, they can continue the story as we did." Their father laughed as well. "It may not be all a story but look how the Moon Princess ended up, pleased I hope."

"Pleased indeed." Their mother laughed before the soft sound of a kiss was filling the air.


Time : Present. Location: Slayer Mountain, Canada.

Bain shifted awake, her arm flung over her head, she liked that story, she sighed in relaxation, nice memories relaxed her. She sat up in an unfamiliar room, she assumed it was in the Slayer house. It seemed Ty had worked his magic. "Ty." She called as her throat itched with disuse. She looked down to see the wolf next to her. Spike was sleeping, his body unmoving. Odd why hadnt he woken up when she moved. She couldnt do any of that if Ty was next to her. She touched the wolf and froze when she realized she wasnt alone. She looked up at the skylight and saw a man waving at her. She growled and stood up, suddenly he was next to her rubbing his arms. "It's cold out there Bain." He grinned. He wore a hood over his head and a scarf around his face. "Always did like the warm."

"Demon Wolf?" She asked, before he could answer she punched him hard in the shoulder. He laughed a little and backed up hands up in surrender. "Thats for making me remember too late!"

"Ah but you got the job done in the end yes?" He tilted his head.

"But Missy died!" Bain growled as tears pricked her eyes. He reached out and she swatted his hand away, "She was always with me, even when I didnt know it."

"The Moon Goddess always cares for her servents Bain, that includes your wolf." He said with a silent whisper.

"She cared for you didnt she?" Bain asked. "I remember your story."

"The Moon Goddess gives favors to those she deems worth the weight of the gift." He shrugged.

"Did you find her?" Bain asked, he chuckled softly.

"I will find her again and again so long as I live." He said and looked at her. "Much as I chase her you chase Ty we are much the same Bain that is why I'm here."

"For Ty?" Bain asked.

"Sure, and also for your brother." He leaned against the heater and sighed happily. "He's close and Claire is hot on his trail. She wants his power too. If she has it she thinks she will ov er power not only you but even her father."

"How do you know that?" Bain demanded.

"I know lots of things Bain." He tilted his head. "Just like you know lots of things, you just dont remember."

She frowned annoyed. "Curious, where did you bury the wolf?" He asked as he looked up at the skylight. "The Moon Goddess will want to pay respects."

Bain frowned again, the Moon Goddess had bared witness to Missy's burial. Perhaps the Demon Wolf had known Missy. Bain sighed, "In the Mountains above Heatherville. Literaly up the cliffs and to the higest flat plateau. She sits under the moon." Bain said. He nodded and Bain moved to the bed to check on Spike, wondering if he was okay, he hadnt moved once.

"Easy now, even Demons dream." The Demon Wolf said but when Bain turned back around he was gone. She growled annoyed and turned away. One thing she knew about the Demon Wolf, he wasnt very helpful. He was also an annoying ass.


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